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Alphabet ancient script

The ancient script is a language that is encountered several times in the series.


Season two episode four: "The Lonely Heart Is a Hunter"

Season three episode eight: "Hey, Pig Spender"

Season three episode ten: "Bean Falls Down"


The Lonely Heart Is a Hunter:[]

Above the fireplace in King Zøg's chamber.

The translated means: "something is hidden".

Hey, Pig Spender:[]

On the wall of the broken tower, whereupon Human-Merkimer flees.

The translated means: "Freckles was here".

Bean Falls Down:[]

In the secret Book of the Kings of Dreamland, on the torn page.

The translated means: "A battle was fought between these kings and the rightful citizens of Dreamland who lost and cast a curse on all future ruler"

Missing letters[]

The entire alphabet can be found throughout the series, except for the letters "j, p, v, x, y, z", which have not yet been mentioned.