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The Arch-Druidess is a recurring character in Disenchantment. She is the top priestess of the official state religion of Dreamland (which is a parody of Christianity), who conducts the failed wedding ceremony of Bean. She is also a member of the Seekers, and is conspiring with Odval and Sorcerio to manipulate politics from behind the scenes. Like Odval, she is also in league with Steamland.


She is very skinny but curvy, and wears a purple gown with a matching hood and very exaggerated sleeves. She has a stern expression, a long nose, wears heavy eye-liner and purple lip-stick. In parts 3 and 4, she is shown as riding a motor bicycle.


She speaks with confidence and authority, even though the religion is still in its early stages. She even admits to being skeptical over the existence of the God that her religion worships.

Episode Appearances


  • Her character deconstructs religion in a manner similar to that of Monty Python, in particular this scene from The Meaning Of Life.[1]
  • She is voiced by Tress MacNeille who voiced Carol Miller aka Mom from Futurama.
  • When annoyed, she often tells others to "shaddap."


Priestess: Dearly Beloved, as we stand here in this overly large building, designed to make us feel small and inadequate, we ask the invisible God we think is up there to watch over us - if He, She or It is even capable of things like "watching over us...
Odval: This religion is still in its early stages
Priestess: I mean, nobody knows anything for sure but if I talk with confidence, you dopes will believe anything I say...