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The Arch-Druidess is a recurring character in Disenchantment.


When first seen in the show, she is the top priestess of the official state religion of Dreamland (which is a parody of Christianity), and head of Dreamland's Cathedral. She conducts the failed wedding ceremony of Bean and is seen holding sermons.

Later in the show it is revealed she is also a member of the Seekers, and is conspiring with Odval and Sorcerio to manipulate politics from behind the scenes. In "Tiabeanie Falls", she even helped Odval to overthrow King Zøg and make Prince Derek his puppet king so she and Odval could use him to turn Dreamland into a totalitarian theocracy where all fun and games were banned. When Zøg, who had been injured by a gun, turned out to have recovered and was conspiring to escape Dreamland Castle with help of Sir Pendergast, she had Pendergast killed and tried to dispose of Zøg by burrying him alive on the Pauper's graveyard.

However, her true alliances are not even with the Seekers but with Steamland, which she originally hails from. She has been spying on Dreamland on behalf of Alva Gunderson. In "Beanie Get Your Gun" she finally revealed her true colors and tried to murder Bean, forcing Odval to turn on her and stop her. She then fled Dreamland on a motorcycle. Bean followed her and tracked her down to Gunderson Steamworks. Upon learning about the Arch-Druidess atrocities in Dreamland, Alva fires her.

The rest of the show she makes several appearances in Steamland. Despite being fired, she is seen working for Alva again, implying the firing may have been an act by Alva to get into Bean's good graces. During her time in Steamland, it becomes clear she has a crush on her boss, but he does not return her feelings as he is obsessed with Bean. This eventually comes back to bite him as the Arch-Druidess sabotages Alva's ultimate plan to abduct Bean to the moon in a Rocket. She convinces the Trøg to help her abduct Alva instead. She is last seen in the crashed rocket on the moon, where she forces herself on Alva. Since the rocket is wrecked and their oxygen supply won't last forever, it can be assumed she died there shortly after.


She is very skinny but curvy, and wears a purple gown with a matching hood and very exaggerated sleeves. She has a stern expression, a long nose, wears heavy eyeliner and purple lipstick. In parts 3 and 4, she is shown as riding a motor bicycle.


She speaks with confidence and authority, even though the religion is still in its early stages. She even admits to being skeptical over the existence of the God that her religion worships.


  • Her character deconstructs religion in a manner similar to that of Monty Python, in particular this scene from The Meaning Of Life.[1]
  • She is voiced by Tress MacNeille who voiced Carol Miller aka Mom from Futurama.
  • When annoyed, she often tells others to "shaddap."
  • She is one of the very few women who holds a position of authority in Dreamland, as the country usually treats women as second class citizens.


Priestess: Dearly Beloved, as we stand here in this overly large building, designed to make us feel small and inadequate, we ask the invisible God we think is up there to watch over us - if He, She or It is even capable of things like "watching over us...
Odval: This religion is still in its early stages
Priestess: I mean, nobody knows anything for sure but if I talk with confidence, you dopes will believe anything I say...