The Assassin is a one-time character in Disenchantment.

His voice actor is unknown.


He wears a suit of armour and has brown hair and goatee beard.


He is the stealthiest assassin in Maru, summoned by the Maruvian Emperor Cloyd to assassinate Big Jo and prevent him from acquiring the Eternity Pendant.

  • The assassin's fight with Porky enabled (through misdirection) the trio of Bean, Luci and Elfo to escape with the Eternity Pendant, at Luci's insistence.
  • In the scene where the assassin is summoned at the beginning of the epiode, the Enchantress insists that they mustn't let the Eternity Pendant get into the wrong hands - meaning Big Jo's hands. This is a big clue, as it implies that Bean's hands are the right hands, as they are serving the Maruvian purpose towards which Luci has been steering her since the beginning of the show. By successfully defeating Porky  and cutting off Big Jo's hand, he ensures that Bean is able to fulfil her destiny.


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