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Bad Bean is Bean's evil alter-ego.

Inititally she lived in Bean's head and encouraged her to do bad things. She is also partially responsible for Bean's nightmares. However, in "Bean Falls Apart", she managed to seperate herself from Bean and gain live as her own being.


She looks identical to Bean, including her clothes. However, in "Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment", at Dagmar's request, she changes regular Bean's clothes for a more barbaric looking outfit.


Bad Bean is incapable of love. She is mean to Elfo, Luci, Miri, and Bunty, and is also very manipulative. Unlike regular Bean, she loves Queen Dagmar and happily conspires with her to torment others and complete Dagmar's ultimate plan to unleash the magic of Dreamland.


Bad Bean existed in Bean's mindscape due to Dagmar's machinations, and was basically more cunning than Bean. At some point, a demon named Luci was sent to Dreamland in order for her to be fused with the real Bean by intoxicating the real Bean with evil but the plan was abandoned by Luci.

During the final episodes of Season 2 part 2, she entered Bean's dreams in order for her counterpart to be aware of her existence and it worked. She pretended to be there to help Bean learn more about her magic. Bean eventually realized Bad Bean was plotting to destroy Dreamland and killed her in the dream. Unfortuantely, this was exactly what Bad Bean wanted, because by dying in the dream she was able to take over Bean's body in the waking world, leaving good Bean trapped in the dreamworld. Thanks to Luci, Bean was ultimately able to escape the dreamworld as well through a mirror, resulting in there now being two Beans in the world: Bad Bean and good Bean. The two Beans got into a fight, during which good Bean decapitated her evil counterpard, seemingly killing her.

This did not stop Bad Bean however. Her decapitated body was reanimated by the Trøgs with their Sacred Goo, which also made her unstoppable. Elfo, Luci and Mop Girl made several attempts to dispose of her, to no avail. Despite the heroes best efforts to keep Bad Bean's body and head out of Dagmar's hands, Dagmar ultimately retrieved both and fully revived Bad Bean. Once resurrected, she joined her mother in her quest.

She later tricked her good alter-ego into killing her mermaid lover Mora. This enrages Bean enough to unleashe her magic against Bad Bean. Bad Bean was electrocuted to dead. Dying, Bad Bean mocked Bean that her death would never be cool before crumbling to dust.


  • It's possible that Luci's original task was to get Bad Bean to come out or integrate her into the real Bean by corrupting the real Bean, but he seems to have mostly abandoned his goal of corrupting Bean.