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Bad Moon Rising is the seventh episode of season 2, Part 1 of Disenchantment and the twenty-seventh episode overall. It premiered on January 15, 2021.


Bean overhears Odval and the council plotting against Zøg, so she joins forces with Oona to undermine their plan while Elfo and Luci raise an army.


Bean and Elfo are back in Dreamland, but both are still sour about how their last adventure ended, with both of them getting their hearts broken. They pass Luci's Inferno, where Luci just kicks a drunk Elf out. Luci offerst hem drinks but both turn it down. In the castle, Odval is trying to get King Zøg to resume his royal duties, but Zog only has eys for Scruffles. When Bean enters the Throne room, Oona warns her that Zøg is losing his mind. She wants Bean to take care of Zøg, but Bean is too depressed for that. Odval and Sorcerio meanwhile consider Bean's return to be a threat to their plans, and decide to warn the Seekers.

Oona visits Bean in her room and tells her she knows what it is like to have your heart broken, but Bean has to move on. After talking fails to yield any results, Oona offers Bean some of her drugs to help her feel better. Both Bean and Oona end up tripping during which they run around the castle grounds, all while discussing important events from Bean's life up to this point. Bean eventually comes to the conclusion that she has to save Dreamland from the threat posed by Steamland and tries to warn Odval and his council, but Odval rudely dismisses her story as nonesense and even has the Scribe remove everything Bean said from the records of the meeting. Bean naturally doesn't give up so easily and decides to eavesdrop on the meeting from outside the window while balancing on a small ledge. She overhears the council members plot to get rid of Zøg because his death will end the bloodline of the House of Grunkwitz, and thus lift the curse on the family. They want to put their plan into motion at the next full moon.

Bean warns Elfo and Luci about what she heard, and asks them to raise an army to help defend Dreamland. Next she informs Oona about her discovery. Oona is shocked to hear that the Secret Society was responsible for the death of King Yøg, whom Oona previously was in love with. Bean wants to kill the society members, but Oona thinks it's better to spy on them first. Unbeknown to them, Odval and Sorcerio overheard the conversation, and it's clear this is exactly what they wanted.

Bean and Oona begin to spy on Odval and Sorcerio. Bean sees Odval picking up a book about hypnotizing people at the Gift Shoppe at the Edge of the World, while Oona sees Sorcerio visit the Little Seizures Poison Shop. Odval next visits Dirk's dirks to pick up more knives. Meanwhile, Elfo and Luci recruit their new soldiers in Luci's Inferno, and begin to train them, with Luci acting like stereotypical strict drill sergeant.

That night it is full moon, and Bean notices members of the Seekers arriving at the castle. She follows them to their secret cloak room, and puts on a cloak herself to blend in with the other members. Meanwhile, Odval visits Zøg in his room, and hypnotizes him into going to the room below the castle at midnight, where Odval claims a special surprise will be waiting that involves a lot of meat. After Odval is gone, Oona returns to the room and realizes something is wrong. She decides to bring him elsewhere for his own safety.

Later, Elfo returns to his own room and is greeted by Trixy, who is still trying to woo Elfo. She pushes him into his room, but to their shock Zøg is there. When Zøg sees Trixie, he panicks and flees from the room. Then the clock strikes midnight, and Zøg feels compelled to go to the basement as instructed by Odval. Trixie takes Elfo to the Tower, where the other Trøgs are gathering for their sacred ritual. The ritual turns out to involve all the Trogs pulling down their pants and moon the Moon. Trixie forces Elfo to participate, much to the latters embarrassment. And to make things more awkward, the new recruits all see him, and the sight makes them desert. In the castle, the Seekers begin their ceremony, with Odval and Sorcerio being well aware that Bean is there with them. On Odval's mark, all Seekers pull out their knifes, and proceed to cut open each other's robes, instantly rendering everybody stark naked. At that very moment, Zøg enters the basement, sees all the naked people having an orgie, including his daughter (and Oona, who was there without Bean's knowledge), and the shock does another number on his already unstable mind. As Zøg runs away screaming and Bean and Oona follow, Odval and Sorcerio declare their plan a great succes.


  • Bean once more takes Oona's snake root, as she did in The Princess Of Darkness, but this time she's given it instead of stealing it.
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