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"Mention my buck-teeth again and I'll use them to bite out your spinal cord."

Tiabeanie Mariabeanie de la Rochambeau Grunkwitz, often shortened to just Bean, is the main protagonist of Disenchantment. She is the 19-year-old former Queen of Dreamland as well as possible heir to the throne of Maru. She is the daughter of King Zøg and Queen Dagmar and the older half-sister of the Prince Derek and Jasper. Bean is a hard drinker and is constantly accompanied by her elf friend Elfo, and her personal demon Luci (until they die or disappear).[2]

After her father becomes mentally broken and Derek accompanies Oona in her pirate life, Bean is crowned Queen of Dreamland but after King Zøg recovered he decided to share the title with his daughter, thus making them both rulers of Dreamland.

After Dagmar's defeat, she gives up her throne to King Rulo to live a happy life with Mora. Rulo then gives the throne to Miri since he wants to go back to Elfwood.


Early life[]

IMG 20200421 220544 771

An infant Bean with her parents

Bean is the only daughter of King Zøg of Dreamland and the then-Princess Dagmar of Maru, the latter of whom named her after Dagmar's late grandmother. When Bean was born, Dagmar gave her a mantel and an enchanted music box with a small figurine of Dagmar holding an infant Bean and nursed Bean herself instead of having a wet nurse do it for her, which was apparently a difficult task due to Bean's large teeth. When Bean could not fall asleep, Dagmar ran her finger in circles on her forehead and right before Bean drifted off, Dagmar would whisper in her ear that she would be "the greatest woman this goddamn kingdom has ever seen".

Unknown to everyone else, Dagmar had conceived Bean in order to make her fulfill a prophecy and pay off a debt Maru owed to Hell. In the first years of Bean's life, Dagmar frequently took her to the Crystal Cavern below the castle. Bean believed that they would go to visit the Molemen, but Dagmar was actually preparing Bean for the prophecy that Bean would unlock the magic of Dreamland.

Young bean switches cups

Bean switches the cups

Bean jealous at baby Derek

Jealous at Derek

When Bean was four years old, Dagmar decided that the time had come to get rid of Zøg so that she could take Bean to Maru. She decided to turn Zøg into stone by poisoning his wine, but Bean accidentally switched Dagmar's and Zøg’s glasses when she was trying to reach for the grapes that were served along with the wine. Dagmar ended up drinking from the poisoned glass and turning to stone instead.

Around one year later, Zøg married Oona, a princess from Dankmire, in an arranged marriage as part of a deal to have a canal built for Dreamland. Bean stated that she was so jealous of her stepmother that she placed a dead owl in their wedding cake and the guests ate it anyways. Bean's relationship with her stepmother was a weak one, although Oona claimed that she tried to love Bean and get along with her. Bean's half-brother Derek was born when Bean was five years old, and Bean strongly resented Derek because due to being both a boy and the new heir apparent, Derek had more privileges than she did and wasable to do all the things she wanted to do, such as sword fighting or horseback riding.

When Bean turned eight years old, local magician Sorcerio managed to become the offical court magician of the House of Grunkwitz after he was hired as a magician for Bean's birthday party, during which the children threw him in the dungeon. Bean's paternal grandmother, Bee-Baw, used to sit Bean on her lap and tell her stories until she passed away when Bean was still a child. Bean's handmaiden, Bunty, raised her and did her best to make Bean happy, such as allowing Bean to mount her like a horse so that she and Derek could have horse races.

Bean's relationship with her father was strained since Bean resented him for remarrying and starting a new family, while Zøg was distant and failed to provide his daughter with the attention she needed. According to Bean, she had another girl pretend to be her for a year to see if her father would notice the difference, which he didn't.

Arranged Marriages and Meeting Luci and Elfo[]

Bean, Elfo and Luci around campfire

Bean becomes friends with Elfo and Luci.

After Bean turned nineteen, King Zøg arranged for her to be married off to Prince Guysbert of Bentwood, a handsome but dim prince, in order to form an alliance between their kingdoms. Bean originally resigned herself to it, and reluctantly followed through with the wedding. Unbeknownst to Bean, her uncle Cloyd and aunt Becky had sent her a demon named Luci disguised as a wedding present, who was tasked with turning Bean evil like the rest of her maternal family.

At the wedding, Bean changed her mind while standing at the altar and refused to marry the prince. Bean slapped the ring off Guysbert's hand, and he ended up with his head stuck on a throne made of swords while trying to reach the ring. Zog and Guysbert's parents, Lorenzo I and Bunny, then arranged for Bean to marry Guysbert's younger brother, Merkimer, instead. When Elfo walked into the church, Zøg offered a reward to whoever captured Elfo, and Bean took this opportunity to escape by breaking a window and jumping through it, followed by Elfo and Luci. As they run from Bean's father's knights and Merkimer, the trio bonds until they are captured by Merkimer and forced back to the palace. Zøg decides to keep Elfo around so that he can use his blood to get the Elixir of Life while Luci follows Bean around as he was ordered to. Bean tries to devise other plans to get rid of Merkimer by taking him to an island of Mermaids to be killed by their songs under the pretense of throwing him a bachelor party. Unfortunately this doesn't work so the wedding plans continue, much to Bean's dismay.

The day of her second wedding, a heartbroken Bean sits on her window with Luci and Elfo, lamenting that she won't get to marry out of love like her mother supposedly did and reluctantly walks down the altar. Elfo runs back to his cage as he cannot bear to watch Bean’s despondency, with Luci following suit. At Sorcerio's office, Merkimer shows up and Elfo encourages him to drink his blood that Bean had mixed with pig's blood, letting Merkimer believe that it could help him on his wedding night, resulting in Merkimer turning into a pig and the pig who "donated" the blood turning into Merkimer. Bean then calls out her father for not caring about anything other than the alliance with Bentwood and convinces him to let her live her life the way she sees fit and to find out who she is. Zøg finally relents and realizes that his daughter is right, leading to him and the King of Bentwood getting into a fist fight while Bean drinks while watching everything in amusement, thanking Elfo and Luci for making that the happiest day of her life.

Misadventures and the Fall of Dreamland[]

From then on, Bean and her friends went on comedic misadventures that often began with them getting into or starting trouble. But the three always tried to fix the trouble. Elfo meanwhile, agreed to be a test subject for creating the Elixir of Life.


Bean is forced to choose between Dagmar and Elfo.

Eventually, Zøg grew impatient with the repeatedly failed experiments to create the Elixir of Life from Elfo's blood and was surprised to learn that Elfo was not really an Elf. Bean, Elfo and Luci learned this as well and traveled to Elfwood where Elfo learned that he was only Half-Elf. At the same time, Zog's men arrived to kill the elves and steal their blood. Bean, Elfo and Luci were able to close the Elves drawbridge, saving them from an arrow volley but one of the arrows struck Elfo, and he died in Bean's arms. Devastated and heartbroken, she goes to the cathedral and gives Elfo a small funeral until Zøg arrives and tells her the truth about her mother and why he needed the Elixir of Life. She realizes that she had elf Blood on her handkerchief and has to make the decision between her mom or Elfo. She chooses her mom.

But this proved to be a mistake as Dagmar slowly manipulated Bean to gain her trust while framing Oona for the eventual petrification of all Dreamland villagers which caused Oona to flee as more people turned to stone. Dagmar then kidnaped Bean and brought her aboard a strange ship filled with monsters saying it will bring them to her homeland. Luci was also kidnapped by an unidentified party, while Elfo's body was accidentally cast into the ocean where it was recovered by an unidentified party.

Stay in Maru[]


Bean looking out at Maru

About five months after the fall of Dreamland, the ship arrives at Maru and she is greeted by her uncle and aunt, revealed to be Becky the Enchantress and Emperor Cloyd. Bean becomes excited at the idea that she could have cousins around her age until Cloyd reveals that she doesn't since neither Cloyd nor Becky like children. She is introduced to Jerry, her mentally challenged uncle, who is busy killing cockroaches with his "pet hammer". Although her maternal family seemed welcoming at first, they warned her not to enter a certain room. Also, Maru's somewhat creepy nature, combined with the growing uncertainty about her mother, and the choice to sacrifice Elfo, made Bean doubt her current situation.

As Dagmar continued to show Bean the wonders of Maru, she claimed that her own mother and father died in a double murder suicide, and that Maru's royal family suffered from insanity to a small degree. That night, the elderly population of Maru began to spew out mysterious claims about a Tiabeanie who would save Maru. That night, Cloyd and Becky announced that Bean would be participating in a ceremony to welcome her into the family. Before the ceremony could begin, Bean sneaked into the forbidden room, finding a painting that looked exactly like her, along with her severed arms. The sight was so shocking that Bean passed out.

After coming to, Bean told Dagmar what she had seen, only to find a different painting and arms missing from the room. Dagmar then claimed that Bean had inherited the family curse of insanity, and that she was to blame. Bean confronted Jerry about the family curse, revealing that several of Maru's royals were insane, prone to murdering people and animals alike. Remembering all people or animals she has harmed whether by accident, self-defense, or justifiable homicide, Bean began to fear that she was crazy too. But once Jerry realized that one of the paintings was missing from the royal gallery, that of Queen Mariabeanie, which was the replacement painting that Bean had seen when she entered the room with Dagmar.

Bean then found a secret passage in the forbidden room, leading to the basement that was filled with dark magic items, where she found Dagmar's stone potion, as well as the painting of herself. Still believing her mother was on her side, Bean took the painting, along with other evidence pointing to Maru as the culprit behind the fall of Dreamland and warned Dagmar that they had to leave, and that Becky and Cloyd planned to murder her at the ceremony. When Bean blamed her aunt and uncle for turning Dagmar and Dreamland to stone, Dagmar said that they couldn't have made the potion, since they don't even know how to make fruit cocktails. Bean then realized the truth, her mother was evil, and she had been behind it all from the beginning. Dagmar ordered Bean to prepare for the ceremony, Bean went back to the basement and rescued Luci. But Dagmar and her siblings caught up with the heroes, and revealed that Bean was meant to be sacrificed to pay off a debt Maru owed to Hell so that the Kingdom would prosper again. As Bean escaped, the shelves were knocked over and Cloyd was crushed. Dagmar then revealed that she had murdered her own mother and father, but Bean said that she was not, and will never be like her mother. Dagmar then asked if Elfo deserved to die. As she opened the door, Luci accidentally knocked a candle Bean was holding onto the alcohol-soaked basement floor, setting it on fire. Bean and Luci ran to the temple, hoping to bring Jerry with them, only to discover that Jerry had been killed by Dagmar. Pained by the loss of so many that night, Bean hoped that Elfo would forgive her for her mistake. At that moment, Elfo's voice seemed to come from the fire of the oracle.

Elfo revealed that after he died, his spirit ascended to Heaven. Luci then revealed that there was a way to resurrect Elfo, but Elfo's spirit must be in Hell for it to happen, as Luci couldn't enter Heaven. Despite the bad connection that the oracle's fire gave them, they were able to tell Elfo that he must find a way to get to Hell. Luci then revealed that the temple had a secret entrance to Hell. Before Bean could enter, Dagmar revealed that she hadn't died in the cellar and made one last attempt to kill Bean. However, Jerry wasn't dead yet, and he used his remaining energy to knock Dagmar out, before finally dying. Bean then descended into hell.

Resurrecting Elfo[]


Bean and Luci in Hell.

Putting on a demon costume to disguise herself, Bean, along with Luci, arrived in Hell. Elfo also made it to Hell, as he called Jerry, who had also ascended, a fool-fool, much to God's fury. Bean also learned that Luci was a low-ranking demon, who had not yet gained his wings. Luci takes Bean to the infernal fortress, where all the damned souls are registered. Along the way, they met Hansel and Gretel again. Arriving at the fortress, Bean looked at the Book of the Dead, but was captured by Asmodeus himself. Luci then removed Bean's disguise from her, and offered her soul to Asmodeus, along with Elfo. The Prince of Darkness promoted Luci to a level 2 demon, and gave him demon wings. Bean then shouted at him, calling him "evil" and other insults, as she was dragged away. Bean was imprisoned alongside Elfo, who was forced to see a vision of Bean choosing to resurrect Dagmar over him. Elfo felt betrayed, and accused Bean of not caring about him, and of refusing to resurrect him, when she could have. Bean freely admitted that resurrecting her mother was a mistake, revealing that Luci had betrayed them...only to see that Luci had opened her cage.

Luci revealed that he needed to earn his wings so he could help his friends escape from Hell, but he had to betray them to get those wings. Still not fully trusting the demon, Bean and her friends escaped from prison. As they flew to safety, Luci revealed that Elfo's spirit would take them to his body, but once he let Elfo's spirit out of a bottle he had previously placed him in, he would have only 30 seconds to reclaim his body. However, Asmodeus confronted them, revealing that a level 2 demon can never escape. Luci betrayed his friends again, thus tricking Asmodeus into promoting him to an Uber Demon. Luci betrayed his master for the last time and smashed him to the ground. Asmodeus warned Luci that if he left, he would not only lose his wings and status, but also his immortality, power, parking space and all. But Luci revealed that during his time with Bean and Elfo, he gained a true friendship with them, and would rather live a short life with them, than an eternal one without them. Luci then rescued his friends, and they escaped from Hell, with Luci losing his wings, power, and immortality. Bean and her friends arrived at a tropical island, where they found Elfo's body. Bean placed Elfo's spirit in his body, and their friend came back to life, much to Bean and Luci's joy.

Return to Dreamland[]

After spending a luxurious night on the tropical island, being massaged by Mermaids, Bean and her friends returned to Dreamland, only to find Zøg trying to kill them by pushing rocks into the ocean, as he blamed Bean for everything. Fortunately, Zøg fell off the cliff and onto a rock, knocking him out, allowing his daughter and her friends to return to shore. Bean felt guilty when she saw her people trapped in stone, but she was chased into the church by her now recovered father. Zøg accused Bean of being like her mother, but she replied that she is 50% her father, and her own person. Zøg was still hesitant to trust his daughter, but after Bean saved him from accidentally falling from the church tower, they reconciled.

Soon after, a pirate ship arrived, captained by Leavo, the only Elf to leave Elfwood, along with his new first mate, Oona, who had joined the pirates after escaping from the ocean. Oona revealed that she still had the Eternity Pendant, and Leavo demanded a treasure in exchange for Dreamland's restoration. However, while Bean was away, Bozaks had stolen most of Dreamland's treasures. While Elfo tried to trick Leavo into getting knocked out in the dungeons, Bean reconciled with her stepmother. Leavo survived Elfo's trick but was later tricked by Bean into thinking that the people of Dreamland were a great people.

Hoping to come to a new deal, Bean and the others traveled to Elfwood with Zøg in chains to apologize to the elves and have them all supply the blood needed to make the elixir to free Dreamland. After some difficulties, Leavo was able to convince the Elf King and the others to travel to Dreamland, as he had something the elves had been looking for. With all the Elves of Elfwood, the people of Dreamland were freed, while Zøg and Oona divorced on good terms. Leavo decided to retire from piracy, while Oona took over the ship, promising to see Derek when she could.

Return of Dagmar[]

Life returned to normal in Dreamland, but Bean pondered why her mother would betray her. Dagmar, however , was not dead, and she began to haunt Bean's nightmares with a music box she gave Bean when she was a baby. . In a nightmare, Dagmar claimed that Bean's power was closer than she thought. Bean initially assumed this was just leftover trauma. Hoping to make his daughter feel better, Zøg burned Dagmar's portrait, only for Bean to find a hidden message written behind the portrait, and a Maruvian symbol, revealing that something was hiding in the castle.

Upon further investigation, Bean found more Maruvian symbols in the castle, and followed them to a hidden cavern below the castle. A gust of wind and a louder version of the music from the music box sent her running back to the castle where she destroyed the music box. But that night, the box returned in her nightmares. Later, after another nightmare, Bean consulted Zøg, who revealed that the reason the Kingdom is called the Land of Dreams, is because they had dreams in the castle. Bean found a passion for writing thanks to Miri the mop girl. Bean also wanted to create a play about her parents' romance and disagreements, but later found out that women can't perform on stage, so she asked Merkimer to publish the play for her, but on opening night, the play ended up ridiculing Zøg and he decided to execute the actors, including Elfo and Merkimer. But eventually she and her father reconciled over her mother's betrayal.


One night, a dragon attacked Elf Alley. Bean chased it out of town, and shot it down, only to discover that the dragon was actually a flying machine, piloted by a man named Sky Gunderson, who was promptly arrested by the Dreamlander knights. While being questioned, Sky claimed that magic paled in comparison to science, that it really did make the world go around.

Bean visited Sky in the dungeon and asked to be taught science, as magic brought her nothing but unhappiness. After bringing Sky some supplies, Sky used them to create a radio to contact his house, much to Bean's surprise and confusion. Sky credited her for making the radio, revealing the science. As Sky prepared to escape with the supplies, Bean begged him to take her with him, as she longed to see where Sky's technology came from. Sky agreed to bring her, and that night, they left Dreamland in a submarine, traveling to Sky's home, Steamland.

Arriving at Sky's house, Bean became increasingly fascinated by the technology, but Sky warned her not to leave the garage. But quickly driven by the boredom of being alone, Bean set out to explore Steamland. After some shock, she traveled to Sky's lab, where she learned that Sky had been sent to Dreamland to deliver a weapon to an assassin, to kill Zøg. When Bean questioned him about this, Sky revealed his true nature and attempted to kill the Princess with a gun.

Bean escaped in a blimp, but Sky followed and was able to get into the blimp. After a brief fight, he fell from the blimp to his death. After returning to Dreamland, Bean warned Zøg about the killer, and that a Steamland pistol was the weapon. However, Odval did not believe her and ordered Sir Pendergast to take the weapon. In the struggle, the gun went off and hit Zøg.


Zøg was seriously injured and incapacitated. Odval accused Bean of being the murderer and put the Princess under house arrest. With Zøg unable to rule, Derek was crowned king, and became Odval's puppet. The High Druid then began to spread lies that Bean was really a witch who tried to kill the King. Soon all of Dreamland was against Bean, who was tried as a witch. Under questioning, Bean still claimed her innocence and Elfo and Luci offered to help her as her attorneys.

The trail was a kangaroo case, and under Odval's influence, combined with bad memories of his sister's mistreatment, Derek began to abuse his power. Her witnesses were people who had bad experiences with her or were coerced into falsely blaming her. Upon Elfo's stance, she revealed that both he and Bean were in Hell, and that Luci had tricked Asmodeus into escaping. But this made Dreamland even more fearful of Bean, and even Elfo and Luci, as accomplices.

While in the dungeon, the three friends feared for their lives, including Luci, who had lost his immortality to save his friends. But while they were in the dungeon, they heard that Odval, Sorcerio, the Archdruid and a group of cultists were planning to kill Zøg, as he advises Derek to spare his sister. While this was going on, the royal executioner and Bunti's husband helped bean, Luci and Elfo escape into the catacombs. However, Bean refused to leave and chose to stay and save her father from the assassins.

Bean Elfo and Luci burned at the stakes

Bean and friends executed at the stakes.

Warning Zøg, Bean attempted to surgically remove the bullet to save him. Although the bullet was removed, Odval, Sorcerio, and Derek entered the room, seeing Bean with a knife. Derek immediately found Bean and his friends guilty of attempted murder and the three were prepared to be burned at the stake.

Before the fire could be lit, Bean thanked Elfo and Luci for all the time they had, and for being her friends. Odval handed Derek the torch and ordered him to kill Bean. But Derek, rethinking his father's advice, refused, but accidentally dropped the torch on the wood. As the flames grew closer, Luci revealed that he was no longer immortal, having given up his immortality for them. Bean and Elfo thanked Luci and prepared for their deaths, only for a hole in the ground to open up, causing the three of them to fall underground, where they were greeted by Dagmar and a group of strange creatures.


After her failed execution, Bean and her friends encountered Dagmar in an underground world populated by Trøgs. Bean, Elfo, and Luci tried to escape, but the maze of tunnels prevented it and they reluctantly stayed. During their stay, Bean wonders if something is up with Dagmar and later discovers that she has been eating Trøg's brains while they are still alive. She later disguised herself in Dagmar's clothes and used this ruse to escape, but Dagmar saw through her plan and tried to take her back to the dungeon, but unfortunately the Trøgs found out that Bean, Elfo and Luci were their saviors. The Trøgs were about to imprison Dagmar, but she escaped using her magical abilities. But Bean and her friends managed to get out of Trøgtown with Zøg, who was buried alive in a grave, but was saved by Trøgs.

Second Return to Dreamland and second visit to Steamland[]

After returning to the surface, Bean is welcomed back to Dreamland as Zøg resumes his role as king. She, Elfo, and Luci later discover her father's growing insanity due to his time being burried alive. She also discovered that Sir Pendergast had been killed with a gun. After finding the gun hidden in Odval's room, she speculates that he is the killer. However, during Derek's planned wedding to Sagatha, she discovered the real killer is the Arch-Druidess. The Arch-Druidess attempts to kill Bean with the gun, but due to Odvals interference she misses. With her treachery exposed, the Arch-Druidess escapes from Dreamland on a motorcycle, and flees to Steamland. Bean and Elfo follow her there, while Luci has to take care of Zøg.

During their visit to Steamland, Bean and Elfo get split up. Elfo ends up captured in the P.T. Freak Show, while Bean tracks down the Arch-Druidess to Gunderson Steamworks. There she meets a factory worker named Gordy Stewson, whom she initially takes a liking to. That is until Gordy reveals he is actually Alva Gunderson. He wants to marry Bean to form an alliance with Dreamland, whose magic he wishes to combine with his technology. He also reveals the Arch-Druidess was his spy all this time. Bean however rejects Alva's extravagant attempts to woo her, and flees from his building.

Meeting Mora[]

She tracks down Elfo in the feakshow and frees him. She also frees some other freaks, including a mermaid named Mora. When Bean finds herself cornered by a pack of Alva's Light Bud Robots, her own magic powers awaken for the first time and she fries the robots with a blast of lightning.

Bean and mora

Bean and Mora.

Bean, Elfo and Mora escape Steamland, destroying more robots along the way. They steal a boat named the Miss Adventure to sail back to Dreamland. During the voyage back, Bean and Mora grow a little closer. Mora tells Bean that she came to Steamland to become an actress, but because she had no legs she was hired as an animation voice artist. Meanwhile, Elfo was able to repair the ship. After Bean tells Mora that she kissed Elfo, they talk about their previous relationships, which makes it clear that Mora is a lesbian. During the night, Mora tells Bean something about the night sky and how the sirens use it as a guide. It can be clearly seen that the two of them are starting to fall in love with each other.

The next morning Mora has disappeared and Bean and Elfo are driving without her. Due to heavy fog, the ship hits a narrow beach and Bean, sitting on the railing, is thrown from the ship and hits her head on a stone on a beach in Dreamland. The blow causes her to pass out and the last thing she sees is Elfo, who wants to get help from her. Sometime later she wakes up and sees Mora in the water in front of her, who convinces her to enter the water, they swim to Dreamland together. (If you hold a mermaid's hand, you can breathe underwater.)

While swimming, Bean and Mora take a detour to Mermaid Island. Arriving at a small grove, Bean vomits up crabs due to having her mouth open on the way. Mora says that she left because she didn't want to get hurt and came back because she never learns. The other mermaids greet Mora warmly and hold a festival in her honor. Towards evening Mora tells Bean that she wants to show her a special beach where she goes to clear her head.

She gives Bean a gold starfish necklace and sings a beautiful song to her , accompanied by a ukulele. After this song they kiss and spend the night together on the beach. The next morning, Bean wakes up on the beach where she hit her head and is desperately looking for her necklace. But when she couldn't find it, she later believes it was all just a dream. Elfo, unable to find help, tries to get Missi back into the water, but the boat sinks. They are both sad about their lost loves and walk sadly along the beach.

Infiltrating the Seeker Orgy[]

After Mora disappeared, Bean along with Elfo feel depressed about her broken relationship. After being welcomed back by Luci, Bean visits the throne room to discover that her father's madness is getting worse, and that Oona wants her to take care of Zøg. Later that day she sits on her bed wallowing about her time with Mora, but Oona finds out about her and helps Bean get over it.

During his time to get over her sadness, Bean tries to warn the council about the impending invasion. but is ignored by Odval, who considers this an overactive imagination. After this, Bean suggests to Oona that they be spies and learn that Odval and the council members are also members of the Seekers society and are planning to kill Zøg in order to control Dreamland from the shadows and a revelation that they are only doing this to end the actual curse.

After learning of this, Bean approaches Oona and tells her what she has learned. But after telling Oona that the Seekers killed her uncle, Oona was shocked and said that they will pay. Bean asks Oona what she meant, and her stepmother reveals that she had a crush on Yøg before she got engaged to Zøg. Bean rushed to attack during the orgy, but Oona said that they must learn her plan to stop them. Later, Bean starts spying on Odval as he tries to get the tools for the orgy.

While spying, he learned that the tools Odval was looking for were knives. After seeing Odval buy the knives, Bean followed him to the edge of the world, where he asked Darell, a fellow Seeker member, to give him a book on hypnosis. He later visits Oona while she is sleeping and tells her what She has learned and immediately wants to kill the society so they don't harm Zøg. Meanwhile, she asks Elfo and Luci to round up an army to protect the kingdom from threats. After getting into a disagreement with Oona, Bean decides to undermine the Seekers' plan by infiltrating the orgy.

During the ceremony, Odval asked the members to use their knives to open their uniforms revealing their exposed bodies. After the rest of the members revealed the exposed bodies, Bean and an unknown member were called by Odval to remove their robes and while doing so the person in front of her shows herself as Oona. After the members of the Society expose themselves, they have a celebration and Bean thinks that they are really going to kill his father, but Oona says that the society is not a cult, just a depressing club. Just then, Sorcerio opens a door revealing Zøg.

Odval then tells Zøg to feast his eyes on Bean and Oona who are naked. Zøg then screams in fear and runs into his room. Concerned about Zøg's health, Bean and Oona head to his room in their robes to discover that Zøg is now asleep.

Visit to Bentwood[]

After her infiltration of the Seekers ceremony, Bean quickly discovers with Oona that the army that Luci and Elfo formed dispersed after seeing Elfo perform a ritual with the trøgs and that the Dreamland army is losing arrows and supplies due to Turbish and Mertz using them to hunt seagulls.

Meanwhile, a terrifying monster covered in leaves and mud begins to terrorize the poorer villagers on the outskirts of Dreamland. Bean arrives to investigate, and discovers that it is Merkimer's body, with the brain of a pig. Bean and her friends soon bring Merkimer's body to Sorcerio in order to return him to his original state as a real human, but the spell is too powerful and Sorcerio is unable to heal him.

Later, Bean gets an idea that if they bring Merkimer back to his parents in Bentwood, they can get money to buy some weapons and supplies.

But Merkimer decides to reassess himself as a prince, but is saddened to learn that no one, not even his parents cared about him. Human Merkimer reveals that he has developed intelligence and has taken over Bentwood. And the group is imprisoned.

As Bean sleeps she has a recurring dream of Dagmar, Dagmar's appearance says that eventually all her friends will be gone and she will be the only one with her. Dagmar then catches up to Bean, but she quickly wakes up.

Just then, Bean and her friends are sent into a room and tied to chairs. Suddenly, the coins start to drip forming a hole in the ceiling and they hit Elfo several times until they start to accumulate.

Meanwhile, the Merkimer pig is starting to feel bad for Bean, Elfo, and Luci and sets them free. Later, Bean follows Merkimer but he then threatens Bean by hitting her with a flail, but misses and Merkimer dies. The four return to Dreamland with the money Elfo swallowed and the arrows shot at them.

Becoming Queen[]

Beans coronation

Bean is crowned queen.

Following her return from Bentwood, Bean notice a mysterious green smoke approaching Dreamland, and fears it is an enemy army. Worse; Zøg's madness is increasing, and Oona has to return to sea to secure her positiona as pirate, with Derek going with her. The Royal Council, who up until now always belittled and excluded her, has no choice but to turn to Bean to help take care of Zøg. Bean first has Zøg put in the castle's old mental ward, and later buys him a ventrinquilist dummy named Freckles that he can use to express himself, unaware that this is another plot from Dagmar. It doesn't matter in the end as Zøg is clearly no longer fit to rule. He is however able to appoint Bean as his successor. Thus, Zøg is send to the Twinkletown Insane Asylum, while Bean is crowned queen.

While the green smoke ultimately turns out to be a false alarm (it was just Big Jo and Porky), a real threat soon emerges; an army of Ogres attacks the castle to capture Elfo on orders of their Queen. Despite Bean's best effords, her soldiers can't fight off the Ogres. Elfo ultimately sacrifices himself and lets the Ogres capture him so they at least leave Dreamland. Bean herself is confronted by Dagmar, who forces her into an elevator straight to Hell. Luci tries to save her, but is decapitated.

Another escape from hell and back to Dreamland[]

In Hell, Bean learns Dagmar plans to marry her to Satan to settle the debt made to Hell by Maru. Bean however realizes there's a loophole, as the agreement stated Satan would get to marry the queen of Dreamland, which can apply to both herself and Dagmar. She thus tricks Dagmar into marrying Satan instead, and escapes back to Earth along with a now revived Luci and Jerry. They end up Alva Gunderson's office, and steal his latest invention, an airship named The Compensator. With this ship, they rescue Elfo and Laughing Horse.

Upon returning to Dreamland however, they find Cloyd and Becky, who survived the fire in Maru after all, have taken over the castle and are turning all the people of Dreamland into Goons. After Zøg, who has been cured of his insanity, also returns, he and Bean team up to defeat the intruders. This succeeds when Jerry and Luci expose Cloyd and Becky's plan to the people of Dreamland, leading to a revolt.

Since Zøg and Bean now both have equal right to the throne since Bean was officially crowned queen, father and daughter decide to share the power and rule together.

Nightmares and the truth of Dreamland[]

Cloyd and Becky turn themselves into puppets and once more attack Bean and Zøg in the castle. They are defeated again, but as Bean and Zøg follow them, they learn things about the castle they didn't know before; there are rooms clearly designed for small people, like Elves, and there's even a broken off section of the castle in the Sea of Dreamland, inhabited by Sea Trøgs. This is the start of a series of discoveries about Dreamland's past. Bean learns eventually that Dreamland once belonged to the Elves, and her ancestors took it from them. When the Elves also learn of this and demand the castle back, Bean refuses however. Bean also discovers her meeting Mora was real after all when Mora rescues her from the castle of the Sea Trøgs.

Bean vs bad bean

Bean fights Bad Bean.

Meanwhile, Zøg has Sorcerio seemingly bring Freckles to live, and he becomes Beans new brother. Another brother is introduced when Zøg learns he fathered a son with Ursula: Jasper. Bean herself is plagued by nightmares, in which she is chasing after someone who looks like Dagmar, but ultimately turns out to be an evil copy of Bean herself. This evil Bean pretends she wants to help Bean learn to control her magic, but actually she is planning to take over Bean's body. She succeeds when Bean kills Bad Bean in the dreamworld, which allows Bad Bean to wake up in Beans body. Thanks to Luci, who as her personal demon is able to enter her dreams, Bean is able to escape the dreamworld too. This results in there now being 2 beans in the world. Real Bean and Bad Bean fight, with Bean utlimately winning when she decapitates her evil counterpart.

Presumed death & rescue mission to Steamland[]

After defeating Bad Bean, Bean finds herself face to face again with Dagmar. Bean tries to pretend she is bad Bean, but Dagmar sees through her and tosses her into the ocean. Bean is saved by Mora, and the lovers reunite. Mora offers Bean the chance to elope now that everybody thinks she died, but Bean wants to save Dreamland from Dagmar first.

When Mora and Bean return to Dreamland and hide in the Cathedral, they find a room full of equipment from Steamland that the Arch-Druidess left there, including a television. From this television Bean learns her father is in Steamland (he went there to find Derek and Jasper, who had been tricked into running away by Freckles) and he needs help. Bean and Mora thus head for Steamland. She gives Elfo, Luci and Miri orders to stall Dagmar's plans.

In Steamland, Bean finds her father, who has been taken in by Alva Gunderson. Alva presents himself as the perfect host and invites Bean, Mora and Zøg to dinner in his penthouse, but again it turns out to be a trap. When Bean investigates the penthouse, she finds a hidden lab where Alva build a robotic suit that resembles her, which he hopes to use to harness her magic for his own plan. Bean is locked in the suit and subjected to a roast by the Arch-Druidess to get her riled up enough for her magic to manifest. This works a bit too well, and Bean fries the machine, after which she escapes the lab with her father and Mora. The three end up near the P.T. Freak Show and learn Jasper, Derek, Odval and Ursula are captives there. They manage to free all the freaks, and most of them escape in a submarine named the Electrofish, but Zøg and Bean are seperated from the others and have to flee Steamland in a hot air balloon.

Back to Maru and the Asylum[]

Bean training in Maru

Bean training in Maru.

The balloon brings them to Maru, where Cloyd and Becky shoot them down. Bean and Zøg are found by the Crones and their leader Prudence. They offer to help Bean learn to control her magic for her fight with Dagmar, and in turn hope she will save Maru, which has been tainted by Dagmar's family and their use of dark magic. While the training does not go smoothly, Bean eventually masters her powers enough to take on Cloyd and Becky in the Maru royal palace. She closes the gate to hell, banishes Cloyd and Becky to Dreamland by throwing them in the Oracle Fire, and then destroys the oracle fire itself, restoring Maru to it's former glory.

The crones provide Zøg and Bean with a flying machine from Steamland to continue their journey home, but they get lost in thick fog, crash, and end up at the door of the Twinkletown Insane Asylum, where they are both immediately incarcerated. Bean is forced to attend the group therapy sessions of Dr. Mulberry, but also reunites with Big Jo, whose stay in the asylum has made him realize how much of a bully he was to Bean and others. Mulberry's sessions give Bean more insight about her oncomming confrontation with Dagmar, and that merely killing Dagmar may not be enough to stop her. When Bean stands up to Mulberry and is subjected to electroshock therapy, this refuels her magic powers, which she uses to help herself and several other inmates escape.

Taking back Dreamland[]

Bean defeats Dagmar

Bean defeats Dagmar.

After this adventure, Bean and Zøg finally return to Dreamland, where Elfo, Luci and Miri have succesfully united the various races into a rebellion army to take on Dagmar, but Dagmar has revived Bad Bean. Backed up by all her friends and family, Bean fights Dagmar's forces, cumulating in another showdown with Bad Bean. They fight in the Crystal Cavern, and in the fight Bean does the thing Dagmar alway wanted her to do; unlock Dreamlands magic. Bad Bean uses her own powers to cast an illusion to make Bean think Mora is Bad Bean, and Bean ends up fatally stabbing Mora. Overcome with rage and grief, Bean kills her evil counterpart for good and lasehs out at both of the fighting armies, killing a large number of both.

With Mora gone, Bean loses all will to live and retreats to her room, no longer caring about Dagmar. The magic begins to spread through Dreamland, and also fuels Dagmar. Only after Elfo, Luci and Miri make an unsuccesful attempt to stop Dagmar herself, which ends with Dagmar killing Luci, does Bean snap out of her depression and confronts her mom. Their first fight destroys a large part of the castle, and ends with Dagmar emerging victorious.

Bean and Elfo follow Dagmar into Trøgtown after the fight, and learn, just like Dagmar, that the Trøgs removed their own brain to gain immortality, and they feed on the magic infused waters of the cave. When Dagmar sees Bean, they start another fight. The fight takes them back to the Crystal Cavern, where Oona also joins in. Oona cuts off the top of Dagmar's head, but Dagmar simply uses this opportunity to take out her own brain, thus also becoming immortal. She then scres the Ritual crown on her own head. This proves a mistake; with one last discharge of her lightning Bean zaps the crown, and all the crystals in the cave, destroying the magic, depowering Dagmar, and trapping her under a large crystal.

Happily ever after[]

Bean and Mora happily ever after

Bean and Mora together on their island.

After defeating her mother with Oona's help, Bean returns to the beach to mourn Mora's death. Fortunately, in Heaven, Luci has meanwhile been granted a wish by God because Luci helped revive Him after Jerry inadvertently killed Him. Luci wishes for Mora to live again. Bean and More happily reunited.

With Dagmar gone, Bean and Zøg both announce they will step down as monarchs since they want to be with their lovers. Miri is made queen. Bean and Mora decide to get married, but just before the ceremony, they run away from Dreamland to a remote tropical island. They are last seen living there, happily at last.


Princess Bean has white hair (like her mother), freckles, buck teeth and an overbite. According to Elfo and Luci, her teeth also stick out sideways "a little bit". She bears little resemblance to either of her parents, although her resemblance to Dagmar is more noticeable when Bean wears her clothes or hairstyles. She has muscular legs and a curvy body albeit with a wider waist than her mother's.

Bean usually wears a cyan tunic with white sleeves, brown leggings and tied dark brown boots. She is equipped with a belt with a silver buckle.

For her two failed weddings, she wore her mother's wedding dress and her hair in the same updo as her mother did on her own wedding day. She also wore her boots underneath the dress.

Her formal attire consists of a gown with a black petticoat and a blue overcoat with puffy sleeves that go below her shoulders, although she still wears her boots underneath the dress.

When Bean is crowned Queen of Dreamland she wears a white low cut dress with white gloves, a navy blue sash, a golden necklace with a light green gemstone and her usual brown boots. Bunty attempted to do Bean's hair in a heart shaped updo with a braid on top but Bean undid it the second it was done and destroyed the crystal slippers she was supposed to wear in favor of her boots. She also refused to wear Zøg's crown since it was too big for her head.

After rescuing Mora and taking her home, she made Bean a necklace that has what appears to be small shells, teal beads and a star fish as a pendant to thank Bean for saving her. After Bean got it back after losing it for awhile, she wore it albeit hidden under her tunic.

When she wore her prophecy attire in the Part 4 finale, it consisted of a grey dress with a small cape with red underneath and sleeves with golden cuffs.

When Bean decides to run away with Mora, she took off all her clothes and made herself a grass skirt.


Not a traditional princess, Bean is quite the opposite, actively rebelling against her father, Zøg, who has driven her to drink. She is frustrated by the limited life choices available to her as a princess who is second in line to the throne. She resents the stereotypical role of a trophy queen, which is to have heirs and forge alliances in a loveless union, and refuses to marry the eligible princes presented to her (Guysbert and Merkimer), which would force her to inhabit this role. That said, at the beginning of the series she does act like an ungrateful brat who complains about how terrible her life is when she can course all she likes. Over time, Bean changes and becomes more mature and responsible, and by the end of Part 3 takes her role as a princess seriously.

Once she is crowned Queen, Bean is eager to do a good job at it as shown when she worried about her kingdom's economy rather than the luxuries of being Queen and went to great lenghts to protect her kingdom and Elfo when the Ogres' invade Dreamland to kidnap him.


Bean uses magic

Bean shows a decent amount of fighting skills with various weapons and hand-to-hand combat. Her fighting skill are self-taught through various brawls at the taverns and throughout her misadventures. She seems to be physically strong since she was able to headbutt Pendergast without getting hurt, and able to wield a mallet to free P.T. McGee’s imprisoned circus displays after “hanging off a blimp for a while”.

Due to her Maruvian heritage, Bean possesses magic like Dagmar, as shown in Part 3 when she accidentally shoots out a dark lighting bolt that is strong enough to shut down the powerlines of Steamland. In part 4, it is shown that the Lighting Bolt is also strong enough to blast huge chunks of a building apart. She is also capable of healing wounds with her magic as she manages to heal Zog's scratch wounds in his arms by brushing it with her hands. Her tear is shown to be able to resurrect the dead as she accidentally resurrected Luci after her tear falls into his decapitated head.

When Bean confronted Bad Bean, the latter explained to her that she had to appeal to her anger and get upset to appeal to her power. This is the first time she intentionally uses it's power, but we can think that she could then use it in the same way by being awake because it was also in this way that she had activated it's power in Steamland.

Bean fully learns to control her magic thanks to the Crones of Maru and is able to fight on par with her mother after that as well as being creative with its usage such as covering her escape by zapping the sandy ground in front of her enemy.

In Swamp and Circumstances, Bean is shown to have great diplomacy as an ambaasador until Luci screws it up by getting her drunk before she's able to give her speech.

Bean is also a skilled motorcyclist and quick enough to dodge bolts of lightning.


Prior to being magically paired with Luci and finding the companionship of Elfo, Bean had no friends — not even bridesmaids for her wedding. Her companions were her drinking buddies from the pubs she frequented. As such, most of her relationships are familial. The trio of Bean, Elfo and Luci are the main focus of the misadventures in the show.


Queen Dagmar[]

Dagmar is Bean's biological mother. She supposedly died 15 years ago but she was in fact turned to stone by a magic potion. When Bean was a toddler, Dagmar took good care of her and did things like naming Bean after her own grandmother, nursing Bean herself, treating her with gentleness, telling Bean that she "will be the greatest woman [Maru] has ever seen" as she drifted off to sleep, and even had a portrait painted of Bean that depicted her as the new queen of Maru before she even told Bean about the prophecy. This implies that Dagmar strongly believes that Bean will be successful in bearing the crown and becoming a great dark queen.

Bean idolized her mother all her life, claiming that Dagmar was everything Bean wanted to be, and after Dagmar was revived, she quickly bonded with her mother over their mutual interests such as drinking.

However, things took a turn for the worse when Dagmar brought Bean back to Maru and showed her her true nature. Dagmar insulted Bean and attempted to force her to fullfil a prophecy by screwing a crown onto her head that would potentially leave Bean with permanent brain damage. Upon learning her mother's true nature, Bean's immage of her was forever shattered, and for the rest of the series Bean remains hostile towards Dagmar.

After Bean is sentenced to burn to death at the stake with Elfo and Luci, Dagmar saves her daughter and her friends, and asks in a teasing manner for a hug, although she only saved them in order to capture Bean and force her to fulfill the prophecy rather than out of love for her child. When Bean figures out Dagmar is once again up to no good she tries to leave but Dagmar had her and her friends locked up and they insult each other as Dagmar leaves. When Bean hatches a plan to escape by dressing up like Dagmar so that the Trøgs won't stop her, Dagmar stops her. Bean tries to convince the Trøgs that she is the actual Queen Dagmar by saying to Dagmar, "If I wasn't the real Dagmar I wouldn't say this, I never loved you”, which leaves Dagmar speechless. This could imply that Dagmar may love, or used to love, her daughter, albeit she may have reacted that way because she didn't have a better comeback.

The day Bean is coronated as Queen of Dreamland, Dagmar shows up to forcefully take Bean to Hell in order to make her marry Satan and fulfill the prophecy but Bean manages to get the upper hand and forces Dagmar to marry him instead by placing Dagmar's blood on a contract yet this all seemed to be part of Dagmar's plan and soon she created an evil version of Bean to kill the real one. When she realized Bean killed her evil self, Dagmar throws an unconcious Bean into the ocean and leaves her to die (unaware that Bean was saved by Mora) and places Evil Bean's decapitated head on a throne.

Bean eventually defeats Dagmar in a final showdown in the Crystal Cavern.


Zøg is Bean's father and King of Dreamland. Bean has a difficult relationship with him as he is scared of female emotions. He hates how Bean is always getting into trouble and how she refuses to behave like a proper princess. Meanwhile, Bean has little respect for him due to his selfish nature, but she still loves him and wants to make him proud. Despite their strained relationship, Zøg is very protective of Bean and doesn't like it when men flirt or look at her in an inappropriate way, such as having a man beheaded when he looked at Bean's bare chest and stopping Pendergast from flirting with Bean.

When Zøg sees Bean leave with her mother for Maru, Zøg is furious at Bean's supposed betrayal and attempts to kill her when she returns, but Bean maintains her innocence and manages to talk him out of it. Their relationship was repaired and even improved slightly after that.

After Bean accidentally shoots her own father with a pistol while struggling with Pendergast on who should keep the gun, she used her knowledge of medicine that she learned in Steamland to save him by taking the bullet out of his body before the wound became infected. After being scathingly told by the Arch-Druidess that his daughter was dead (unaware that she survived), Zøg was heartbroken at his loss and even asked Pendergast to behead him since he felt he had nothing to live for. Fortunately, news that Bean was still alive reached him just in time.

After Zøg's descent into madness, Bean was the only person besides Oona who could keep Zøg calm. Zøg came to trust her enough to make her his heir, and Bean was heartbroken when she had to send him away to the insane asylum.


Derek is Bean's eldest half-brother and heir to the throne of Dreamland. Bean finds Derek irritating and dislikes being with him. She bears a lot of resentment and jealousy towards Derek for being a boy and the heir to the throne, and therefore being able to do the things she wanted to do as a child. Bean herself admitted that she knows it isn't his fault but still wishes he would die. However, she does show that she cares for him as she saved his life more than once but when Derek tries to reconnect, it's still shown that Bean is not interested. She still admits to hating him, but cheerfully says she both loves and hates him. Their strained relationship (along with Zøg’s neglecting him) makes Derek vulnerable to Odval's manipulation. However, it is shown that Derek still loves Bean and doesn't want any real harm to come to her.

Sometime after he "kills" his sister, Derek harbours regret on doing so and when he starts to make his own decisions as king, he demands that his subjects build a statue of Bean (and name a sandwich at a deli after Elfo and Luci). When Bean re-emerges alive, Derek is overjoyed and hugs his sister, who warns him not to mess with her. In the end, Derek decides to run away with his mother since he finds both Bean and their father emotionally draining.


Jasper is Bean's youngest paternal half-brother who was conceived during Ursula and Zog's one night stand. Upon being introduced to Jasper, Bean greeted him with a hug and introduced herself and told him a list of names he could call her but when Jasper asked if Bean was a giant squirrel (because of her buck teeth) Bean asked Zog to take him away "before [Bean starts] to hate him". Nothing more of their relationship is known for now but Bean so far doesn't seem to think poorly of him as she does with Derek.

Emperor Cloyd and Becky the Enchantress[]

Cloyd and Becky are Bean's maternal uncle and aunt. When Bean and Dagmar first arrived in Maru, Cloyd and Becky were civil towards their niece, such as giving her a blanket when she was cold and assigning something to shush her to sleep when Bean had to sleep on a couch due to Dagmar's snoring. However, it is later revealed that they were simply trying to gain her trust in order to have her fulfill a prophecy and they, like Dagmar, didn't seem worried about the fact that screwing a crown on Bean's head may leave her with brain damage. When Cloyd, Becky and Dagmar were searching for Bean, they brought knives with them to attack her, further implying that they don't care about their niece at all. Bean develops the same level of contempt for them as she did with Dagmar, and does not hesitate to fight them if needed.


Jerry is Bean's maternal uncle. Out of all of her Maruvian relatives, Jerry was the only one who had genuine interest and affection for Bean and was always nice to her. When Bean felt lonely due to having no friends in Maru and her family not giving her any attention, Jerry was the only one who kept her company, and even taught her about the history of their family and their family curse. At first, Bean was not fond of the idea of calling Jerry her friend even though he cared about his niece from the very start, possibly because he didn't show any sympthoms of possessing the family curse — most likely due to the brain damage incurred after his siblings screwed the crown meant for Bean on his head — and didn't see her as a tool and so Bean soon grew to care about him as well. Jerry eventually helped Bean escape their abusive relatives before they could screw the crown in her head and give her brain damage, or worse. Bean wanted to take Jerry with her, but he ended up being killed by Dagmar, much to Bean's horror. He died pleased after hearing Bean call him a friend, and later appears in Heaven.

After Luci talked God into sending Jerry back to Earth (so that Luci could also come back by hanging onto Jerry as he fell back to Earth). Both of them went to rescue Bean in Hell and returned to Dreamland, were Jerry started a new life with Bean at the castle and was sent to attend school to get an education. Sadly, he was killed again by Bad Bean.



Luci is Bean's personal demon (or dæmon). Taking the form of a shadowy being who is often mistaken for a talking cat, he is a curse cast on Bean by the mysterious Maruvian couple, Emperor Cloyd and the Enchantress (Bean is as yet unaware of their existence and role in her life). Luci often talks Bean into doing bad things like stealing, drinking or taking drugs but he cares about her as he showed concern for Bean when she was mourning Elfo's death and attempted to help Bean escape Dagmar at the end of Part 3, but was killed in doing so. Although he was revived when he escaped from Heaven, he was eventually killed again by Dagmar. In her final speech to the people of Dreamland in "Goodbye Bean", Bean mentioned how Luci ruined her life, but ultimately made it better because of this, and showed sadness at losing him.


Elfo is one of Bean’s closest friends (along with Luci). He is very loyal to Bean and would do anything for her. Elfo met Bean when he left Elfwood in search of an adventure and they were inseparable until his death. Elfo has a crush on Bean, but it is not reciprocated — even though Bean cares for him deeply and was heartbroken when he died. When Luci told her that there was still hope for Elfo to come back, she literally went to Hell and back to get her friend back. Elfo eventually forgave Bean for choosing to revive Dagmar over him and they became best friends once again.


Bunty is Bean's nanny and Lady-in-Waiting. She raised Bean in place of her ostensibly deceased mother and seemingly uninterested stepmother. Bean seems to be fond of her, while Bunty is always there for Bean when she needs help. While Bean was growing up, Bunty did anything she could to make Bean happy, including letting Bean mount her like a horse so that Bean could race with his brother who, unlike her, was allowed to ride an actual horse. When Bean was falsely accused of trying to murder Zøg, Bunty was convinced of Bean's innocence and apparently persuaded her husband to help Bean escape. According to Stan, there is nobody in the world Bunty loves more than him and Bean.

After Bean was presumed dead, Bunty was seen caressing Bean's hairbrush with a sad look on her face before Elfo snatched it away as he was dragged back to the underground cave. Bunty was happy again when Bean returned and told her how much she had missed Bean when the latter found her in her bed along with some of Bunty's children, with Bunty's daughter, Bunty Jr. revealing that she was conceived in Bean's bed, this could imply that Bunty (and Stan) sometimes took advantage of Bean's outings to use her stuff or at least her bed even before she was "killed".

The day Bean became Queen of Dreamland, Bunty expressed joy at the fact that she got to live to braid a Queen's hair and revealed that she always thought that Bean could be "dead on a ditch by now", leading to an irritated Bean asking why Bunty said she was going to die everytime she braided Bean's hair before undoing her updo the second Bunty was done with it. During the Ogre invasion on the castle, Bunty offered to sacrifice some of her own children to help Bean stop the invasion, which Bean found "sweet" but rejected the offer.


Oona is the mother of Bean's half-brother Derek and was her stepmother until Oona and Zøg divorced. The two had very little one-on-one interaction in the time Oona lived in the castle, although Oona claims that she tried to love Bean, but her stepdaughter pushed her away, unwilling to accept Oona as her family. Oona also tried to give Bean the talk when Bean was going to be married off to Prince Guysbert, and smiled when she and Zøg found out Bean was returning to Dreamland after going away on a mission, but Bean never showed any interest in her stepmother.

Their relationship took a turn for the worse when Dagmar was revived and Oona vows to get revenge on both Zøg and Bean for ignoring disrespecting her. However, Oona only said that out of anger since she later forgave Bean for everything (except for stealing her drugs) after her stepdaughter apologizes. When Oona leaves with the pirates, she offers Bean to come with her, but Bean politely declines and the two parts on good terms. When Zøg descends into madness, she stays on land for a few weeks to take care of her ex-husband while Bean chases the Arch-Druidess to Steamland. Oona bonds with Bean during this period, sharing snakeroot with her to allow Bean to come to terms with her traumas and by the time they come down from their high, Oona has Bean sit down in her vanity mirror while the first grooms her hair in several hairstyles in a way a mother could with her daughter, and they team up with her to thwart a seemingly murderous plot against Zøg. She also kisses Bean goodbye when she leaves to return to sea.

Romantic Relationships[]


Bean and Mora meet in the episode "Last Splash", where Bean frees Mora from the freak show to allow her to return home. Later as Bean and Elfo are escaping Steamland on a boat, Bean pulls Mora aboard to give her a ride to Mermaid Island as they go to Dreamland. On the boat ride as Elfo drives, Bean and Mora spend time together on the deck. They discuss their lives, romance and previous relationships (or lack thereof), and later in the evening they discuss Mermaid history, science and beliefs. They fall asleep next to one another, and when Bean wakes in the morning Mora is gone. Elfo crashes the ship on a beach, and Bean falls and hits her head on a rock. When she wakes up, Mora is in the water and invites her to swim. Mora then leads Bean underwater to Mermaid Island. They meet up with the Mermaids in the island and attend Mora's welcome back party together. In the evening they go to a private beach, where Mora gifts Bean a necklace, sings her a song, and they kiss.

Bean wakes up again in the morning, but on the beach where she originally hit her head. She is unsure if what occured with Mora was real or a dream. The gifted necklace washes ashore as Bean and Elfo leave, confirming that it was real even though Bean is unaware. Upon her return to Dreamland, Bean is heartbroken, stating that what occured was "the greatest thing that ever maybe didn't happen to me". and that she is "stuck with this sad, empty feeling of heartbreak without ever getting the fun relationship part". Oona helps her to come to terms with the heartbreak.

When Bean is trapped inside a sinking ship and on the brink of drowning, more arrived just in time to rescue her and brings her back to what is presumably the same beach were they last saw each other. Mora gives the unconcious Bean the necklace that Mora had gifted her back, wrapping it around her neck, and kisses her before she is forced to leave once Bean's family arrives on Oona's ship so once again, she bids Bean farewell and leaves shortly before Bean wakes up and discovers that she is wearing the necklace she thought was part of her dream and falls back in the sand with a smile on her face.

Upon returning home, Bean is reluctant to discuss anything related to the necklace that "mysteriously appeared on her neck" and keeps it hidden under her tunic. After realizing that Mora wasn't just a dream, Bean encouraged her father to find his former flame Ursula so that at least he can find somebody who loves him. As he leaves, Bean clutches her necklace sadly.

During a fight with Dagmar, Bean is knocked unconscious once again and Dagmar throws her over the balcony and into the sea in order to kill her but unknown to everybody, Mora shows up once again to rescue the now awake Bean and the two kiss passionately.

Mora from here on remains with Bean and helps her on all her quests, as well as the final rebellion against Dagmar. The two lovers end the series living together on a remote island.


The People of Dreamland[]

Bean always got along with the citizens of Dreamland and was considered to be quite popular despite all the trouble she caused in the kingdom until she was declared witch as part of Odval's plan to get rid of her, but everyone was happy once she, along with Elfo and Luci, returned after being captured by Dagmar.

After having her heart broken and thanks to Oona's help, Bean realized that she had to be a friend to Dreamland, which is exactly what she tried to do once she was crowned Queen and immediately went on to address her subjects instead of just the high class people and told the townsfolk that she was their friend, which pleased most of them, except for some people who refused to trust her because Bean is not a man.

Prince Guysbert[]

Prince Guysbert of Bentwood was Bean's groom in her first arranged marriage. Bean didn't want to marry him and didn't care about him, but Guysbert seemed to like her since he didn't seem to have a problem with marrying her, although the marriage was called off after Guysbert accidentaly stabbed his own head against a throne made of swords. They eventually met again when Zøg had him try to Elixir of Life to see if he could be saved in order to revive Dagmar. Guysbert was happy to see Bean again and professed his love for her, although Bean brushed him off and wasn't bothered at all when he finally died.

Prince Merkimer[]

Prince Merkimer of Bentwood was Bean's groom in her second arranged marriage after Guysbert was injured. Unlike his older brother, Merkimer wasn't nice at all. He is ridiculously narcissistic, is a chauvinist — outwardly proclaiming that he does not listen to women (including Bean) — cheated on his bride-to-be and invited several women to sleep with him on his wedding night. When he turned into a pig through magic, he became unable to marry Bean.

After becoming a pig, Merkimer became nicer as time passed, and he and Bean were mostly civil towards each other. While later on he does steal Bean's play and takes credit for it, he claims he did it (and reedited it to focus on Zog) because it's the only way Bean could have it performed in the misogynistic kingdom, and he does give her the money it made even if that wasn't what she really wanted. Additionally, when he realizes his testimony about being "smitten" with Bean is just going to be used against her by the Kangaroo Court at her trial, he tries defending her by pointing out that his current state was because of his own actions, and nothing that Bean did to him. In Hey, Pig Spender, he takes offense to Bean guilt tripping him to obtain weapons and financial support from his kingdom, Bentwood, and not caring about his situation or feelings a use as a tool. Thus, he considered it her just desserts when the pig who occupies his human body sentenced Bean, Elfo and Luci to torture. However, Merkimer felt remorseful and eventually freed the trio and escaped with them back to Dreamland after hearing Bean still regarding him as a friend despite the act of doing so, condemning himself to a lifetime of exile in a pig's body and never ruling Bentwood as king.


Pendergast was one of Zøg's knights. At one point he banned her from joining on a trip on the sea, calling her a "delicate flower" until Beann nearly knocked him out by headbutting him and he complied. He seemed to have an interest in courting Bean, or at least he was attracted to her as he sometimes flirted with her, once agreeing to go on a double date with Bean (to support Elfo, who told Bean he was dating a giantess), leading him to believe that they were courting until Bean made it clear that that wasn't the case. However, he still followed Zøg's orders of locking up Bean when she talked back to Zøg, regardless of Bean's feelings and his feelings towards her.

In "The Electric Princess", Pendergast called Bean out for releasing Skybert and tried to confiscate a revolver that Bean had brought with her from Steamland despite her protests, resulting in the revolver going off during the struggle and accidentally shooting Zøg. Pendergast let Bean get blamed for everything and was complicit in locking her in her room as per Odval’s orders.

Pendergast was killed by the pistol and later beheaded by the Arch-Druidess in Subterranean Homesick Blues, presumably after she discovers his involvement in helping Zøg to escape the castle that is now run by the people who are trying to kill him. Seeing Pendergast’s decapitated head on a stick while being locked in a coffin is a harrowing experience for Zøg, who descends into madness soon after. Bean discovers his body after Zøg obsessively mistakes everyone for him, and searches to uncover his murderer although it is unknown how she feels about his death.


Bean is the central protagonist of the series. Matt Groening designed her to look unlike any cartoon princess you've ever seen before. He has further stated she is unconventionally beautiful, but I think audiences will fall in love with her. The character came about after a decade of Groening researching old classic fairy tales, where it was the women and children who were strong characters while the men were weak willed. Bean is designed to represent the genre's original paradigm.

Abbi Jacobson improvised a number of Bean's lines.[2]

Cultural References[]

  • Game of Thrones (2011-2019): Bean's platinum-blonde hair is likely a reference to the white hair of Daenerys I Targaryen. Furthermore, Dagmar family back in Maru has a curse of madness in which also can be based on the Targaryen Madness in the bloodline of the House Targaryen.
    • Judging by this article, Matt Groening didn't want more than one reference to G.O.T, so this is probably an exception.[3]
  • Cinderella (1950): Bean's wedding dress greatly resembles Cinderella's ballgown in the Walt Disney film of the same name.
  • Johan and Peewit (1952): Bean's clothes are very similar to Sir Johan's clothes, a character created by Belgian cartoonist Peyo.
  • The Shape of Water (2017): Bean’s kiss with Mora replicated the iconic underwater kiss between Elisa and the amphibian man.
  • Star Wars: her lighting bolt magic is similar to Force Lighting practiced by the users of the Dark Side of the Force.


  • Her full name is Princess (later Queen) Tiabeanie Mariabeanie De La Rochambeaux Grunkwitz. However, she mispronounced her last name as Drunkowitz while heavily drunk on schnapps in Swamp and Circumstance.
    • Dagmar gave Bean her great-grandmother Mariabeanie's name as her middle name. It's also possible that Bean was named Tiabeanie so that her name would rhyme with the name Mariabeanie as well. This could imply that Dagmar feels some love for both her grandmother and her daughter, or she measures Bean to have the same greatness as her grandmother did.
    • Her name Tiabeanie sounds similarly to the narcotic called thebaine.
    • It is also likely her name is a reference to [2]the coffee liqueur Tia Maria.
  • According to Luci, Bean has blue eyes.
  • In the first episode, Bean said that if she got three wishes, she would wish to be in charge of her own destiny (which happened to her delight), to have her mother back (which happened but she now regrets) and to find a boyfriend who is a great listener.
  • Bean stated that she was raised by Bunty and drunkards in the tavern, who taught her the art of stabbing.
  • Bean fears she might succumb to the curse of madness and paranoia that is hereditary from her maternal family.
  • Like her mother, her favorite food is beer, and she loves the smell of wet grass.
  • Bean likes to party, and consumes the recreational drugs snakeroot, bread mold and a hallucinogen called Bliss.
    • Given this reference to hallucinogens, the bread mold reference is likely to be connected with ergotized rye. Albert Hoffman synthesized LSD from this fungus.
  • It is implied that Bean could have a hatred towards pigs because she called them dumb. However, in "Hey, Pig Spender", she disapproved of the human version of Prince Merkimer kicking around his pig counterpart, showing that she would never be physically cruel to pigs.
  • Bean is bisexual, shown by her attractions toward characters like Sven and Mora.
  • Her birthday is March 26, which Netflix confirmed in a 2021 tweet.[4]
  • According to Bean, Bunty usually talks about Bean dying every time she braids Bean's hair.
    • Bean also dislikes braids as she claims that they "hurt her brain", despite this she has had her hair braided by Bunty and Oona, the first most likely did this for formal events and the second most likely because Bean was too high to pay attention.
  • One of her "catchphrases" is an "Ho!" that she yells out when she is surprised or shocked.


Bean: All this wedding hassle for a stupid political alliance! I thought that I'd get married for true love, or because I was wasted..." - S01E01
Bean: Somehow, we've ended in this stupid world together. (...) See you in Hell, boys! - S02E10
Bean: This crown can suck it! - S03E10



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