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Bean Falls Apart is the 10th episode of season 2, Part 2 of Disenchantment and the 40th episode overall. It premiered on February 9, 2022.


Bean faces the bad voice inside her head, which tries to take over her body. Bean kills her, is thrown over the parapet of the castle into the water by Dagmar and is rescued there by Mora. Dagmar is now back on the throne.


Bean finds out that there is a Bad Bean in her mind. An evil little voice that makes her do bad things. Like Luci does.

At the beginning she tries to kill Bad Bean in her Dreams. She chases her with a sword but Bad Bean lets her fall through the trapdoor in the throne room into the depths and thus out of the dream. Bean's second attempt leads her into the church where her Evil doppelganger scares her, causing Bean to drop her sword. When she bends down after it, she dies in the same way as Guysbert. The sword of the throne stabs through her head.

Meanwhile Zøg finds out that Derek, Jasper, Freckles and Snarla have run away. Together with Odval he goes in search of them. Derek, Jasper, Freckles and Snarla are on their way to the Enchanted Forrest but Freckles suggests another destination. He wants to take Derek, Jasper and Snarla to Steamland.

The elves are currently having a meeting with the trøgs. In which Braino explains to the other elves that they still know little about their history. Only that the answer might lie below the castle where some kind of crazy hoo-ha took place long ago. Possibly over a screwier mystery even deeper underground. The believe their depth of ignorance is possibly bottemless.

Bean starts another attempt to kill the Bad Bean in the dream world. The Bad Bean suggests teamwork to Bean. To be able to defeat the curse together. Bad Bean suggests a walk. There Bad Bean tells Bean that it was she who made her paranoid. Bad Bean shows Bean an apocalypse version of Dreamland. Bad Bean proves to Bean that she is definitely smarter than her. Especially because she doesn't suppress anything. Bad Bean stated that she is the repository of everything Bean has ever seen or heard, since Bean was born. And that is the reason why Bad Bean is naturally way smarter than Bean.

She wants to convince Bean that she only brought her here to prepare her for the release of her still secret power. By that she means the thing when gigantic sparks shoot out of her hands. Bad Bean shows Bean how to use her power through anger. To do this, she makes Bean think of things that fill her heart with hate. With the pent-up and released power, Bad Bean makes Bean destroy a tower of Dreamland's castle in a dream. Then Bean realizes that Bad Bean is trying to destroy Dreamland. Bad Bean makes Bean kill her with a magic spark. Now that Bad Bean died in Bean's dream, she is able to take over Bean's body in the real world. Something Zøg warned her about.

Bad Bean, now in the body of the real Bean, tries to hide the fact from Bean's friends that she is Bad Bean. This Bean, who is currently not in the real world, realizes that she can see through the mirror into the real world. She tries to make her friends in the real world aware of her. But Bad Bean throws a blanket over the mirror and obscures Bean's view. Bad Bean, still in the body of the real Bean goes into the room with the crystal ball. Which is also the entrance to the room with the elevator, which Bean destroyed.

Derek, Jasper, Freckles, and Snarla are now in Steamland where Derek, Jasper, Snarla and the laughing horse are captured by P.T. P.T. pays Freckles for the delivery of the new exhibits for his Freak Show. Since Freckles is a living ventriloquist dummy, P.T. kidnaps him as well. Zøg and Odval come to save them but P.T. knocks Zøg and Odval unconscious and takes Odval away too.

Bad Bean makes contact with Hell in the real world. At the same time, Luci finds out that Bad Bean is currently controlling Bean's body. Elfo sneaks back into Bean's room and removes the blanket from the mirror. In the mirror he recognizes a crying Bean. In the book about dreams Miri reads that it is possible for a personal demon to enter a dream. Luci tries to get to Bean through the mirror. On his third attempt, he succeeds. Luci pulls Bean back into the real world on the other side of the mirror.

P.T is just introducing its latest exhibits. Ursula is also one of his exhibits.

Bean and Bad Bean, now together in one world, fight each other. In the process, Elfo must decide to whom he will give the sword. As a test, he asks both Beans: Do you love me? Bean answers with: Yes, Elfo. I love and respect you. Bad Bean answers with: Oh, Elfo. Of course, I love you. Elfo throws the sword to Bean. Bad Bean does not believe that Bean will kill her. But Bean decapitates Bad Bean with her sword. At the same time a new elevator appears. In Dreamland there are now two elevators.

Bean asks Bunty, Elfo, Luci and Miri to clean up the room and wipe away the blood. They put everything in order, but have left the severed head of Bad Bean and Luci blunts the screws on the crown. The elevator arrives. Dagmar and Satan get off. Clearly, Dagmar is in charge. Bean tries to fool Dagmar by pretending to be Bad Bean. At the same time, she discovers Bad Bean's severed head, which the others forgot to put away. Bean slips the crown down a bit because the screws don't hold it anymore and Dagmar now knows it's the wrong Bean. During the argument between Dagmar and Bean, Bean falls and hits the back of her head and passes out. Dagmar throws her unconscious body over the parapet of the castle.

Satan is surprised that Dagmar killed Bean but Dagmar says she can work with Bad Bean's severed head. Bean, still underwater, is kissed by Mora. The episode ends with Dagmar sitting on the throne of Dreamland. To her right sits Satan and to her left sits the severed head of Bad Bean with a small crown on her head.



  • The Arch-Druidess rides around Steamland on a motorcycle.
  • The sign of P.T Gawkatorium reads: New Freak Friday! Eight New Fantastic Phantamagorical Phenomena! Aquatic show closed due to death of Spunky the beloved Sea Trøg
  • Posters and banners in Elf Alley: Wanted! Cookie thief (With a picture of Derek) and Super secret elf meeting tonight.
  • When Bean uses her power for the first time in her dream. She destroys the head of Zøg's statue.
  • Luci has an evil twin named Guci. Zøg dreams that Guci brings him cornbread which tastes funny.


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