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Bean Falls Down is the tenth episode of Part 3 of Disenchantment and the thirtieth episode overall. It premiered on January 15, 2021.


Bean's having a stressful day as her first day as Queen of Dreamland! First, an old nemesis arrives, acting suspiciously contrite. Then, vicious ogres invade and won't leave without Elfo.


Bean is finally crowned queen. During the ceremony she is watched by Alva Gunderson through the antenna of the crown. The green smoke that appears in the last episodes comes to Dreamland. It turns out to be Big Jo and Porky. Big Jo wants to apologize and repent for his behavior in the past. Bean does not believe him and puts him in the dungeon.

Odval visits Big Jo in the dungeon and it is revealed that he has summoned Big Jo. So that he can help Odval find out more about the curse. Big Jo has the missing page from the Book of Øgs. His section of the secret society has been trying to figure out the meaning of the curse for many years.

Elfo has given up on ever getting together with Bean because she is now a queen. When he throws a painting of him, Bean and Luci over the castle wall, he discovers ogres climbing up. He seeks out Bean to tell her the news. She then sets off all the alarms in Dreamland.

Bean has barrels full of beer rolled over the castle wall to prevent the ogres from climbing, which also works. The ogres want Elfo. Bean tells Elfo to hide as well. Elfo slips down a secret passage to the Trøgs. With a flaming speech, Elfo is able to convince the Trøgs to help them with the ogres.

The knights lure the ogres into the castle's maze. During the failed attempt to hit the ogres with a cannonball, Turbish and Mertz shoot a hole in the walls of the castle. With the help of the Trøgs, Bean, Luci and Elfo are able to push the ogres back. But not for long.

King Rulo examines the hole caused by the cannonball, he falls into the hole and gets to the trøgcaves. There he meets Leavo. By chance the two bring down a wall, behind the wall they find a kind of throne room, decorated with elf statues and elf symbols. It turns out to be the very thing the ancient seat of elven power, Candyass. Dreamland is the long-lost home of the elves.

Bean believes they have defeated the ogres, but they have regrouped. They only want Elfo, but they will leave the rest of Dreamland in peace. Everyone except Bean wants to hand over Elfo. Bean gives a speech that she is the Queen of Dreamland. Meanwhile, the others have Elfo tied up on a catapult.

On Odval's orders, Elfo is shot over the castle walls, but is caught by Bean. Bean Elfo and Luci seek shelter in the castle. Miri closes the door with an enchanted broom. It turns out that Miri may be some kind of sorceress.

Odval has meanwhile translated the writing on Big Jo's page. He gives him the plan and frees him and Porky from the dungeon. Bean, Elfo and Luci hides in the secret room behind the shelf where she and Dagmar hid at the end of the first season. Up there, the three talk to each other.

Zøg, meanwhile, is transported by Chazzzzz to the Twinkle Town Insane Asylum.

The ogres start storming the castle, Elfo decides to sacrifice himself and jumps out of the window right into Junior's arms. While Bean is berating the ogres, an elevator opens behind her from which Dagmar steps out. Dagmar traps Luci in a jar. Bean and Dagmar fight in the elevator, Luci frees himself and wants to help but his head gets caught in the doors of the elevator and is torn off. His dead body lands in the trøgcaves.

Bean and Dagmar ride the elevator to the bottom (the technology of the elevator is very reminiscent of Steamland) Bean and Dagmar arrive in Hell. At the end of the corridor is a person. Dagmar says: "The bride has arrived".

Luci is welcomed to Heaven by God.


  • This is the second season finale where Bean, Elfo and Luci are separated via a death and two kidnappings with Luci dying, The Ogres taking Elfo and Dagmar tricking Bean into going back to Hell as well as the second one to end with Dagmar kidnapping Bean.
  • This is the third time someone tries to force Bean in an arranged marriage, the first two were with Guysbert and Merkimer in order to forge an alliance with Bentwood.
  • The barrels being sent down and Junior jumping over them is a reference to the arcade game Donkey Kong.
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