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Bean there done that

Bean There, Done That is a Disenchantment comic first published in "Disenchantment: Untold Tales Vol. 2".


The story is set after “The Dreamland Job” as Luci already has his own tavern. Other than that, it’s exact point in the series is difficult to pinpoint as no main characters besides Bean, Luci and Elfo appear.


Elfo and Luci are hunting for a leprechaun to steal it’s treasure. After following a rainbow for 2 hours, Luci thinks he spots one, but it turns out to be a Gnome. Not wanting to return home empty handed, Luci steals the gnome’s sandwich. The gnome swears revenge as he runs off.

As they return to the city, Elfo notices how Luci has developed a tasted for Earthly pleasures, such as the stolen sandwich. This makes Luci realize he has forgotten the purpose for which he was originally send to Earth; to corrupt Bean. He decides to get back on track, and forces Elfo to help him by possessing him.

They find Bean in her room, laying on her bed after having eaten a whole box of chocolates. Luci is delighted that Bean has already indulged in two of the seven deadly sins, and convinces her to go on a drinking spree in town where she indulges in the remaining five. The following day, Bean has a huge hangover, and feels worse than ever about herself.

Elfo is naturally furious with Luci for what he has done, and now forces Luci to help him cheer Bean up. With great effort, Elfo takes Bean into the city, where Luci deliberately places himself in dangerous situations (like playing a baby whose carriage is about to fall into the Dreamland river, and an old lady who wants to cross a busy road) so Bean can “rescue” him, but Bean doesn’t even notice Luci and Luci ends up suffering for his troubles.

At the end of the day, Bean is still feeling bad and returns home. When she is gone, Elfo and Luci find themselves confronted by the gnome from earlier, and he brought a whole army of gnomes with him. The gnomes corner Elfo and Luci in an alley. Fortunately for them, Bean was still nearby and comes to their aid. Together, the three friends fight off the gnome army. Bean finally feels better about herself after this victory. The story ends with the three trying to come up with a good name for their group.