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Beanie Get Your Gun is the third episode of season 2, Part 1 of Disenchantment and the twenty-third episode overall. It premiered on January 15, 2021.


Zøg's acting strange, and Bean investigates to learn why. Meanwhile, a despondent Derek finds some surprising mentors in the Enchanted Forest.


Derek is in his room, seemingly saying a prayer at the window. However, he is actually fishing. Then Odval and the Arch-Druidess send him to bed since they want to attend the sex-bingo night of The Seekers. Before they leave the room, Odval spots Bean, Luci, Elfo and Zøg climb out of Zøg's grave on the Pauper's graveyard, and realizes they have a problem. He fears Bean might be an actual witch and use her magic to take revenge on them, but the Arch-Druidess reminds him there's no such thing and plans to find out who helped Bean and Zøg escape.

As they enter Dreamland, Zøg mistakes the decapitated head of a poet for Sir Pendergast, which worries Bean. As they reach Dreamland Castle, they are greeted by an excited Derek. Odval also greets Zøg and carefully tries to learn how much Zøg remmembers of what happened and if he poses a threat to him. While it seems Zøg is holding a grudge, it ultimately turns out he's gone crazy and recalls nothing of Odval's betrayal. They thus let him in, and the following day throw a huge feast to celebrate the safe return of Zøg and Bean (and Elfo, Luci and Voop). Derek pardons Bean of being a witch and then steps down as King so Zøg can rule again. Bean is suspicious about nobody being surprised that she and Zøg are still alive, or why Odval is suddenly acting so friendly towards her.

Derek is excluded from the festivities when the Arch-Druidess locks him out of the castle, so he wanders through the city. He runs into a trio of Elves, who rob him of his crown and then roll him down a hill. Derek just lets it all happen. He keeps rolling until he ends up in the Enchanted Forest. His troubles continue there; he is almost eaten by the Psychotic unicorn, is swindled out of his wallet by a talking raccoon, and is lured into a trap by a talking mouse, who then steals his pants. Then he sees a fairy named Sagatha, who takes a liking to Derek because he's the first person to ask her about her name. She frees him from the trap and takes him to Fairyland. There she introduces her to some of her friends Roxanne, Karly and Snarla, who decide to help Derek man up and become less of a pushover. With their help, Derek gets back at the raccoon and mouse and takes back his belongings. He then tames the unicorn and rides it back to Dreamland, retrieving his stolen crown along the way.

Meanwhile, in the castle, Bean begins to notice more signs something is wrong with Zøg. He suddenly finds the Jester funny and keeps mistaking people for Pendergast. Bean asks Sir Mertz and Sir Turbish what Pendergast and Zøg where planning, but they forgot. When they check Pendergast's locker, they find his decapitated body in there. When Bean examines the corpse, she finds a bullet, meaning Pendergast was killed with a gun; a weapon only available in Steamland. She, Elfo and Luci split up to find this gun. While Elfo takes the opportunity to pull a prank on Luci, Bean asks the Crystal ball for help. The ball provides her with no answer, and when Bean gets mad she accidentally zaps the ball with black lightning from her fingers. Odval, who was spying on her, sees this and it increases his fear that Bean is a witch. After Odval and Sorcerio both leave Odval's office, Bean enters to search the place. Elfo finds the gun there in a hollow globe. Bean brings the gun back to her room and hides it there.

When Derek returns to the castle, Bean informs him about Pendergast's death. Derek then goes to Zøg and states his intention to marry Sagatha. Zøg gives his blessing, and the wedding is organized immediately. Oona returns to Dreamland to attend the wedding. As she accompanies Zog into Dreamland's Cathedral, she too notices Zøg is not in his right mind. The ceremony begins, but as Derek and Sagatha stand before the Arch-Druidess, Derek notices the Arch-Druidess has the gun hidden up her sleeve (she found the gun in Bean's room after threatening Turbish into helping her). He halts the wedding and tries to warn the people there's a traitor in the church. Bean thinks Derek is talking about Odval, but the Arch-Druidess reveals it's her and she shoots Turbish. He is fortunately saved thanks to a skillet he hid under his armor. She then tries to shoot Bean, but Odval interferes and causes her to miss. With her assassination attempt thwarted, the Arch Druidess flees into the cathedrals basement, and comes out with a motorcycle from Steamland. None of the knights are fast enough to catch her and she escapes Dreamland. However, she drops her road map as she drives off, and from the map Bean deduces the Arch-Druidess is heading for Steamland.

Goofs and Errors[]

  • Continuity error: in the end of the previous episode, Bean had given back her mother's crown, so she was not wearing a crown when exiting the tunnels. Yet, in the beginning of this episode, she comes out of Zøg's grave hole wearing said crown.
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