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"Seems our little emissary Luci is successfully corrupting Tianbeanie's mind and soul."

Rebecca (or Becky), also known as the Enchantress, is a Maruvian princess and sorceress who serves her younger brother, Emperor Cloyd, the ruler of Maru. She is also the younger sister of Dagmar, the older sister of Jerry, and the maternal aunt of the Princess Bean.


Becky wears a dark orange dress and lighter orange cape which matches her very long red hair. She wears long red gloves with matching eye mask, a golden headdress and necklace complete with gemstones.


Becky is a powerful magician capable of summoning demons, such as Luci. She controls the Oracle Fire which grants the power of remote viewing and spell-casting - the ability to see events in faraway lands. Despite this, Dagmar says that Becky and Cloyd couldn't mix a fruit cocktail, let alone a formula as complicated as the Stoneification Potion.

She prefers to go by Rebecca.


In Season 1 she watches Bean through the Oracle Fire. Cloyd and Jerry are with her. When Dagmar is resurrected, they meet again in Maru.

Becky tries to help Dagmar screw the crown to Bean's head, but when the basement is blown up with her inside it, it seems that she perishes. However, she returns in Season 4.

In Season 4, she fakes her death again by autopiloting the escape pod and watching as Bean shoots it down. She laughs. She seems to know Freckles. When she and Cloyd go to meet with him, they are transformed into dummies so they can work in secret.

The dummies are later set on fire, so it is unclear whether or not they are still alive.


  • Becky likes dark things; from magic to chairs.
  • Becky likes Highballs (and other alcoholic beverages).
  • Like her brother, Cloyd, Becky doesn't love children.
  • Bean called her aunt by name.
  • Her appearance in red, affinity with seeing things in fire and using magic to influence events makes her character similar to that of Melisandre, the Red Woman in Game of Thrones.



Enchantress: And so the demonic binding begins...
Emperor Cloyd: Yes - our emissary will steer her towards the darkness.
Enchantress: It may take months - even years.
Emperor Cloyd: So we'll need chairs.
Enchantress: Dark chairs.

Enchantress: It's fire Cloyd - it's hot.
Emperor Cloyd: I know - I was there.

Enchantress: Seems our little emissary Luci is successfully corrupting Tianbeanis's mind and soul.
Jerry: Oh - is this the one where the cat and the elf are fwends?