Bee-Baw is Princess Bean's deceased paternal grandmother, and the mother of King Zøg and Prince Yog. She is one of the royal corpses that gets robbed by a drugged Bean when she pillages the castle tomb. After she and Elfo head out to save Luci, Bean takes back her grandmother's necklace and the rest of the belongings from the gang of thieves that betrayed them.


Not much in not known about Bee-Baw except that she used to sit Bean on her lap and tell her stories, meaning she was around when she was young. She also never freaked out when her younger son misbehaved or got into trouble.



Police Officer: We recovered this! [reveals Bee-Baw's skull]
Zog: Oh, that's Mom's head. (Gasps) Mom's Head?!


  • One of the Royal Portraits shows a woman with the same crown as the corpse in the same episode: it can be assumed that this is King Zog's mother, because of her red hair and round nose.


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