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Bentwood is a country and kingdom on Earth. It is located west of Dankmire and the Enchanted Forest.


Like Dreamland, Bentwood is moddeled after a Medieval European kingdom.

At the surface Bentwood seems superior to Dreamland; the country is far richter than Dreamland and everything looks much cleaner than Dreamland. The Bentwood royal palace is also significantly larger than Dreamland Castle. However, under all this glamour the country suffers the same problems as Dreamland, and the Royal Family is despised by all their subjects.


A political alliance between Dreamland and Bentwood was planned, one which was important to Zøg because Bentwood was a far more wealthy kingdom and Dreamland was verging on bankruptcy. It was to take place via the marriage of Prince Guysbert and Princess Bean - the only daughter of King Zøg and Queen Dagmar of Dreamland - initially scheduled to take place in A Princess, an Elf, and a Demon Walk Into a Bar. This marriage is ultimately unsuccessful but, due to the importance of the alliance, it is subsequently re-arranged for the remaining brother Prince Merkimer to wed the princess instead. This wedding, scheduled to take place in For Whom The Pig Oinks, is also a failure. Since Bean never married either of the two princes the alliance was never secured.

When King Zøg's madness begins to worsen and Dreamland runs out of means to maintain its army or simply equip its soldiers, Bean decides to go and renew the alliance between the two kingdoms by bringing back Merkimer and the pig who took his appearance to make everyone believe that Merkimer has become human again. Unfortunately the Pig Merkimer (The pig with the human appearance of Merkimer) shows that he has learned to speak and decides to take power in Bentwood by getting rid of the king and queen, while the real Merkimer agrees to the help. They decide to execute Bean, Elfo, and Luci in the Torture Chamber, but ultimately Merkimer is remorseful and saves them before Bean pursues the Merkimer Pig and knocks him down from a castle tower. Bean, Luci, Elfo and Merkimer must then quickly leave Bentwood.


Up until the events of "Hey, Pig Spender", Bentwood was ruled by King Lorenzo I, who lives with his sister/wife Queen Bunny and their sons/nephews Prince Guysbert and Prince Merkimer.

In "Hey, Pig Spender", after Merkimer and the pig he swapped bodies with accompany Bean to Bentwood, they stage a coup and seize control of the kingdom, locking Lorenzo I and Bunny in the dungeons of the castle. By the end of the episode, Merkimer, having realized his errors, returns to Dreamland with Bean while the pig is seemlingly killed. It is unknown if the king and queen ever reclaime the throne after this.


  • The flag of the Kingdom of Bentwood is purple and decorated with a diamond.
  • The Kingdom of Bentwood seems to be based on Europe of modern times, including the century of the Enlightenment as well as the seventeenth century, at least in view of the uniform of their soldiers, even if they do not seem to use fire arms.