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"Unlike other villains, I shan't be telling you my plan. Good day...Oh, and in my mind, I'm not a villain: I think what I am doing is good."
Big Jo.

Big Jo is a recurring character, who is the world's leading exorcist and a very creepy (much to his dismay), yet professional man very adept in his line of work.


Big Jo with mechanical arm

With mechanical arm

Big Jo is a thin, elderly man with wavy grey hair at the back of his head, which is otherwise bald. He has a large nose and bags under his eyes. He wears a black robe with a crimson shawl and cape, and carries an exorcism kit bag with bottled demons and sacred tools. After losing his left arm, it gets replaced with a mechanical prosthetic.


Big Jo has an uncanny talent for surviving things that by all means should be lethal. These include falling into lava and getting burried under sand. It is never revealed how he survived these things, nor do any of the other characters spend much time wondering about it.


Years before the series, Big Jo found Porky as a baby in the Enchanted Forest. A week later, he returned Porky to the exact spot, only to pick him up again. He has since raised Porky, and ultimately made him his assistant. He also killed his mother for some reason.[1]

He first appears in "The Princess Of Darkness" when Zøg becomes concerned at Bean might be possessed by a demon. Odval calls in Big Jo to exorcise it. After arriving, he successfully separates Luci from Bean and captures him in a bottle. He then moves to drop Luci, along with several other demons into a volcano to kill him. However, Bean and Elfo arrive to save their friend. The two not only manage to save Luci, but but also cut off Big Jo's left arm and send him falling into the volcano (Mt. Piping Hot Suckhole) .

Big Jo returns in "The Limits of Immortality", now with a mechanical arm to replace his lost arm. He kidnaps Elfo to manipulates Bean, Elfo and Luci into finding the eternity pendant for him in the ruins of Cremorrah. They discover the pendent, but thanks to the inference of a Maruvian Assassin, the group is able to escape with the pendant and Big Jo is buried alive under sand.

Big Jo survives again, though he is not seen again until "Bean Falls Down" when it is revealed the mysterious green smoke that was approaching Dreamland since the episode before was not an enemy army, but Big Jo and Porky. By this point Bean has been crowned queen due to her father's mental condition, and using her new power she immediately has Big Jo locked in the Dungeon. He is quickly released by Odval and it is revealed that Big Jo is a part of the Secret Society.

Big Jo appears next in "The Cabinet of Dr. Chazzzzz", where he and Porky are both monks in the Monastery where Zøg ends up after escaping the Twinkletown Insane Asylum. The monastery is run by Big Jo's cousin, the Rinsemaster. Now known as the Shavemaster, he is the one who shaves Zog's head so he can become a monk. No sooner has Zøg settled into the monastery, or Big Jo and Porky attempt to assassinate him with an arrow. They miss, and plan againt to strike that night. It is unclear why they want Zøg dead, but it could be due to Big Jo's membership of the Seekers. They never get another chance because that night Chazzzzz, Giggles and Dr. Mulberry come to the monastery to look for the escaped Zøg, and when they can't find him, they capture Big Jo instead. Porky sees it happen but does not interfere due to Big Jo's years of mistreatment.

In "Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment", Bean and Zøg both end up in the asylum, and Bean becomes Big Jo's cellmate. By now Big Jo has mellowed out considerably since his mandatory group therapy sessions with Dr. Mulberry made him realize how much of a bully he was, and how much he hurt others. He has made a sock puppet of Porky for company. He learns of Bean having magic, but makes no fuss about it. After Big Jo, Zøg and Bean escape the Asylum thanks to Bean's magic, they run into Porky, who offers Big Jo some flowers. The two make amends and Big Jo promotes Porky to his partner.

Big Jo accompanies Bean and Zøg back to Dreamland, where he fights alongside the other Seekers against the forces of Queen Dagmar.

He is last seen officiating the wedding of Odval and Sorcerio in Dreamland's Cathedral.


  • He has been a necromancer for 45 years.
  • To the audience, he is a James Bond-style villain, but he doesn't think of himself as one, because he believes he is doing good.
  • His appearance and behavior creeps most people out and they tend to yelp when they first see him. He is used to it, saying I get that a lot, and he creeps even Odval out.
  • Big Jo has seemingly dies twice:
    • When he was pushed into a volcano
    • When he was buried alive
  • He lost his prosthesis when an assassin of Maru chopped it off, but eventually reclaimed or replaced it.
  • It is revealed that he knows why the Dreamland's royal family is cursed.
  • According to Rinsemanster, Big Jo is the way he is because unlike the other monks at the monastery, he refrained from masturbation.


Big Jo: Of course! Cremorrah.
Luci: It's that creepy exorcist!
Big Jo: I have a name you know...
Sorcerio: Big Jo.

Big Jo: No, Mr. Elfo, I expect you to fry.

Big Jo: Unlike other villains, I shan't be telling you my plan. Good day...Oh, and in my mind, I'm not a villain. I think what I'm doing is good.

Big Jo: You haven't finished me yet
Elfo slaps him with own arm into the volcano
Big Jo: Now you have....

King Zøg: Ooh! Sounds like some quality exorcism!