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Bloaty The Squirrel is a joke "character" in Disenchantment. It is made up by Elfo as part of a ruse by Bean to try to get Sven and the vikings the drink the filthy, contaminated water from the water fountain.


Although not exactly a pivotal character, and clearly not Elfo's pet, it does lead Elfo to address the curious naming conventions which take place in the show. (Elfo the elf, Sven the viking, Bloaty the bloated squirrel etc). By addressing a technique used by the show, Elfo breaks the fourth wall. (This is a post-modern technique). In so doing he hangs a lampshade on the unlikely act of Sven drinking such obviously filthy water. This is a different technique designed to show that the writer recognises this as an unlikely turn of events which, by addressing it and moving along, the audience's willing suspension of disbelief is maintained.



Sven: Why are there so many dead things floating in the "Elixir of Life"?
Bloaty the squirrel
Bean: A little bug never hurt anyone...
Unnamed Viking: What about that squirrel?"
Elfo: Oh, that's my pet "Bloaty".
Sven: Wait a minute... you named your pet squirrel "Bloaty" before he died and got all bloated?
Elfo: And your name is "Sven" and you're a viking sooo we're all a little obvious here, aren't we? Come on. Drink up.