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Book of the Dead

The Book of the Dead is a large book located in Hell, first seen in the Season 1 Part 2 episode Stairway to Hell. It is used by Satan to keep track of all people sent to Hell, or that will be sent to Hell.


The book is about half a metre thick, one metre wide and about 1 and a half metres tall. The 10cm thick cover reads in red: "Book of the Dead". It has gold corners and two red-gold bookmarks.


In the book of the dead all are listed who ended up in Hell. Considering Satan crosses out Mora, Bean, and Luci's names in the final episode, it must also server some other purpose.


Infernal Stronghold

The book is located inside the Infernal Stronghold.

In the second episode of the second part of the first season (Stairway to Hell), Bean and Luci search for Elfo's soul in Hell, which leads them to the Infernal Stronghold, where the Book of the Dead is stored. Bean does manage to get a good look at the book.

In the series finale Goodbye Bean, Satan, after being freed of Queen Dagmar, is seen visiting the book. He searches the names of Bean, Mora and Luci, and erases them from the book, thus ensuring none of them will ever be sent to Hell.