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Bozaks are a species in Disenchantment. They are similar in appearance to Borcs, and are the closest ally of the humans of Dreamland.

After the petrification of Dreamland a troop of Bozak attacks the city and loots the castle. While they stop in the forest near the city, they are attacked by King Zøg who manages to massacre them. Zøg later specifies that the looters took away all the wealth of the kingdom, so it's know that he did not recover the loot, but that he saved Merkimer.


The Bozaks are large gray-green creatures. Most of them have two white horns pointing downwards. They have yellow eyes and red feline pupils, and they have nostrils but no noses. Most of them wear swords and armor on their bodies.


Known members[]


For Whom The Pig Oinks:[]

Head of the Bozak admiral

Prince Merkimer goes to the Mermaid Island with some men as a bachelor party. On the way back they meet the Borcs. The Borcs attack them, but are killed by some walruses and Prince Merkimer. Merkimer brings King Zøg the head of the Borc admirals as a present for his daughter Bean. Then Zog was horrified to find that it is not a Borc but a Bozak. King Zøg had wondered why the Bozak wedding delegation never arrived in Dreamland.

Stairway to Hell:[]

While Bean and Luci are in Hell, Zøg finds a friend in the petrified Dreamland: Prince Merkimer. While pulled and Merkimer spend their time together in the castle, you can hear a battering ram at the door, it is the Bozaks who want to take revenge for Merkimer beheading their admiral. First they hide under a bunch of petrified children, then behind a tapestry while the Bozaks plunder the treasures of the castle. Pig Merkimer is discovered and they take him with them to eat him. King Zøg pursues the Bozaks all the way to the harbor where they want to roast him over the fire. At first Zøg doubts himself because he is no longer a warrior. But when he smells Merkimer's bacon, he is full of courage and strength again. He kills all Bozaks with a "shiny metal ax".

Dreamland and Bozaks[]

The Bozaks used to be Dreamland's closest allies.