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Castle Party Massacre is the fourth episode in the Disenchantment series. It premiered on August 17, 2018.


With the king sick and away, Bean throws a wild party while Odval and Sorcerio gather their secret society for a ritual. But the night takes a surprising turn.


Bean's tired of everyone she tries to date or have sex with being too intimidated by her dad to actually do anything with her. So when Zog gets sick and gets carted out of town, she uses the opportunity to stage a massive party.

Meanwhile, Elfo is also sick of being treated like a baby. His own crush on Bean also has him interfering in Bean's plans to find a suitor and get laid. As he tries to court Bean's interest, they get interrupted by invading Vikings.

Sven, the leader of the Viking tribe, charms Bean and the two take a liking to one another. Jealously, Elfo reveals that Bean is the princess, something she'd been keeping secret in hopes that not having an attachment to royalty would make men more receptive to her. While this makes Bean angry, Sven tells them he was already aware of Bean's status, and that the Vikings are there with the intent of a hostile takeover.

Elfo and Luci trick the Vikings into drinking the disgusting water that had previously made Zog sick, calling it the Elixar of Life. The Vikings become seriously ill and fall through Zog's trap door to their deaths.

Zog returns and everything appears to be in place. It seems for a moment that Bean will have gotten away with her secret party until the chimney is opened and a bunch of body parts falls out.



  • Unnamed Plumber (Trapdoor)
  • Unnamed Neighbour (Flaming Arrow)
  • Sven and 6 other Land Vikings (Trapdoor)
  • Unknown number of party guests, including giants and gnomes (Swords and Arrows)

Call Backs[]

  • The Fountain is shown to be filthy and the cause of Zog's illness; it is called back to later with the Land Vikings.
  • Three fairies (including the Hooker Fairy) are seen smoking in a back alley. They light up the sky with the sign "Party at Dreamland".
  • At the party are seen:
    • a crowd-surfing gnome.
    • a gnome sat on an ogres shoulder.
    • a male and female ogre dancing.

Cultural References[]

  • The Village People: the band composed of Knights Pendergast, Turbish and Mertz is called The Pillage People.
  • Coachella: Bean hopes the band get to play at Cornchella.
  • Corn exchange: (English) is a building where merchants traded corns. Such trade was common in towns and cities across England until the 19th century. 
  • RodeosKing Zog mentions them but he doesn't know what they are.
  • Eyes Wide Shut (1999): the secret society sex party (held by the Seekers) is a thinly veiled reference to this film.


  • Bread mould is a possible reference to ergot, a fungus which grows on rye and which has been linked to witchcraft and St Anthony's Fire (or ergotism) in the Middle Ages as far back as the 12th century. Ergotised bread produced powerful hallucinations as well as convulsions, gangrene and death.
  • Secret societies featuring the occult and religious sex magic rituals are a common theme in fantasy tales.
  • The castle is located at 1, Castle Drive.
  • The presence of gnomes and ogres at the party means they didn't all die in the Battle of Episode 1. Some were slain at the party however.
  • The character who is shot with a flaming arrow speaks of the
    Flaming arrow lampshade

    Flaming lampshade

    confusion of living in a "world with occasional magic and curses". This is a technique called "lampshade hanging", and highlights the implausible aspects of the plot (the bright light) in an effort to make the audience more comfortable with it (the lampshade dulls the glare of the bright light) before moving on with the story.
    • By drawing attention to the character of the show, the audience is made aware of the underying trope which is at work, which is know as the "Fantasy Kitchen Sink."[1]


Bean: "Stay as long as you can, even if it takes the whole weekend. People rarely recover before Saturday night."
King Zog: "Okay... But there better not be any funny business while I'm gone..."
Jester: "You can count on me sire!"

Bean: "Welcome back to your castle father, where nothing unusual occurred."
Odval: "Certainly no religious sex magic rituals...'"
King Zog: "Glad to hear it."




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