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Chazzzzz is a Dankmirian man who works in various different jobs.


His character acts as a running gag, as he seems to work everywhere.

Places of Employment


  • He has a weird voice and a grim personality.
  • His specialty is passive-aggressive sarcasm.


Chazzzzz first appears at the health spa where he helps Zøg recover from the illness he suffered after drinking bad water. During Zøg's stay, Chazzzzz tortures Zøg eventually revealing that the torture is what cures the disease. Well, either that or the passage of time. His treatment did seem to cure Zøg, though.

The next time he appears, he's a server in Dankmire. He brings the Dankmirian schnapps to the table for Elfo and Luci. He says one shot is all they'll need, so he brought them two. He also mocks Bean's choice to abstain from alcohol, calling it boring.

After that, he's in Dreamland and he is the server during the double date between Bean and Pendergast, and Elfo and Tess. He offers a pretty rose for the pretty ladies. Bean declines when Pendergast tries to get her a rose, but Elfo takes the entire bouquet which aggravates Tess' allergies enough for her to sneeze up Turbish's horse.

He attends Elfo's funeral and looks saddened at the Elf's demise.

He later appears as a witness during Bean's trial. Odval mistranslates what Chazzzzz says on purpose to make Bean sound more guilty. Odval says that Chazzzzz has said that Bean behaved so disgracefully at a formal state dinner in Dankmire that she nearly set off a war. Chazzzzz corrects him saying that he said Bean had "nearly chazzzzzed off the whole chazzzzz-ma-tazz." He then makes sure the court reporter spells his name with 5 "z"s which prompts the court reporter to say he's been doing court reporting long enough to know how to spell "Chazzzzz."

After that, he joins the Dreamland Army. During training, when Luci yells at him and calls him a worm and Chazzzzz says that calling him a worm is offensive to his eel heritage, Luci demands to know if Chazzzzz-ing him and Chazzzzz responds that he thought the army was don't Chazzzzz don't tell.

Chazzzzz drives Zøg to the Twinkletown Insane Asylum. And in The Cabinet of Dr. Chazzzzz he becomes one of Zøg’s doctors and we learn that he escaped from that same psycho ward.