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Crystal ball

The Crystal Ball is a magical artifact that was kept in Dreamland Castle up until the events of "Who Shot Elfo?", in which Elfo shattered it.


The ball is a transparent, spherical orb.


The Ball's main ability is to show events from the past that happened within the direct area where the ball is located. It does so by projecting magic holograms of the people and objects that were present in the area at that specific time. In "Dreamland Falls", Luci used this to show King Zøg what actually happend the day Queen Dagmar was poisoned and turned to stone; namely that Dagmar was the one who poisoned the drinks in an attempt to assassinate Zøg, but ended up the victim of her own scheme when Bean switched the drinks around.

When Elfo gave the ball to Tess as a replacement for her missing eye, it granted her the ability to instantly see the truth about anyone. This power first manifested when she and Elfo attended a party at the castle, and she began to call everybody around her out for their hypocrisy. However, because of this she also saw how Bean was suffering from the life she was forced to life, and felt sorry fo her.

In "Who Shot Elfo?", Elfo learns that the Crystal Ball can also allow people to actually travel back in time. He decides to use this to go back to the events from "To Thine Own Elf Be True", when he was shot and killed, and hopefully prevent his own murder, or at least finally find out who shot him. While in the past, Elfo mistakingly believes Sir Pendergast is about to shoot his past self and tries to shoot Pendergast first, but misses and ends up hitting his past self instead, establishing that his killing had been a stable time loop and the past cannot be changed.

The ball is at least partly sentient and can communicate with people by displaying messages. It can use this ability to answer questions.

Questions and Answers[]

Love's Tender Rampage:[]

Luci: "If there's any attractive singles in our area waiting to talk to you (Merkimer)?"

Answer: "Him?, No."

Elfo: "Is there anything around here I can use to replace a giant's eye?"

Answer: Buzzer noise, then a cross.

Dreamland Falls:[]

King Zøg: "Almighty ball, is Oona still in Dreamland?"

Answer: "Yes"

Odval: "Is Queen Oona in the castle?"

Answer: "The danger is near."

Luci: "So, what was going on here?"

Answer: Ball create a replica of what happened.

Luci: "Then what happened?"

Answer: Ball create a replica of what happened in the past.

Beanie Get Your Gun:[]

Bean: "Who killed Pendergast?"

Answer: "The walls have eyes."


  • When the ball is used to look up an event in the past, it makes the sound of a VCR being rewinded.