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Dam it all! is a Disenchantment comic collected in "Disenchantment: Untold Tales Vol. 1. It is split in two parts.


This story is set during Season 1, Part 1, at some point after Swamp And Circumstance, and deals with the fallout of Bean’s poor job as an ambassador.


Part 1: Crawl Night Long[]

Bean, Elfo and Luci go on an all-night pub crawl, getting drunk. In this drunk state they make their way to Unicorn valley, committing mischief along the way like upsetting Applecart Annie’s applecart, playing nine-pins with Gnomes and insulting a bridge troll. Once in the valley, they enter The Horny Steed, which is unusually quiet. The innkeeper tells them that due to Bean’s bad behavior in Dankmire, the Dankmirians build a dam that is blocking the water, to the valley, causing the fields to dry up and the unicorns to leave. As such, no tourists come to the valley anymore, and the one attraction left is a guy named Sid.

After being chased away by an angry crowd, Bean goes to King Zøg, but he refuses to help since Bean caused this mess herself. Odval advises her to ask Queen Oona for advice. Oona’s advice to Bean is to make peace with Dankmire by returning them Danksy, a citizen who has been a prisoner in Dreamland ever since he defaced the castle with his graffiti.

Part 2: Lock, Stocks & Peril[]

Bean, Luci and Elfo disguise themselves as soldiers, free the prisoner Oona mentioned and set out for Dankmire. However, their prisoner, whose body is hidden under a cloak, keeps giving Elfo the creeps as he never talks, but just laughs in a creepy way. Once in Dankmire, the group is taken captive and brought before King Radu, where the prisoner turns out to be not Danksy but Chazzzzz, as Danksy used him as a decoy. With nothing to offer, Bean pleads with Radu to return the water to Dreamland, but Radu refuses as he hopes to conquer Dreamland this way.

Thus, on orders of the Chancellor of Dankmire, Bean, Luci and Elfo are put in stocks and pelted with mud, but Luci frees himself by burning his stocks. He frees his friends, but before they can flee they are spotted by an angry mob and cornered. To fend them off, Bean takes some stones from the wall behind her to throw at them, only to realize the wall is in fact the dam that is blocking the water to Dreamland. They pry loose more rocks and soon the dam bursts, releasing the water. The resulting tidal wave carries Bean, Elfo and Luci back to Dreamland.

With the dam gone, water returns to the valley of the unicorns, which is soon back to it’s former glory.