The Kingdom of Dankmire is a magical realm and the home of the Dankmirians. It is located in a large swamp and is centered around water canals. It is south of Dreamland, east of Bentwood and west of the Sea of Dreamland.


At some point, the kingdom of Dreamland forced Dankmire to build a canal and then fought a hundred year long war over the ownership of the canal. The war ended when King Zög of Dreamland married Princess Oona of Dankmire and would share ownership of the canal.

During a royal visit to Dankmire, Bean was appointed Ambassador and was conducting her duties well until getting drunk and offending the Chancellor who declared war on Dreamland, the royal party was able to escape unharmed.


Dankmire is ruled by the Dankmirian King who is the most important Dankmirian in the land, his reign is aided by the Dankmirian Chancellor who has many duties such as greeting visitors.


The whole land is inhabited by Dankmirian, most live in the capital, some live out in the swamp where some of local Dankmirian kinship would forced out of their lands for the building of canal.


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