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Dankmirians, also known as Salamanders, are a species of amphibian humanoids who hail from the marshy kingdom of Dankmire.


Dankmirians mostly have blue skin and black hair, are taller than humans, and have very lean builds. They have three fingers on each hand, long sticky tongues that can catch flying insects, and have neck frills that open up when aroused or angered. They also have the ability to crawl on walls and ceilings. Females reproduce by laying eggs which are then fertilized by the males.

During the fight between Oona and Dagmar, Oona shows another trait of the species are flexible muscle and bones as Oona can twist her arms to over her head to escape her bondage.


  • Queen Oona is a notable Dankmirian, and judging from her actions, it's shown that Dankmirians like to eat flies, and they thrive in water. They also sleep upside down from the ceiling like a bat.
  • It is also told that their civilization literally rose from the muck, which likely means that they can also survive in thick, contaminated water, or even solid mud.
  • Dankmirians love protocol, and consider it rude to bow without bowing first. Thus they welcome guests in a manner similar to the Thai or Japanese style.
  • A traditional Dankmirian dish is called "Lamprey Vivant" (meaning "Live Lamprey") and it is eaten with tongs.

Known Dankmirians[]


  • Due to their amphibious features, the salamanders share many similarities with the Amphibiosans from Futurama.