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Darkness Falls is the ninth episode of season 3 of Disenchantment and the 49th episode overall. It premiered on September 1, 2023.


With the Crystal Caverns magic flowing throughout the kingdom, only Bean can stop power from falling into the wrong hands — if she can quit moping first.


The fight is over. Bean carries Mora's body to the ocean and puts her on a rock. She gets no time to mourn however as Queen Dagmar and her Goons ambush her. Bean has used up too much of her power to fight back and is taken captive. Elsewher on the beach, Junior, Pops, Queen Grogda and their Ogres finally arrive and meet with Mop Girl, Luci, King Zøg and Elfo, only to learn that they are too late for the battle. Elfo asks the Ogres to guard the Crystal Cavern while they will try to rescue Bean.

The Goons bring Bean to her room. When they are gone, Elfo, Mop Girl and Luci enter through a secret door. Sadly, Bean is so depressed about Mora's death that she lost the will to keep fighting, and nothing her frieds say can change her mind. In the Throne room, Dagmar is plotting her next move. She orders Satan to come to the Crystal Carvern with her and use his hypnosis to force the Ogres to leave.

On Oona's ship, King Rulo is beint treated for his injuries. He tells his subjects he will likely not survive, and that his last wish is to die in Dreamland under Elf Rule. On the same ship, Oona is bandaging up Prince Derek's wounds. Oona vows to avenge Mora. Meanwhile, the Trøgs have returned to their underground tunnel, and are now helping Alva Gunderson with the final preparations of his plan. They are filling up his Rocket with all their Sacred Goo. Alva tells Hencho he plans to go to the moon, which naturally thrills the Trøgs.

In Dreamland Castle, Bean comes to the conclusion that magic only brings missery, and decides to destroy it forever. In the Crystal Cavern, Dagmar is delighted to see the magic has been unlocked and will soon spread across the entire kingdom. The first effects are already beginning to show; the magic mixes with the water in the well, and when a mare drinks from it, she becomes a Laughing Mare. Sir Pendergast's decapitated head comes back to life when Sorcerio pours the magic-infused water on it. Everywhere in Dreamland plants begin to grow. Luci, Mop Girl and Elfo see it all happen, but since Bean is still not willing to help, they decide to go to the Crystal Cavern and check out the magic themselves.

In the Cavern, they come face to face with Dagmar, who is drinking from the magic-infused water. They try to fight her, but Dagmar has magic of her own now and is more than a match for the three. In the castle, Satan finally has enough of Dagmar bossing him around, and decides to give her a piece of his mind. In the Cavern, Dagmar defeats Elfo and Mop Girl, and even kills Luci by throwing him into a lava pit. Satan arrives, but too late to save Luci. Enraged, Satan finally calls Dagmar out for how despicable she is, but ultimately she will be all alone. He then heads back to Hell, while Elfo and Mop Girl are forced to retreat.

Elfo takes Mop Girl back to Beans room, where she and Elfo inform Bean what has happened. They also finally admit that they are in love. This finally snaps Bean out of her moping and she sets off to fight Dagmar. Luci meanwhile finds himself in Heaven again, where God informs him he won't be able to come back to life this time now that his body has been destroyed. Jerry, who sympathizes with Luci and Bean, once again calls God out for letting all this pain and suffering happen. When God shrugs it off, an enraged, Jerry takes his lucky brick out of his robes and throws it at God, smashing His lightbulb head and seemingly killing Him. This plunges the entire universe into complete darkness.

Bean confronts Dagmar in the Throne Room, and the two engage in a fight. Their battle causes a lot of collateral damage to the castle, but neither can get the upper hand at first, but ultimtely Dagmar proves stronger and knocks Bean out.


Bear Boy: "Things were going great until a cannonball came out of nowhere!"
Derek: "When I woke up, Mora was dead! And Bean was sadder than I was when Slimy ate that old sea captain and died of rum poisoning."
Oona: "I vow to avenge Mora, if it's last thing I do! Avenge!"


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