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Disenchantment untold tales Vol 1

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Disenchantment: Untold Tales Vol. 1 is the first entry in the "Disenchantment: Untold Tales" series of comic books. It was published in November 2023.

The comic contains multiple stories that are chronologically set at various points during either season 1 part 1 or season 1 part 2.

Main stories[]

Small stories[]

Elfo and Luci in “Potboiler”[]

In this one page story, Elfo decides to read a book that is so steamy it catches fire, yet he can’t put it down. So he ends up reading it while sitting in a tub that Luci keeps filled with water.

The ladies in waiting in ‘Waiting’[]

In this two-page story, Bean is bothered by her ladies in waiting once she leaves her room, so when she comes back she takes off her boots in order not to wake them.

Other content[]

  • An opening narration by Bean.
  • The Herald introducing the reader to the stories, while Zøg worries what Bean will do this time.
  • Bean’s drinking games.
  • Unicorn Valley Angry Mob Threat Advistory + Angry Mob Etiquette.
  • An overview of the interior of the Flying Scepter.
  • An unofficial guide to Dankmirian bows.
  • A list of Dankmirian insults.
  • An overview of the dungeon and the tortur devices there.
  • Mrs. Mertz’s recipe for Fish Eye Soup.
  • Oona’s knitting to do list.
  • Derek’s advice for catching birds.
  • Various characters telling what they would to if they were invisible.
  • two pages from Zøg’s book “How to raise royalty”.
  • A flyer for Jacks’ magical mystery tours.
  • A list of things that make Luci uncomfortable
  • A shopping list from Skylight.
  • Two pages depicting Giant Trading Cards.
  • A page depicting the life cycle of a beanstalk.
  • Another shopping list from Skylight, now updated to reflect the chaos Bean and friends caused.
  • Pages with information on the god Quelfolito, the Quelfolitos, and their culture, like fire dances.
  • An advertisement for Griffin travels.
  • A two-page list of Luci’s ways to punish people.
  • An overview of Luci’s badges he earned when he was with the Annoy Scouts and Elfo’s badges from when he was a Brownie.
  • Animal Scat of the Enchanted Forest.
  • Poisonous plants, berries, and other cute atrocities of he enchanted forest: a very incomplete guide.
  • Businessman Bird’s Tourist-Sighting Guide.
  • The Little Princeling Scouts oath.
  • How to Nymph Noodle.
  • Reasons to get Married.
  • Rough, but not quite ready; an overview of sketches for the comic.
  • A profile page of Princess Tiabeanie.


  • Wade Brody Sr. is depicted with red hair in this comic while his hair was gray in the animated series.
  • The Lady in the Lake acts here as if she’s an actual human/humanoid, ordering Bean and Derek to leave, while in the animated series she is an anglerfish which her naked humanoid figure is part of her lure.