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Dr. Mulberry is a dubious psychiatrist in the Twinkletown Insane Asylum.


Despite his doctorate, he seems to be very confused, which causes great discomfort among his patients.


  • He seems to be a polite but confused person.
  • It is unclear whether he is mentally healthy or not.
  • As a psychiatrist he should have a calming personality, but with him the opposite is true.


The Cabinet of Dr. Chazzzzz

Dr. Mulberry is the head doctor of Twinkletown Insane Asylum, he conducts Zøg's first therapy session. He introduces himself as Dr. Fulton, then corrects himself and introduces himself as Dr. Mulberry. He mentions that Dr. Fulton is dead. This first impression of him indicates his confusion. First he tries to reassure Zøg by saying that the name "Insane Asylum" is outdated and derogatory. Which is very nice and professional of him, but then he lists many other terms for insane asylum, which drives Zøg crazy. This was also the content of their whole first session.

The next morning, Dr. Mulberry introduces himself as Dr. Bronson, corrects himself again and introduces himself as Pullman, then again as Mulberry. He mentions that Dr. Fenster is dead. He asks Zøg to sit on the lunatic couch. As Zøg lies on his stomach, Dr. Mulberry asks him to roll over until he is on his back. With new patients, he likes to play a little game where he says a sentence and then Zøg has to finish it spontaneously. After Dr. Mulberry asks Zøg how he feels knowing he will never leave this asylum again and will probably die in here, he is attacked by him.

Later, together with Chazzzzz and Giggles, he watches Zøg in the rubber room. Some time later he is with Chazzzzz and Giggles in search of the escaped Zøg, they arrive at the monks where Zøg has sought refuge. Zøg is not betrayed, instead the three take Big Jo with them.

Second therapy session with Zøg[]

Dr. Mulberry: "When I wake up in the morning, the thing I most fear is..."
Zøg: "Nothin'. I ain't afraid of nothin'."
Dr. Mulberry: "For breakfast, I like to eat..."
Zøg: "Oatmeal. Cornflakes are too scary."
Dr. Mulberry: "Then as I start my day, my biggest challenge is..."
Zøg: "Buttoning my pants."
Dr. Mulberry: "And the people I encounter each day want me..."
Zøg: "Dead."
Dr. Mulberry: "And they are going to kill me by..."
Zøg: "Poisoning me, shooting me, shovin' me down the stairs, feedin' me to the crabs."
Dr. Mulberry: "I've had these delusions paranoids fantasies for..."
Zøg: "Ever. But, ah, I ain't paranoid, Doc. Really. Everyone is out to get me. Ooh! And sometimes, I hear voices."
Dr. Mulberry: "Being confined in this Asylum for the rest of my life makes me feel..."
Zøg: "What are you talking about?"
Dr. Mulberry: "The realization that I'll never ever, ever, ever, ever leave the asylum till I die makes me feel..."
Zøg: "Never ever leave the asylum till I die?"


  • In "The Cabinet of Dr. Chazzzzz", he calls the insane asylum by the following names:
    • "Insane asylum"
    • "Loony bin"
    • "Bughouse"
    • "Booby house"
    • "Funny farm"
    • "Laughing academy"
    • "Tutti-frutti whack-shack"
    • "Rancho delos nutos"
    • "Bozo's bunkhouse"
    • "The panic pit"
    • "Yo-yo inspection unit"
  • In "Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment", he calls it a 'loony bin' for the whole episode.