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The Cathedral is the primary place of worship in the kingdom of Dreamland.


The Cathedral is a large, stone building with 2 towers. It has a large front door.

The cathedral has various features traditionally found in a holy place, like benches for people to sit, an altar, holy water, a confession booth, a church bell. There is also a basement where the Arch-Druidess has secretly kept a supply of tools she brought from Steamland.

Ceremonies in the cathedral were led by the Arch-Druidess until she revealed her true colors and fled Dreamland.


Season one part 1
Season one part 2
Season 2 part 1
Season 2 part 2
Season 3


Season one part 1:[]

A Princess, an Elf and a Demon Walk Into a Bar:

Bean is forced to marry Prince Guybert of Bentwood but flees the church with Elfo during the ceremony.

For Whom The Pig Oinks: Bean is brought back to church by Prince Merkimer to marry him, and through a speech she is able to convince King Zøg to call off the wedding.

The Princess Of Darkness: Bean, Elfo, Luci and a gang of crooks break into the church at night to get jewels from the royal family crypt, which is under the statue of Dagmar.

The Limits Of Immortality: Zøg speaks to the statue of Dagmar.

To Thine Own Elf, Be True: Bean wants to use the Elixir of Life to bring the statue of her mother (which is actually not a statue at all) back to life.

Dreamland Falls: Bean speaks to her resuscitated mother at church.

Season one part 2:[]

The Very Thing: Bean hides from Zøg on the church bell tower with Elfo and Lucy. But Zøg finds her up there and threatens her, but the church is shot at by Leavo and Zøg falls over the parapet, but is caught by Bean, Elfo and Luci. And they pull him back into the tower, whereupon he trusts them again.

In Her Own Write: Odval talks to the Arch-Druidess about the obscene theater that Bean wrote and is about to be performed in the Dreamland Theater.

Season two part 1:[]

Subterranean Homesick Blues: Derek is tricked by Odval and the Arch-Druidess into issuing new edicts. Derek is tricked by Odval and the Arch-Druidess into issuing new edicts. He then makes his own edicts later in the episode, but is quickly stopped by Odval and the Arch-Druidess.

Bean Get Your Gun: Derek wants to marry Sagatha in church, but the ceremony is stopped when Derek exposes the Arch-Druidess as a traitor in the church. The Arch-Druidess shoots Sir Mertz and tries to shoot Bean, but is stopped by Odval, who jumps in at the right moment. Then the Arch-Druidess flees the city to Steamland with the help of a motorbike that she kept in the church.

Steamland Confidential: Elfo finds a two-seater motorcycle and drives after the Arch-Druidess with Bean.

Season two part 2:[]

Bean Falls Down: Bean is crowned queen by Odval, during the coronation you can see that Alva is spying Bean on with the help of a camera that is in the antenna of the crown.

Season 3:[]

Fish Out of Water: Mora and Bean hide in the church from Dagmar's soldiers. When Satan comes to investigate, the two hide in the basement and find the Arch-Druidess' supply of Steamland equipment. Among the stuff is a television that is tuned in to the antenna in Zog's crown. Bean thus learns her father is in Steamland and he needs help.