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The dungeon is under the Dreamland Castle. There are several cells with metal doors and a hole in the floor where prisoners are put. There is also a torture chamber in the dungeon.


Faster, Princess! Kill! Kill!

  • The witch who was maddened by a curse from Hansel and Gretel, was supposed to be beheaded but after Bean killed Hansel and Gretel, the curse was broken and the witch was pardoned.

To Thine Own Elf Be True

  • Zøg needs help from Old Man Touchy (who is imprisoned in the dungeon because he always touches everything and everyone) to check the authenticity of the pendant of eternity.

The Electric Princess

  • Skybert Gunderson came to Dreamland to deliver a weapon, but was captured by the knights and locked in the dungeon. He was able to escape with Bean's help, but had to promise to take her to Steamland with him.

Tiabeanie Falls

  • After Bean accidentally shot Zøg, she was charged as a witch and locked in the dungeon. First in the hole on the floor, then in a cell. She was tied to the Wheel of Truth, but no one believes the truth. After a devastating trial, both Elfo and Luci were imprisoned. They were all freed by Stan, who did this for Bunty because he loves them.
    Wheel Of Truth

Beanie Get Your Gun

Bean Falls Down

  • Bean puts Big Jo and Porky in the dungeon, but they are both later freed by Odval.