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The Dreamland Castle is the royal palace of Dreamland, home to the kingdom's royal family, and the center of the monarch's court and government.


The castle is build on a tall cliff that overlooks the city and the ocean. The dreamland river seperates the castle from the city. The only entrance is by crossing a drawbridge.

The castle is surrounded by a thick wall. It has one massive tower in the center that branches off into three smaller towers. This is where the living quarters of the royal family are located.

Places of interest within the castle are:

The castle has many secret passages that only few people know of. Mop Girl is the most familiar with them. The Trøgs also dug several tunnels to the various sections of the castle.

During Season 2 Part 2 it is discovered that the castle was formerly much larger, and that a large part of the old building collapsed in the sea with a piece of the cliff on which the castle is built. This part now resides on the ocean floor and has been taken over by the Sea Trøgs. This underwater section contains statues, frescoes and tapestries showing that the castle originally belonged to the elves, who ruled Dreamland before the House of Grunkwitz took over Dreamland.

More remains of the old Elf castle are still hidden below the foundations of the current castle. These remains include hallways clearly build for Elves, and even an abandoned throne room.

Under the castle is a cave with an entrance to the sea, which has been the theater of a fierce battle between an alliance of Elves and Mermaids against humans. In the foundations of the castle there is a secret room filled with amphoras containing the Trøgs' Sacred Goo.