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Official Map of Disenchantment.

The Official map of Disenchantment. On this map, Earth is referred to as "Urth"

The Earth of Disenchantment is set in an alternate universe from our own, consisting of many different regions.

Shape and regions[]

Most of what is seen of this Earth implies that it is a bounded world, meaning that it is flat and has an edge, somewhat like Discworld. This is supported by there being a Gift Shoppe at the Edge of the World, and the fact that one of the ancestors of the Maru Royal House was declared mad when he expressed his belief the world was round. On the other hand, Odval's office contains a globe that depicts the Earth as a sphere.

In broad overview, the kingdom of Dreamland is located on the eastern coast of a large, unnamed continent. A large river empties into the sea in southern Dreamland. Going upriver, Dreamland's immediate neighbor is the kingdom of Dankmire, a swampy land inhabited by near-human amphibians. Farther upriver, on the far side of Dankmire from Dreamland is the human kingdom of Bentwood. The lands south of the river haven't been clearly described in maps yet.

North of Dreamland is the large Enchanted Forest, inhabited by many dangerous magical creatures, some of them intelligent and with their own small realms or tribes. As one proceeds west, north of Dankmire and Bentwood, the forest gives way to mountains and gorges, inhabited by the magical creatures associated with that topography (ogres, trolls, etc.)

Dreamland is on the western coast of the Sea of Dreamland, which is filled with numerous islands. The far eastern end of the sea is uncharted, but relatively close to Dreamland on the southern side are the lands of Maru and Cremorrah.

In "Beanie Get Your Gun", Oona was introduced as Pirate Queen of the Seventeen Seas, meaning the world has at least 17 known seas.

Locations Visited[]



Locations Mentioned[]



Notable Places[]

  • Lover's Bog
  • Gorge of Many Weathers
  • Birdland Egging Fields
  • Putrified Forest
  • Lake Inferior

Cultural References[]


  • If the Earth is indeed flat in this show, this creates a massive plot hole, as Futurama has implied to be in the same universe as Dreamland, and The Simpsons has been shown to be in the same universe as Futurama, meaning that the edge of the world was somehow a type of facade or figment of imagination, or that Futurama and The Simpsons are on a flat earth. Still, Futurama has shown numerous times that the earth is round, and the Simpsons has demonstrated that too. The most plausible explanation would be that Earth may have somehow morphed between the time that Dreamland was formed and 1989 (the beginning of the Simpsons). The most sensical explanation would be that the ‘edge of the world’ was an oceanic fault of some type, and the Disenchantment world is round.
  • Earth is seen from space in "Goodbye Bean", appearing to be round.


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