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Electric Ladyland is the third episode of season 3 of Disenchantment and the 43th episode overall. It premiered on September 1, 2023.


After Malfus foretells an ominous prophecy, Bean and Mora travel to Steamland to reconnect with Zøg — but first they must decode a cryptic message.


Mora and Bean are on their way to Steamland. They pass through the cave of Malfus, but accidentally run him over. Though Malfus survives the incident unscratched, he forces Bean and Mora to cook him a meal first to make up for what they did. During the meal, Malfus makes an ominous prediction that Bean’s journey will be filled with difficulties, and she will emerge from it as a new woman. He also warns her that she is at risk of killing the one she loves.

No sooner is Malfus done speaking or Mora slips on the ice and falls through a hole into a stream below, with Bean close behind. They are swept away by the currents and end up in the ocean outside the caves. When they spot a ship nearby, they plot to steal it to continue their journey. This proves unnecessary however as the ship is Oona’s, and she is more than happy to give Bean and Mora a ride to Steamland.

In Steamland, the two don disguises and get their hands on a Rickshaw bicyce. They only know the last place Zøg was, was near a place called an “awnsho”. Mora thinks they can get some answers at the Electric Ladyland club, since she knows the owner, Goldie. Goldie is only willing to help if Mora entertains the guests, so Mora takes the stage and sings a song. Goldie tells Bean the thing she’s looking for is a Pawnshop (the sign was partly obscured when Bean saw it on the television), and it’s in the stabbing district.

Meanwhile, in Dreamland, Bad Bean’s body has ended up in the subterranean cave of the Trog after being dumped down the laundry chute. Elfo follows the body through the same chute, but arrives too late; the Trog have found Bad Bean and fully reanimated her beheaded corpse with their Sacred Goo. The corpse begins to chase Elfo back to the castle.

Mora and Bean arrive at the Pawnshop, where they find Zøg’s crown. Bean tricks the Pawnshop owner into giving her the crown, though he tries to shoot them when they run away with it. After escaping the owner, Bean and Mora run into Alva Gunderson, who offers to bring them to Zøg. He takes them to his penthouse. Zøg is indeed there, having apparently been resuced by Alva from the wrestlers.

Alva invites all his guests for diner and afterwards shows them his collection of Squalid Squirrel cartoons, of which he is a huge fan. Bean remains suspicious of him however. She is proven right when she excuses herself for a moment to search the Penthouse, and finds a secret laboratory where Alva has constructed a large, metallic suit resembling her. When Bean investigates the suit, she ends up trapped inside. That is when Alva reveals himself and tells Bean the suit is designed to harness her magic powers, which he believes will be triggered when Bean gets angry.

To get her riled up, he summons the Arch-Druidess to roast bean. Bean tries to resist, but soon the Arch-Druidess gets under her skin and Bean begins to unleash her magic lightning, which the suit redirects to an unknown location in the lab. Then Zøg and Mora also find the lab, and attack Alva and the Arch-Druidess. Alva summons his Light Bud Robots to help him. Mora and Zøg are overpowered, but when Bean hears the Arch-Druidess confess that she had Zøg buried alive, she gets so mad her magic lightning shorts out the lab and she breaks free. Together, they escape from the lab.

With his plan once more thwarted, Alva announces he is going on a journey and summons a Trog named Hencho to help him. In Dreamland, Bad Bean’s body keeps chasing Elfo while elsewhere in Steamland, Zog, Bean and Mora end up near P.T. Freak Show and discover Jasper, Derek and Freckles are captives there.


  • Continuity error: Bean supposedly finds out in this episode that the Arch-Druidess had Zøg burried alive, and that this caused Zøg's mental breakdown. However, back in "Steamland Confidential", Bean was already aware of this fact and confronted Alva with it when he told her the Arch-Druidess was working for him.
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