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Elves are a sapient species that reside in the hidden village of Elfwood in the Enchanted Forest, and they haven't been seen outside of their kingdom by humans for centuries.



Elves are about the size of a human child. They have large pointy ears and their skin can come in a variety of colors.


Most male Elves have names that consist of an word with an "O" tagged to the end. This word reflects something about the Elf's physical appearance, behaviour, or role in society: Singo sings, Worko works, Shocko expresses shock, and Rulo is the king.

It is unclear (and will probably never be known) how the elves get their names, but it is clear that the naming convention is played for laughs, and they shouldn't be taken too seriously or literally. Sometimes they are used ironically for comic effect: no one ever returns - not even Returno! Speako is commanded to speak no more of Leavo. Weirdo is, well, weird and perverted.

The only female Elf to get named in the series is Kissy, suggesting the females use a similar naming style, only with an Y instead of an O at the end.


Long before the start of the series, the Elves used to rule Dreamland. They had an alliance with the Mermaids.

When humans came and tried to take the kingdom, the Elves and Mermaids fought against this army. This was the first Battle of Falling Water. At first, they were succesful, but then an individual utilized a powerful dark lighting spell and wiped out the Elven and Mermaid armies, resulting in a victory for the Humans. The Elves were thus forced to retreat from Dreamland and settle in Elfwood. By the present day, most Elves have forgotten they ever ruled Dreamland, and only a few still know that Elfwood was not always their home.

At some point in the past, a group of Elves went underground and eventually became Trøgs. The Elves also had a feud with squirrels, but made an uneasy peace with them that still lasts by the time the show is set.

When first seen in the show, the Elves are living in Elfwood, secluded from the rest of the world. There is conflicted information about how much they interact with the world outside Elfwood. In "A Princess, an Elf, and a Demon Walk Into a Bar", when Elfo runs away from Elfwood, he is told by the king that no Elf has gone to the outside world in centuries, except for Leavo. When Elfo later arrives in Dreamland, this is stated again when King Zøg and Sorcerio claim no elf has been seen around Dreamland for centuries. However, later in the series it is shown that Pops, in his younger days, was a traveling salesman who frequently ventured out of Elfwood to sell candy for the Elfwood Candy Company. And King Rulo's claim to Elfo that not even Returno ever came back after leaving Elfwood is likewise proven false when it's revealed in "Goodbye Bean" that Pops is Returno. In either case, the Elves prefer to stay away from the world outside Elfwood.

This changes in "The Very Thing", when Leavo returns to Dreamland and tells Rulo he may have found the kingdom underneath Dreamland. The Elves thus migrate to Dreamland and settle in Elf Alley, where they remain for the rest of the series.

Eventually they all learn that Dreamland is indeed their lost former home, and plot to take it back. In "Goodbye Bean", Bean hands the kingdom back to them.


When first seen in the series, Elves spend all day making candy, singing, dancing, and obeying the Jolly Code (a law requiring them to act happy all the time). The jolly code seems to have been abolished around the time the Elves move to Elf Alley.

Known elves[]

Elf names almost always end with an 'o' and usually describe their demeanor. This naming convention is shared with Trolls and Trøgs.



Elf-named Non-elves[]


  • Their spit can be used to make candy. Steamland used to have a shop selling imported Elf candy, but it closed due to a lack of Elf spit.
  • Their blood has many magical properties, and is a key ingredient in various potions.
  • Elves are similar enough in appearance to Trolls and Dwarves that the three races can be easily confused for or masquerade as one another. The key differences are that Trolls and Dwarves don't like music, prefer hard liquor, and are able to grow body hair.
  • Another race of Elves, called Trog lives in the passages beneath Dreamland Castle. Unlike the Elves of Dreamland, they are completely white-skinned and black-eyed. They are somehow connected to Queen Dagmar and Maru, and a symbol representing them (a triangle above two circles indicative of eyes) in the tunnels is what Leavo had been searching for, tying them into what he described as "the destiny of the elves."
  • They are confirmed to be albe to breed with Humans and Ogres to produce half-Elf offspring. Examples are Elfo (half-Elf, Half-Ogre) and Miri (Half-Human, Half-Elf).
  • They are too light to be hanged, and therefor any attempt to execute them this way is doomed to fail.