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Elf blood

Elf blood plays a pivotal role as the central macguffin driving the first season of Disenchantment.

Magical Properties[]

When combined with the magic of the Eternity Pendant, elf blood has the magical property of acting as the elixir of life. It is assumed this means immortality, but it is actually used to revive Queen Dagmar from her petrified state.

Exposition, Experimentation and Aquisition[]

  • In S01E01, when Elfo arrives in at the church in Dreamland during Bean's wedding to Prince Guysbert, King Zog offers a shiny gold Zog to whoever seizes Elfo. It is hereby revealed that elves are magical.
  • In S01E02, Sorcerio reveals that there is enormously potent magic in elf's blood - powerful enough to create the elixir of life - or immortality. He sets about extracting a small quantity from Elfo and begins experimenting with it.
    • Experimental subject #1 - Lord Lingonberry - dies.
    • Elf blood is later combined with pig's blood resulting in the magical transformation of Prince Merkimer into a pig.
  • In S01E03, Sorcerio extracts enough blood from Elfo to carry out further experiments.
  • In S01E08, Sorcerio creates a truth serum, and a shampoo which can make any animal laugh, resulting in a laughing horse.
    • With the help of Odval, he locates a copy of the Omnicon and discovers that the blood must be distilled in a special vial, known as the Eternity Pendant. They mount a crusade to find the vial, and Elfo (who had since been kidnapped by Big Jo).
  • In S01E09, Elfo's blood is discovered not to work in the pendant: he is subsequently revealed - with the help of Old Man Touchy - to only be half elf. He is exiled from Dreamland, and leaves with Bean and Luci to discover his true identity in Elfwood. He doesn't manage to find out who his mother is, and, after the elves successfully defend themselves from attack, Odval and the Knights of the Zog Table fail to acquire any elf blood.
    • Zog reveals his true intentions for the elixir of life were not to secure his own immortality, but to revive Dagmar. Since he cannot do it as Odval didn't acquire any true elf blood he leaves Bean to herself.
    • After being brought to tears, Bean reaches for her handkerchief only to realise that she has some pure elf blood on it: she adds it to the vial (stolen from Zog by Luci) and, after the pendant activates, which she revives her mother, Queen Dagmar.