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"Hi, I'm Elfo!"

King Elfo Elfowitz is the tritagonist of Disenchantment.

He lives in Dreamland with his wife Queen Mop Girl Miri. He is the son of Pops and Queen Grogda, older half-brother of Junior and the heir to the throne of Ogreland. His best friend is Princess Bean.

As of the end of the series, he is King of Dreamland as consort of queen Miri.

Elfo is voiced by Nat Faxon.


Elfo is a lime-colored elf hybrid that is short in stature and has a pig-like snout. His ears are pointed, in reference to the common trope that elves have pointy ears. His left ear has a small notch. He has messy hair and an angry demeanor. He has a large overbite, with a wavering lip. He wears a red t-shirt with a collar that is opened to reveal his neck, blue shorts and curled brown shoes. Like both elves and ogres, he has four fingers.



Newborn Elfo
Baby Elfo

Elfo is the son of Pops the Elf and the Ogre Queen Grogda. He was born after his parents had eloped together from Ogreland and settled in a treehouse. Pops wanted to name his son Scampo, Spunko, Spanko or Stinko, but Grogda insisted that he should be named Elfo since she wanted him to be proud of his Elf herritage.

When Elfo was a toddler, disaster struck. A group of Gnomes, who where at war with the Ogres, attacked the treehouse and set it on fire. Grogda tried to fight them off, but was shot and seemingly killed in the process. In reality, a box of candy she had hidden under her clothes stopped the arrow. At the same time, two monkeys had broken into the burning treehouse and stolen the clothes of Elfo and Pops. They got hit by the burning arrows and were killed. When Grogda found the burned corpses, she thought the monkeys were her husband and son.

With Pops and Grogda both believing each other to be dead, they went their seperate ways. Pops took Elfo back with him to Elfwood to raise him there. He never told Elfo about his mother. Elfo thus grew up in Elfwood believing himself to be a full blood Elf. His father was always strict with him, but deep down truly loved his son.

As a kid, Elfo was a member of the Brownies, a scouting group.[1]

Leaving Elfwood[]

Elfo leaves Elfwood

Elfo leaves Elfwood.

At the start of the series, Elfo is living in Elfwood, but he clearly does not fit in there. He can't pretend to be jolly all the time, which is the law, constantly questions the Elves' way of life, and actually craves for something other than sweets. The only good thing for him about Elfwood is Kissy, with whom he is secretly in love. When King Rulo catches the two together, he has Elfo sentenced to death by hanging. Elfo survives since Elves are too light to be hanged. Kissy frees him, and Elfo decides to abandon his life in Elfwood to explore the outside world in search of the live he wants. This despite the warning from Rulo that no Elf has left Elfwood in centuries (which is clearly a lie as Pops left Elfwood before).

Once outside, Elfo ends up in a fight between gnomes and Ogres, during which he meets, without realizing it, his half-brother Junior and accidentally blinds when he stabs his eye with a gnome sword. Elfo ventually makes his way to Dreamland, where he stumbles into Dreamland's Cathedral during the wedding of Bean and Prince Merkimer. Elfo's sudden appearance disrupts the ceremony, as both King Zøg and Sorcerio are intrigued at seeing an actual Elf and want to capture him. In the chaos that follows, Elfo escapes the cathedral with Bean and Luci, thus starting their friendship. In their first adventure, they seek out the Wishmaster in hopes he can help Bean, but find out he's actually a Washmaster.

Truth discovered[]

Zøg allows for Elfo to live in Dreamland Castle, but only so Sorcerio can use Elfo's blood to try and create the Elixir of Life. In an attempt to save Bean from marrying Merkimer, Elfo tricks Merkimer into drinking the first potion Sorcerio made, which Bean and Elfo secretly added pig's blood to. The potion turns Merkimer into a pig and the wedding is called off.

In the episodes after this, Elfo goes on several adventures with Bean. They meet Hansel and Gretel who almost eat Elfo, fight off an invasion of Land Vikings, and visit the lost city of Cremorrah, where they find the legendary Eternity Pendant that contains the true Elixir of Life, but only Elf Blood can activate it. However, when Sorcerio tries to activate the pendant with Elfo's blood, it fails to work. And when Zøg has Old Man Touchy investigate both the pendant and Elfo, the fact that Elfo is not entirely Elf finally comes to light.

Death and resurrection[]

Elfo dies

Elfo dies.

Bean resurrects Elfo

Bean restores Elfo's soul to his body.

Enraged, Zøg has Elfo kicked out of the Castle. Elfo returns to Elfwood to seek answers from Pops, and Bean follows him there, unaware that she in turn is followed by Odval and some soldiers. Upon his return, Elfo learns that Kissy has moved on and is now dating Shrimpo. Before Pops can tell Elfo the truth about his mom, the soldiers attack. The Elves are able to fight them off, and Bean and Elfo close the gate to Elfwood before any other soldiers can go in. No sooner have they done this, or an unknown person shoots Elfo in the back with an arrow and he dies.

Bean brings the dead Elfo back to Dreamland. Since she managed to get her hands on some real Elf blood while in Elfwood, she can activate the Eternity Pendant. But since it only works once, she ultimately decides to use it to restore her petrified mother Queen Dagmar to life. A funeral is held for Elfo, after which his body is brought to Mermaid Island by the Mermaids.

After Bean is taken to Maru by her mother but learns the truth about her being evil, she and Luci plan to escape the Maru royal palace by going to Hell, but first they contact Elfo in Heaven using the Oracle Fire, and instruct him to go to Hell as well so they can meet up there. With great effort, Elfo succeeds in getting kicked out of Heaven by God and is sent to Hell, where he learns Bean choose Dagmar over him when she had the Eternity Pendant. This causes friction between the friends, but Bean is able to apologize for her mistake. With Luci's help, the friends escape Hell and end up on Mermaid Island, where Elfo's soul is restored to his body, bringing him back to life.

Mission to Ogreland[]

Shortly after, the other Elves of Elfwood also come to live in Dreamland in Elf Alley.

When on Wash Day all the Elves get sick from the dirty water from the laundry ending up in Elf Alley, Pops tells Elfo about the Legendberry tree and how it can cure the Elves. He also tells Elfo his mother died, not knowing she actually survived. Elfo and Bean, helped by Wade Brody Jr., thus set out to Ogreland to find the Legendberry tree. When Bean is captured by the Ogres and Wade is killed, Elfo frees Bean, kiling several Ogres in the process. The two get some unexpected help from Grogda, who does not recognize her now adult son but helps him and Bean anyway to get the berries they need and escape the city. When Bean and Elfo depart, Grogda overhears Bean call Elfo by his name, and realizes who he is, but Elfo remains unaware that he just met his mother.

Thanks to Elfo bringing the berries, all the Elves are cured.

Adventures in Trøgtown, Steamland and Bentwood[]

After Bean accidentally shoots Zøg with a gun she brought back from Steamland, she is accused of witchcraft and sentenced to be burned at the stakes. Elfo and Luci are sentenced to die with her. All of them are rescued however when the ground under them opens up and they fall into the caverns below, where they meet the Trøgs, who are lead by Dagmar, whom they believe to be their savior. As Elfo, Bean and Luci become the guests/prisoners of the Trøg, Elfo finds himself the subject of affection of a female Trøg names Trixy. The group eventually escapes from Trøgtown after exposing Dagmar as a fraud. While Trixy remains in love with Elfo, the feelings are not mutual.

Elfo in the freakshow

Elfo as a captive in the freakshow.

When the Arch-Druidess is revealed to be a spy from Steamland and flees the country after a failed attempt to assassinate Bean, Bean and Elfo follow her there. In Steamland, they end up seperated and Elfo, who had stolen some clothes from the Hot & Steamy Steambaths to disguise himself, ends up being mistaken for a member of The League of Gallivanting Scrutinators. He is taken to their clubhouse, where he quickly impresses all the other members with stories of his adventures. Things go south however when P.T. McGee, who is also a club member, discovers Elfo is an Elf, and captures him to make him an attraction in the P.T. Freak Show.

In the Freak Show, Elfo meets Mora and forms a relationship with the fortune teller Edith. He refuses to cooperate with P.T.'s show, and P.T. plans to sell him to a fellow club member to be used as prey on a hunting resort. Fortunetly, Bean finds Elfo on time and frees him from the freakshow. Edith is also set free, but turns down Elfo's attempts at a relationship, claiming she is cursed and anyone who falls in love with her meets a horrible fate.

Along with Mora, Bean and Elfo return to Dreamland on the Miss Adventure. During the trip, Elfo, in an attempt to get over his broken heart, begins to fall in love with the ship itself. Unfortuantely for him, the ship sinks.

Back in Dreamland, King Zøg is starting to lose his mind, and the Kingdom desperately needs more soldiers and money. Elfo and Luci try to train new recruits, but Elfo inadvertently endds up scaring them all away when he gets dragged into participating in the Trøgs moon ritual. When Bean undertakes a mission to Bentwood to get more money there using Prince Merikmer and the pig that now has his human body, Elfo goes with her. While Bean's mission fails, Elfo still gets Dreamland a nice sum of cash when he swallows a large amount of gold coin while in the Torture Chamber.

Family reunited[]

Elfo with his mom and dad

Elfo with his mom and dad.

After Zøg is send to the Twinkletown Insane Asylum and Bean becomes queen, Dreamland comes under attack from the Ogres, who want Elfo. When it is clear the Dreamland army is outmached, Elfo allows himself to be taken captive so the Ogres will leave Dreamland alone.

Elfo is taken back to the capital of Ogreland, where Queen Grogda reveals the truth to him that she is his mother. Shortly afterwards, Pops comes to Ogreland in an attempt to rescue Elfo, but ends up getting imprisoned with him. While locked up, Pops finally tells Elfo the whole story regarding his birth. King Brock doesn't care that Elfo is Grogda's son and has him sentenced to the arena, where he has to fight Junior. Elfo actually manages to incapacitate Junior by tying him up with vines, but refuses to kill him and sets him free. Junior in turn refuses to hurt his big brother, and ends up killing king Brock instead. This frees Grogda from her husband and she can be with Pops again.

Grogda, Pops, Junior and Elfo return to the treehouse they use to live in, until Bean, Luci and Jerry arrive with The Compensator and pick up Elfo, believing Junior was attacking him.

Fall of Dreamland[]

Following this adventure, Bean and Elfo learn the history of Dreamland; that the country once belonged to the Elves. Elfo tries to get Bean to give the country back to the Elves, but she refuses for now.

Elfo ends up in several more adventures; one where he is forced by the Elves to spy on the Trøgs and is present when Leavo drinks the Sacred Goo, which turns him into a Trøg himself. Elfo is also almost forced to drink the Goo when the Trøgs want to see if he is perhaps their savior, but Bean and Luci save him just in time.

Then Queen Dagmar, who by now is married to Satan, strikes again. She splits Bean's evil side from her as Bad Bean. In a confrontation between the two Beans, Elfo is force to decide who is the good Bean. He makes the right choice and gives Bean a sword to decapitate her evil double. Sadly, Dagmar then seemingly kills Bean by throwing her out the window and takes over Dreamland with Satan.

Fighting Dagmar, adventures in time travel[]

While mourning Bean, Elfo joins Luci, Miri and Bunty to keep the decapitated head of Bad Bean out of Dagmar's hands so Dagamr cannot revive her. They hide the body in his room. When Dagmar comes to investigat the room, Elfo and Miri hide the body from view by lying down on Elfo's bed and pretending to be making out.

Shortly after, Bean, who survived thanks to Mora, returns, but has to go to Steamland first to rescue her father, who ended up there due to Freckles. While Bean is gone, Elfo and Miri keep trying to prevent Dagmar from finding the body and head of Bad Bean. Things get complicated when the Trøg use their Goo to reanimate the body, and it begins to stalk Elfo with murderous intend. Eventually, Dagmar manages to get Bad Bean's body back by luring it to her with a music box. Elfo follows the body, and thus comes face to face with Dagmar, who reminds him that he played an important part in her having come this far, because it was his death that allowed Bean to revive Dagmar with the pendant.

Elfo time travels

Elfo travels back in time.

This realization sends Elfo into a deep depression. When Luci reveals to him that the Crystal ball can be used to time travel, Elfo sets out to prevent his death and thus the bad state Dreamland is in now. Elfo returns to the day he was shot outside the gate of Elfwood. When he thinks Sir Pendergast is about to shoot his past self, Elfo tries to shoot Pendergast first, but misses and ends up hitting his past self. His murder was a stable time loop, and Elfo was his own murderer all along.

Upon returning to the present, Elfo vows to keep this discovery a secret. Then he runs into Miri again, who takes him to a tower to have a good hearth to hearth. After Elvo convinces to her what happened, she in turn convinces him there is no such thing as destiny and everybody determines their own fate. This finally cheers Elfo up, and to demonstrate he embraces this new look on life, he shatters the crystal ball. When Elfo and Mop Girl spend the night together in the tower, Elfo discovers Mop Girl is not human; under her long hair she has pointy ears, like an Elf.

Love found[]

Elfo as Miri's consort

Miri and Elfo become the new rulers of Dreamland.

After discovering Miri's elf herritage, Elfo encourages her to become the leader of the resistance against Dagmar, as she can unite all the various races in Dreamland. Backed up by Elfo, Miri agrees. When Bean also returns, Elfo joins her in her fight with Bad Bean and Dagmar. in the fight however, Mora is also killed, which renders Bean too depressed to keep fighting. Elfo, Miri and Luci thus try to stop Dagmar themselves, but are no match for her and Luci is killed in the fight.

Now that it seems Dagmar has won, Elfo seriously considers to join the Trøg and change his name to Trøggo, but Bean, who is finally ready to fight Dagmar, snaps him out of this idea. In a last showdown in the Crystal Cavern, Dagmar is defeated, loses her powers and gets pinned under a giant crystal. As the cave begins to collapse, she tries to grab Elfo so he will be crushed too, but Elfo is able to squeeze free.

With Dagmar gone and Mora restored to life thanks to Luci being granted a wish from God, Bean steps down as queen and gives Dreamland back to the Elves. Miri is crowned queen, and Elfo, who is now officially her boyfriend, becomes her consort. They are last seen together sleeping in Elfo's room.


Original Character[]

Elfo begins by being dissatisfied with life in Elfwood. For him, something does not seem quite right. He has had enough of being happy all the time - suffering the elvish equivalent of depression. Making candy all day to get paid in candy just doesn't make sense to him anymore. As such, he is savvy of his own genre and has outgrown his elven tropes. He craved freedom and adventure. To that end, he desires to see the outside world, despite how unscrupulous and miserable it may be.

Character Development[]

Once outside of the kingdom, Elfo is shown to be both excitable and naive: he is excited to be embarking on a new adventure, but naive as to what to expect. He is definitely not savvy about the world beyond Elfwood - asking a gnome "what is war?" - but his elvish disposition makes him optimistic in the face of danger: that and the fact that he has lived a sheltered existence and doesn't know what to be afraid of or who to trust. Given his mixture of traits, he could be described as happy-go-lucky meets devil-may-care. 

Life outside the walled kingdom of Elfwood is a steep learning curve for Elfo, and the longer he is in exile the more his personality evolves. For example, he gets drunk and has fights, is subjected to human experimentation and experiences love with a human for the first time. When it comes to admitting his crush on Bean, his shyness leads him to lie - he makes up a girlfriend as a cover story to disguise his feelings. Luci's demonic presence also influences him and he even uses Luci's tail to hit him. He gets more savvy as his adventures progress, and his character develops greatly, as does his usefulness. His ability to read makes him an invaluable asset to his new adoptive family, as he remembers reading in the guide book - Frogo's Best Of Dankmire - of the location of a hidden lever in the dining hall. This proves crucial for the safe escape of the Royal delegation.


  • While not the brightest bulb, Elfo can read.
  • Elfo is a decent assembly worker, though lacks the attitude to do it gleefully.
  • Elfo is quite good at playing the flute: he performs for the royalty in the throne room as well as on other occasions.
  • Elfo is impeccable at fighting with a dagger (2E05)
  • Elfo has amazing agility probably due to his elfin heritage.
  • Elfo is strong enough to defeat someone of human size in a fistfight.
  • Elfo is a decent archer.
  • Elfo is able to survive blows from Dagmar that should have killed him.

Cultural References[]

  • Siddharta Guatama (c. 563/480 – c. 483/400 BCE): Elfo's story of renouncing a walled kingdom in pursuit of experiencing the real world is borrowed from the story of the Buddha. (S01E01)
  • The Hobbit (1937): Leaving relative comfort in search of adventure is also what Bilbo Baggins does. (S01E01)
  • The Dark Crystal (1982): The draining of Elfo's blood to acquire its life rejuvenating properties is uncannily similar to the draining of the essence of Podlings by Skeksis to regain their life force in this classic Jim Henson fantasy film. (S01E02)



The world's most irritable elf.

  • He appeared in some episodes of The Simpsons.
  • His design is a mixture of two characters, Bart Simpson and one of the elves from a in-universe television show, The Happy Little Elves from The Simpsons, creator Matt Groening's earlier show.
  • His nose bears a striking resemblance to Nelson Muntz from The Simpsons and Cubert J. Farnsworth in Futurama.
    • In fact, in season 2 episode 10 A Clone of My Own, (which is Cubert's debut appearance), Cubert mocks the professor's view of what being a scientist is all about, saying it is more like what being a magical elf is about.
  • ​​​Due to his optimistic outlook, Elfo seems to be okay with King Zøg stealing his blood.
  • His cousin, Examplo, is the reference photo for elves in the dictionary.
  • He is allergic to apples, though minor and not deadly.
  • His name literally means Elf in Romance languages like Portuguese, Spanish and Italian.
  • If fan speculation is correct regarding Elfo's mother, he would be responsible (although accidently) for the blinding of his half-brother Junior
  • He watered Sagatha's plants while she was in rehab.
  • He has a thing for princesses:
    • He has a crush on Princess Bean.
    • His girlfriend Kissy, whom he left behind in Elfwood, is also a princess.
  • According to Luci, Elfo reeks of flop sweat and licorice.
  • The secret of not knowing who his mother was, and his father tiptoeing around telling him, is likely a reference to Jon Snow from G.R.R Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire. Both felt like outcast from home and ultimately left to make something of themselves.
  • In Season 1 Episode 9 during the scene with Old Man Touchy when they first found out Elfo wasn't a pure elf. Sorcerio foreshadowed an easter egg, saying "Tacking an "O" on the end of "Elf"? Bah!" - "It's suspiciously on the nose." The "O" being exaggerated in Sorcerio's wording and the second sentence using said "O" to make fun of his nose witch appeared to be that of an Ogre's nose reconfirms the second half of Elfo's heritage with Ogre Queen.
  • Elfo shares similarities with Hagrid, a character from Harry Potter:
    • Both of them are close friends to the main protagonists.
    • Both of them are hybrids.
    • Both of their mothers belong to a gigantic race of fictional beings.
    • Both of them have half-brothers belonging to fictional races of gigantic sizes.
    • Both were raised mostly by their fathers.
  • Elfo is the only character to start a sort of stable time loop by killing his past self by accident which started most of the events of the plot.


Gnome: We're at war here.
Elfo: What's war?

Lady Lingenberry: I'm drowning!
Elfo: I'm Elfo!

Elfo: I'm an optimist: I say the flask is half full...
Luci: It's not.

Elfo: I only got in trouble once, and, uh, Daddy Elfo, um, slapped me on the bum-bum.

Elfo: What's the sentence for treason? A couple of light slaps on the bum-bum? Cause I don't think I can handle that.

Elf King: Take one step further - you're on your own. No elf has ever returned. Not even Returno.
Kissy: Elfo, you'll die up there.
Elfo: I'd rather die a big death, than live a small life.

Bean: So the only way to become immortal is to lose your brains.

Elfo: I'd never do that. I'm going to die alone in a basement apartment, just like Pops always said.


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