Cloyd is a recurring character in Disenchantment. He is the uncharismatic Emperor of the kingdom of Maru.


He wears a purple robe with a mixture of layers, a mushroom symbol on a band around his neck, a letter "M"on a panel around his waist, and thick-rimmed glasses.


Along with the Enchantress, Cloyd is responsible for the invention of the Infernal Amplifier potion which they used in the Destruction of Cremorrah. The powerful pair are also responsible for the "demonic binding" of Luci with Bean, in order to bring her to the "darkness".


After destroying Cremorrah, Cloyd and the Enchantress appear to want to destroy Dreamland too. To this end, Queen Dagmar appears to have been working with them: she used the Infernal Amplifier in an attempt to assassinate King Zög 15 years prior to our entry into the story - which backfired on her. After being revived by Bean, she goes on to seemingly destroy Dreamland.


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