"Seems our little emissary Luci is successfully corrupting Tianbeanie's mind and soul."

The Enchantress is recurring character in Disenchantment. She is a powerful mage that serves Emperor Cloyd in Maru.


The Enchantress wears a dark orange dress and lighter orange cape which matches her ginger hair. She wears long red gloves with matching eye mask, a golden headdress and necklace complete with gemstones.


She is a powerful magician capable of summoning demons, such as Luci. She controls the Oracle Fire which grants the power of remote viewing and spell-casting - the ability to see events in faraway lands.


  • She likes things dark - from magic to chairs.
  • She likes Highballs (and other alcoholic beverages).
  • Her appearance in red, affinity with seeing things in fire and using magic to influence events makes her character similar to that of Melisandre, the Red Woman in Game of Thrones.



Enchantress: And so the demonic binding begins...
Emperor Cloyd: Yes - our emissary will steer her towards the darkness.
Enchantress: It may take months - even years.
Emperor Cloyd: So we'll need chairs.
Enchantress: Dark chairs.

Enchantress: It's fire Cloyd - it's hot.
Emperor Cloyd: I know - I was there.

Enchantress: Seems our little emissary Luci is successfully corrupting Tianbeanis's mind and soul.
Jerry: Oh - is this the one where the cat and the elf are fwends?
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