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Faster, Princess! Kill! Kill! is the fifth episode in the Disenchantment series. It premiered on August 17, 2018.


Banished from the castle by Zøg, Bean tries to work but has trouble keeping a job. Elfo encounters a bizarre pair of siblings living in a candy house.


Following the previous episode, Zøg has banished Bean from Dreamland for partying and sentences her to be a nun. But her lack of being a nun angers the leader of the nuns. While failing job after job, she meets with a witch named Gwen who is cursed by a spell to cackle at everything. While meeting with Stan the Executioner, her job is to execute Gwen the next day, but she still remains a coward and doesn't have the urge to kill her and walks off far away while Stan teases her in public; much to King Zøg being feeling pity for her. While Bean laments on how she sucked at everything, She noticed that Elfo is gone.

When Elfo ran away, he noticed a gingerbread house with cannibals Hansel and Gretel. They gave him a meal, then they try to cook him alive. Bean and Luci run into the house, Hansel and Gretel gave them some delicious meat but when Bean looks at their cookbook and sees a foot in the meat she freaks out believing that they cooked Elfo, but he is still in the oven. Bean struggles with the to while Luci frees Elfo, then a blow-pop explodes and puts the house on fire while Bean chases the two mentally ill siblings. She goes in the basement where she sees many headless heads and food made from the skin and fingers of people, showing that Hansel and Gretel are cannibals. Luci tells Bean to kill Hansel, Bean still doesn't have the urge to, until she accidentally axes Gretel in the head behind her, finally taking this to her advantage, Bean axes Hansel. Their deaths cause the curse on Gwen to be instantly broken. Luci congratulates Bean for finally killing someone intentionally.



Call Backs[]

  • Worthless buck-toothed degenerate - Luci says he can't believe Zøg called Bean this (which he didn't); Zøg calls her this at the end.
  • The horse which ate Bunty's wall is chopped up and removed between scenes. (Thanks to a man with a saw).
  • Stan the Executioner whistles the elf theme on a couple of occasions.

Running Gags[]

  • Ear Explosions - they go off at the wrong time, each time.
  • Yelling Zog
  • Luci Rides Again - Luci rides on the back of Bean this time.
  • Deconstructing Religion
  • Killer Bean - Bean doesn't want to kill intentionally, even though she has killed before.

Cultural References[]


  • The motif played after the failed execution is in the mode of C minor (harmonic).
  • The deconstruction of religion at the beginning is reminiscent of Monty Python and The Holy Grail (and Meaning of Life). Especially the nun's prayer.
  • The head of a previous jester can be seen in the background of the execution scene.


Stan The Executioner: "You can do it Bean, just use the force - centrifugal force."
Bean: "I...I can't....."
Spectators: "Aw...."
Boy: "This is the worst field trip ever!"
Stan: "I misspoke, Bean. You know how I said you were a failure and a quitter?"
Bean: "You never said that..."
Stan: "Well you're also a loser! Make way for the failure, slash quitter, slash loser! Coming through!"
King Zøg: "Every time that girl gets a little responsibility, somebody winds up alive..."

Hansel: "I'm Hansel, und she's Gretel."
Bean: "So, you're... Gretel and Hansel?"
Hansel: "NEIN! Hansel und Gretel!"

Elfo: "I can't believe dad kicked us out!"
Luci: "I can't believe he called you a worthless buck-toothed degenerate."
Bean: "He didn't say that..."
Luci: "Doesn't make it any less true."

Zøg: "For outstanding bravery, foresight and wisdom, I hereby award myself this medal for the extraordinary parenting that turned you from a worthless buck-toothed degenerate to a ruthless executioner with a beautiful smile. I'm proud of you Beanie."
Bean: "Really?"
Zøg: "Not that you care what I think."
Bean: "Yeah - I'm kinda cool that way. Thanks Pops. [whispers] Mention my buck-teeth again and I'll use them to bite out your spinal cord."
Zøg: "That's my girl!"



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