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Fish Out of Water is the second episode of season 3 of Disenchantment and the 42th episode overall. It premiered on September 1, 2023.


While Bean and the crew try to find a place to dispose of the body, King Zøg battles cops, robots and an angry mob to rescue his three sons.


Bean and Elfo have reunited, and Mora reveals she is there too. Together they plot their next move against Queen Dagmar. Dagmar meanwhile orders her soldiers that all of Dreamland has to be put in total lockdown until Bad Bean's missing body is found. This ruins the plans of Elfo, Bean, Luci, Mop Girl and Mora to dispose of Bad Bean's body in the ocean. To make matters worse, it seems Bad Bean is not fully dead as her body can still move a little. They ultimately decide to bring the body to Sorcerio for disposing.

Meanwhile, in Steamland, King Zog wakes up in a prison cell, having been locked up when the police mistook him for a drunk. Zog tries to convince the officers that he is a king and that he is looking for his sons, but they think he's insane and try to lock him up in solitary confinement. During the transport between cells, Zog manages to break free and flees into the streets. After a few near misses of getting hit by vehicles, he is hit by a train and ends up near a wrestling show, where the manager mistakes him for a wrestler and brings him inside.

In Dreamland, Bean & co have managed to get Bad Bean to Sorcerio's tower. Sorcerio offers to destroy the body with his acid bath, only to find out the acid was too strong and has corroded through the tub and the floors below. When Dagmar arrives, the group shoves the body down the laundry chute. Bean and Mora hide by climbing out the window and hang from the window sill, but they accidentally end up falling. Fortunately, Sir Turbish breaks their fall.

In the wrestling arena, Zog is forced to fight a robot opponent called The Perc-O-Lator. The robot clearly has the upper hand at first, but Zog, being unfamiliar with the rules of wrestling, goes off script and turns the tables on the robot, beating him with a stool. Much to the displeasure of the audience.

Bean and Mora hide in Dreamland's Cathedral's confession booth, and while their evaluate their relationship. It turns out both Mora and Bean believed the other walked out on her following the events of "Last Splash", but it turns out neither left. Someone else must have split them up while they slept. With this misunderstanding cleared up, the two share a kiss, but while doing so Mora accidentally rings the church bell, which alerts Dagmar that someone is in the cathedral. She forces Satan to go take a look, which he reluctantly does.

While Satan searches the Cathedral, Mora and Bean hide in the basement. There, they find the Arch-Druidess left a large supply of tools from Steamland. Among the stuff is a television that turns out to be tuned in to the secret camera in Zog's crown (as first seen in "Bean Falls Down"). Zog meanwhile is being chased by an angry group of wrestlers. He manages to lose them in an alleyway. There, he collapses and begins to lament out loud how much a failure his life is, how he hates being king and how he lost the only woman he loved, Ursula. Unbeknown to him, Bean and Mora can see everything on the tv. Then the wrestlers find Zog and knock him out.

Realizing Zog is in trouble, Mora and Bean decide to head to Steamland and resucue him. They take a spare motorcycle the Arch-Druidess had hidden in the church, and ask Elfo to give them a supply of weapons, including the Arms of Prudence. As Mora and Bean leave Dreamland, Luci claims they're doomed.

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