For Whom the Pig Oinks is the second episode in the Disenchantment series. It premiered on August 17, 2018.


How to get rid of an unwanted fiance? Bean's plan involves a party barge and mermaids. King Zog tries to make Elfo's blood into an immortality potion.


The episode begins where the last one ends- Luci, Bean, and Elfo falling backwards off a cliff. After an exclamation of 'No!', Merkimer mourns the 'loss' of 'My poor Princess Tiabeanie.' Behind the knights, however, the blinded Ogre approaches, proclaiming that he smells fear. Merkimer replies that he isn't scared; He was born scared. He sends the knights to fight the ogre. After a short battle, the Washmaster walks up behind them, telling them this is a 'plateau of peace', proceeding to sit down and meditate. The ogre picks him up and drops him off the cliff, when they proceed to continue fighting.

Meanwhile, hanging on a branch on the cliff, Bean contemplates to Luci and Elfo that she can get married or die. Luci and Elfo argue over if she should get married or die. However, in their arguing, the branch fell.

Mortimer and the knights apparently left while the (blind) ogre looked away, and they arrived where Morimer guessed they'd fall as the trio land on the knights, breaking their fall. Mortimer worries over his unharmed face for a moment, but he realized it was Elfo's face he felt. While apologizing to Elfo, the ogre lands on the prince. After the title card, the trio is riding with the knights on their way back to Dreamland. Mortimer is telling his life story to an aggravated Bean. Asking for her life, Bean responds with a grunt and getting smacked with hanging signs.

Think of things

They finally make it to the castle gates, fanfare getting chopped off by the falling gate. Mortimer proclaims he retrieved 'Princess Bean and this priceless sack of elf', dropping Elfo on the floor. Luci introduces himself, Zog deciding to kick him aside as he still believes he's a cat. Zog orders Elfo to get crammed in a cage. Bean explains that Elves need to frolic and be jolly, so Zog puts feet holes in his cage. He sits down and orders Elfo to dance, starting a clap tune. veryone joins as Elfo starts a cheery tune on his flute, starting to dance. Elfo falls over, his cage rolling away and down the stairs. Zog says someone should make sure he's ok, then diverging off to say that there's a wedding to plan. Bean criticizes his word choice. Scene change to Bunty giving Bean a bath, helping her to be 'clean as a child on his funeral day'. She commented on how her child was clean when they buried him, and Bean replies that he's in a better place now. She comments on how she doesn't what to be insensitive about Bunty's dead relative, but she doesn't want to marry the prince. Odval, taking a bath in the tub besides her, comments it's her duty as a princess. Across from Odval in the same tub, someone with blond hair pops up and comments that noone else is storming the castle.

Meanwhile in Sorcerio's lab, the wizard is busy, experimenting with elf's blood. Zog comes in and takes a bite of a carrot with eyes. Sorcerio tells Zog that Elfo may be much more useful than they thought originally, and takes a book off the shelf. He blows th dust off, blowing the rest of the book away with it. The wizard comments that he's read it before, and goes to state that elf's blood is magic. An excited Zog questions about an elixir of life, Sorcerio affirming it's possible.

Back in Bean's room, Elfo is interrupted by Luci as he tries to watch Bean change. Hearing Luci's shout of 'whatcha lookin at', Bean drags Elfo to a corner and hangs his cage on a hat stand against Elfo's 'i was admiring the towel'. Little pervert. Bean, ignoring him, comments that she can't marry Merkimer, contemplating killing him. Luci encourages this with his 'do it's, commenting they can hide the body. Elfo retaliates that Luci isn't murderer, despite her killing Guysbert- (Who's still alive, but suffering greatly). Bean sugest a few drinks to think. She leaves to put her boots on, Sorcerio budging in to ask if he can borrow Elfo, proclaiming he needs to 'pick his brain... Through his nostrils!'

Bean and Luci leave to presumably get some drinks, Luci asking how they're gonna kill Merkimer. They come across a poison shop, deciding to have a look. Inside, the man displaying poisons accidentily kills himself with a poison 'so poisonous, you can't even hold it in a bottle'. After another man comes out to help, Bean comments she may not be comfortable with murder. Luci suggest just driving him mad with her indeciveness. She exits the store, suggesting rubbing a sick chicken over his face. The bells toll, a decorative clock thing displaying men paddling towards mermaids. That gives Bean an idea, but upon asking Luci she notices he's eating the chicken.

Back with Elfo and the wizard, Sorcerio is extracting blood from Elfo with the help of a huge machine. He shows King Zog a volunteer, Lord Lingonberry, that's going to test the blood. They strap the lord down- 'This is the most interesting thing that's happened to me!'- and Sorcerio drops the drip of blood on his head. After a moment, they unbuckle Lingonberry. He's dead, a lever dropping him into a pig pit. Sorcerio muses that they'll need more blood, instructing 'Mop Girl' to milk him.

In the Wedding Delegation area, Bean prepairs to proposition her plan to Markimer: Have a bachelor party on a party barge, that just so happens to go for mermaid Island. What Merkimer doesn't know: Let him get lured in by the mermaids. He agrees, Bean's talking cat commenting that he's an idiot.

In the wizard's lair, Sorcerio is conducting more experiments with Elfo's blood. Bean comes in, shocked at Elfo's pale state. She tells Zog to pick on someone his own size- like a barn- whereas Zog replies he just wants to leech the magic out. Bean calls him selfish and cruel, to which the king replies king of postitvly. He proclaims that he wants the flask to be full of blood by morning, proceeding to leave. The trio wonder what they could do, getting the idea to just use a pig. The idea works out great, the pig filling the flask- and the rough equivalent of fifty more. They free Elfo as promised. Upon Elfo mentioning he feels weak and queasy, Luci suggests a boat ride.

Scene cut to the party barge. The barge is large and decorated with colorful sails and lights. The man working the barge announces it's time for 'fun and soggy pretzels', the partiers giving a cheer. The man watching people board stops Bean, who hits him in the head with her own head. He lets her on. Merkimer comments that she'll get to "know the crazy, fun me," to which she responds, "I'm lucky in so many ways."

Festivities on the barge- mostly involving abusing Elfo- seem to be in full swing, as the man running the barge calls out that mermaid (and walrus) island are getting near. Everyone lines up to get tied to the masts (or get their ears plugged). Luci ties himself to a mast with his tail. Elfo ties Merkimer to a mast, going back to Bean asking if he used a slipknot. Turns out he didn't, so Luci pulls out a knife and tells Bean to cut the ropes. The elf and demon fight over the knife, resulting in it getting knocked overboard. Elfo cheers that 'even the gods didn't want you to do it', Bean going to it anyway with her buck teeth. She distracts Markimer from her plan by pretending to kiss him. Her plan succeeds just as the songs get closer. The various partiers all complement the music, especially Markier's comment of; 'I must have sex with it's origin!' Markimer breaks free, jumping from the boat to do diddly do the doodidly did. Turns out, he was seduced by the walruses. He doesn't seem to be upset by this. After the music ends, the captain comments that they usually lose everyone.

Bean ultimately loses hope; however, a thirsty Merkimer discovers the "elf blood" which is mostly pig's blood and Elfo convinces him to drink it transforming him into a pig. Bean, fed up, denounces the marriage and Zøg finally agrees with his daughter. This upsets the king of Bentwood and he and Zøg settle things in a fistfight with Bean, Elfo, and Luci happily watching.




  • Staying Alive - Guysbert's head wound was non-fatal

Cultural References

  • Cluedo/Clue: when Luci says "Sooo, how are we going to kill your fiancé? Candlestick in the conservatory? Candlestick in the face?" this is a reference to the famous board game.
  • The Dark Crystal (1982): The draining of Elfo's blood to acquire it's life rejuvenating properties is uncannily similar to the draining of the essence of Podlings by Skeksis to regain their life force in this classic Jim Henson fantasy film.
  • Lady and the Tramp (1955): when the two pigs suck up the intestines and unite in a kiss, this is reminiscent of the famous spaghetti scene in this classic Disney cartoon.
  • Little Caesars: the US pizza chain is referenced by "Little Seizures Poison Shop", even the logos are similar.
  • Belladonna: otherwise known as Deadly Nightshade, this is a classic poison and herb associated with witchcraft.
  • Alchemy: the precursor to science. Sorcerio is quite clearly an alchemist.
  • Mephisto: Mephismo may be a reference to one of the chief demons of German literary tradition.
  • Ouroboros: a snake eating it's own tail is seen in a jar in Sorcerio's lab. It is an alchemical symbol from ancient Egypt associated with infinity, eternity and immortality (such as King Zog is interested in).

The Simpsons / Futurama

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  • Title explained: For Whom The Bell Tolls was widely regarded to be Ernest Hemingway's best novel (1940). The title comes from a poem by the metaphysical poet John Donne (1624) and informed the song of the same name by Metallica in (1985), amongst other works. The main theme is "death comes to us all", which is of significance in this episode as King Zog's pursuit of immortality is revealed. 
  • When Sorcerio mentions picking Elfo's brain out with a hook (something he doesn't actually do), this is a reference to the Egyptian practice of removing the brain of a pharaoh prior to the mummification process. This is an esoteric reference to Egypt, the birth place of alchemy: the Arabic word al-kīmiyaʾ actually means "the Egyptian [science]", borrowing from the Coptic word for "Egypt", kēme (or its equivalent in the Mediaeval Bohairic dialect of Coptic, khēme). 


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