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Freak Out! is the fifth episode of season 2, Part 1 of Disenchantment and the twenty-fifth episode overall. It premiered on January 15, 2021.


Bean flees when she discovers more about Alva's intentions and as his lightbulb-headed robots chase her through Steamland, she searches for Elfo.


Bean is still in Alva's penthouse, and Alva is clearly trying to woo her; he sends a courier to bring her an automated postcard that depicts Bean and Alva falling in love and to shower her in rose petals fired from a gun, followed by a Barbershop quartet to serenade her. Bean is not amused and tries to flee from the building. When Alva discovers she is gone, he sends his Light Bud Robots after her. Bean tries to blend in with the Steamland crowd, but Alva has wanted posters of her displayed all over the city. When the robots catch up with her, Bean is rescued by Lady Bowmore, who offers her a ride on her mechanical horse. With Bowmore's help, Bean begins to search for Elvo.

Meanwhile, Elfo is locked up in P.T. Freak Show, in a cage next to the fortune teller Edith. Elfo refuses to perform the act P.T. has in mind for him. He does get to know some of his fellow freaks, including Edith and the mermaid Mora. Mora reveals she came to Steamland in hopes of becomming a movie star, but her lack of legs kept her from getting serious work, so she got stuck doing voicework for Squalid Squirrel. When P.T. orders them all to be quiet, Elfo gives P.T. a piece of his mind and even punches him in the face. This earns him the respect of Edith and she finally begins to talk to Elfo, who develops feelings for her. After some time in the freakshow, Elfo discovers he has lost weight to the point he is now thin enough to slip through the bars of his cage. He doesn't want to escape without Edith however, but P.T. catches him in the act and puts a chain on Elfo's ankle to keep him from leaving again.

In Dreamland, King Zøg is still treating Luci as his cat while his madness continues, and for Luci the situation becomes more and more humiliating. The last straw is when Zog takes him for a walk through the city while Zog himself is dressed in a ridiculous outfit and Luci is forced to walk on a leash. When they come across Scruffles, an actual talking cat, Luci forces him to switch places. Back in the castle, Zog discovers the switch, but decides to keep Scruffles anyway as he is nicer than Luci. Scruffles quickly manages to charm everybody in the castle with his tall tales about his adventures, which Luci finds annoying.

After failing to find Elfo, Bean and Lady Bowmore stop at the clubhouse of The League of Gallivanting Scrutinators to get a drink. There Bean overhears a conversation between P.T. and another clubmember who wants to buy Elfo to be used as a prey for his hunting resort. Bean follows them when they leave, and manages to hitch a ride on their blimp, dodging some more Light Bud Robots along the way. In the freakshow, Elfo begs Edith to tell him more about their future, and uses the quarters people throw at him to pay for more tarrot cards. Edith relucantly complies, but the cards quickly start predicting bad stuff, like decapitation.

In the castle, Luci has enough of Scruffles, so that night he dumps him in Vip and Vap's room so he can take his old place back as Zog's cat. He then wakes up Zog, who was having a nightmare. Zog admits to Luci he knows he's going insane. Luci helps him get back to sleep, while he secretly dreams of ruling Dreamland himself once Zog is unable to.

Bean manages to hold onto the blimp till it reaches the Steamland Fun Center. There, she arms herself with a hammer from a test-your-strength game and storms into the freakshow. she frees Elvo and several other freaks. When P.T. comes in and tries to strangle Elfo, Edith reveals she is not truly a decapited head but a regular woman who was hiding the rest of her body. She leaves her machine and knocks P.T. out. She tells Elvo they can't be together, since she is cursed and anyone who falls in love with her meets a horrible fate. Her cards confirm this. Elfo and Edith say goodbye. When Bean and Elfo leave the freakshow, they find themselves surrounded by a large army of the Light Bud robots. When they are backed up in a corner, Bean's magic powers awaken and she unleashes a bolt of lightning that shorts out the robots and causes a blackout in all of Steamland.


  • One of the freaks Bean frees is a the Pig Man. This man will later turn out to be Pig-Merkimer.
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