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Frogos Best Of Dankmire

Frogo's Best Of Dankmire

Frogo's Best Of Dankmire is the guide book read by Elfo on the Royal Barge as part of the diplomatic mission to Dankmire undertaken in episode 6, Swamp and Circumstance.


Elfo's reading from the book acts as a piece of exposition. From it we learn that:

  • Dreamland forced Dankmire to build the canal.
  • The two sides fought a 100 year war over who owned the canal.
  • The war only ended when King Zog married Queen Oona.
  • Bean's jealousy lead to her putting a dead owl in the wedding cake: the cake was still consumed.
  • Elfo also learns about the lever in the dining hall.

Bean's reading adds to the exposition:

  • According to Oona, "every visitor to Dankmire receives a famously warm welcome". The guide elaborates by stating:
    •  "'Warm' refers to the sweltering temperature, not the notoriously grim locals."
  • "Dankmirians love protocol: they consider it rude to bow without bowing first".

Cultural Reference[]