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Tess, a giantess.

Giants are a species in Disenchantment.

Historical perception[]

Giants exist all over the world, and come in a large variety of sizes as the name Giant is used for any creature bigger than a human. They can range from 7 foot to so big they can carry whole planets.

Giants have been stereotyped as ugly rampaging beasts due to a single rampaging incident by a giant called Bob "back in the '80s". In reality they are all about "peace, love, and body positivity". Because of their ba reputation, Giants are frequently chased from their homes by humans. Thus, when the giant Bardolf the Brave discovered magical beans that could grow beanstalks all the way to the clouds, he and the other giants build a society for themselves there called Skylight.

Notable giants[]


  • The stereotypical behaviour of giants as ugly and rampaging beasts is a trope, which is here being played with and subverted for comic effect.