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Giggles is an inmate and employee in Twinkletown Insane Asylum, and the cell partner of King Zøg during both of his stays there in "The Cabinet of Dr. Chazzzzz" and "Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment".


He has a gray t-shirt that exposes his belly. He wears medium length pants and tan boots. He has light brown hair and narrow eyes.

Role in the series[]

Giggles is introduced when King Zøg is thrown in a cell in the Twinkletown Insane Asylum. Zøg appears scared of his new cellmate but Giggles only giggles menacingly at the new arrival. The next evening, as Giggles and King Zøg are locked in their shared cell, Giggles shares why he is locked up in the insane asylum. Giggles tells the story of how he killed his whole family except for his grandma. After he was locked up in the insane asylum, he used his grandmother's skull to dig a tunnel out of the asylum to kill his other grandmother. Zøg says that doesn’t make any sense, to which Giggles retorts that a guy can have two grandmas. The very same evening Giggles overhear King Zøg muttering in his sleep about his great fear of being buried alive. On the third day, Giggles shows Zøg the tunnel he dug to escape the insane asylum, hidden behind a wooden box used as a bedside table. Hesitantly Zøg crawls into the tunnel holding a candle but stops short after the tunnel ends abruptly after only a few feet. Zøg points out how the tunnel is very short, after which Giggles reveals that his tunnel collapsed and presumably he knew this before letting Zøg climb in. Giggles giggles menacingly as he bricks up the opening while Zøg screams in terror, sealing his cellmate in the tunnel to die.

However, this act of cruelty ends up working in Zøg's favor, as it helps him overcome his fear of being burried alive, and provides him with a way out when he finds the skull of Giggle's grandma in the tunnel, with which he can dig to the surface. After Zøg's escape Dr. Mulberry, Giggles, and Chazzzzz go out to look for him. The Venerable Rinsemaster is shown a wanted poster resembling Zøg, but the Rinsemaster denies having encountered him. Dr. Mulberry, Giggles, and Chazzzzz debate on what to do next, and at that point spot Big Jo working on a garden on the Monastery grounds. Chazzzzz and Giggles work together to wrestle Big Jo to the ground, tie him up and throw him in the wagon to be brought back to the asylum in place of King Zøg.

In "Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment", after Zøg and Bean accidentally end up in the asylum, Zøg is once again locked up with Giggles. And this time there is no escape; the tunnel is closed and the skull of Giggle's grandmother has been turned into a window ornament. Giggles is still planning to kill Zøg. He is seen attending various group therapy sessions. When Bean uses her magic to free herself and organize an escape, Giggles is among the inmates that escape the asylum. He is not seeen again after this.


  • Digging
  • Drawing

Fan theories[]

Giggles driver

Coach driver speculated to be Giggles before he was confined in the insane asylum.

Because of their resemblance it has been speculated that the coach driver seen briefly in the beginning of in Season 1 Episode 5 is Giggles before he was imprisoned in Twinkletown Insane Asylum.