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Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment is the seventh episode of season 3 of Disenchantment and the 47th episode overall. It premiered on September 1, 2023.


As the townsfolk prepare for war, Bean and Zøg land in the Twinkletown Asylum, where the princess makes a stunning realization about her destiny.


Bean and King Zøg are on their way to Dreamland in the flying machine they got in Maru. Along the way they have to fight off a flock of geese, and Bean worries if she will be ready to kill Queen Dagmar. Then they fly into a thick fog, and both Bean and Zøg fall asleep, which results in the flying machine crashing against a mountain. Fortunately, both Bean and Zøg survive the crash unscratched, but they have to continue their journey on foot. As they try to find their way through the fog, they find a door and decide to knock. Too late do they realize it's the front door of Twinkletown Insane Asylum. When Chazzzzz opens the door and recognizes Zøg, he orders the orderlies to capture both Bean and Zøg and bring them inside as new patients. Bean tries to use her lightning, but the fight in Maru has left her weakened. Zøg is locked up in a cell with Giggles again, while Bean is locked in a cell with Big Jo. Big Jo has mellowed out considerably since his imprisonment in the asylum. He admits he did bad things in the past, and Bean actually sympathizes with him.

In Dreamland Castle, Satan learns that Freckles has returned. Then Bad Bean brings Dagmar breakfast in bed. Dagmar however is disappointed that Bad Bean did not poison the breakfast in any way, and orders her to be meaner next time. She then brings Bad Bean up to speed about her plan, which still involves Bad Bean putting on the Ritual crown after which they can supposedly rule together. But first Dagmar insists Bad Bean gets some better clothes for herself. So both Dagmar and Bad Bean pick new outfits for themselves.

In the asylum, Bean and Zøg are forced to participate in Dr. Mulberry's group therapy sessions. During the sessions, Bean gradually begins to express her desire to kill Dagmar, but also her doubts about being able to do so since Dagmar somehow always comes back to life. Mulberry suspects something is holding Bean back. The therapies also involve Bean and Zøg having to play a role playing game in which Zøg pretends to be Dagmar, which forces Bean to think of why she truly wants to kill Dagmar. And it makes her realize that killing Dagmar won't be enough, since Dagmar is now queen of Hell and can keep invading Bean's dreams. She will have to completely destroy Dagmar; erase her very existance. But Bean fears that may be too much to ask.

In Dreamland, the citizens are making camp in the woods in preparation of the war against Dagmar. Mop Girl, Prince Merkimer, King Rulo, Elfo and Luci are in Mop Girl's tent to discuss the best strategy. They will mainly have to use stealth. Weirdo will lead a squad of Elves through the sewer pipes into the throne room. King Rulo will lead another squadron to meet up with him elsewhere in the castle. Merkimer is tasked with spying on Bad Bean and Dagmar. The ultimate goal is to seperate Bad Bean and Dagmar.

In the asylum, Bean is still worrying about her realization what she needs to do, because erasing Dagmar might mean erasing herself. Big Jo reminds her that sometime sacrifices are needed to do the right thing, but Zøg disagrees that Bean has to make such a hard choice. During the next group therapy, Bean begins to express her anger about how Dagmar always tries to bring her down. At the end of her speech however she reaches the conclusion that people like her mom and dr. Mulberry are the problem and begins to encourage the other inmates to rebel. Mulberry plays along first, but when Bean goes too far with her rant, he orders Giggles and Chazzzz to give her shock therapy. This proves a big mistake however, because the electricity recharges Bean's magic lighting and she breaks free. She proceeds to free the other prisoners, and take out the guards. Bean, Big Jo and Zøg retrieve their clothes and leave the asylum.

In Dreamland, Bad Bean is introduced to the people. While most citizens realize this is not their Bean, Bad Bean quickly silences them. In the woods, Bean, Big Jo and Zøg run into Porky, who reconciles with Big Jo. Big Jo makes Porky his partner and promises to treat him better from now on. The four of them continue the journey to Dreamland. Bean is finally ready for her confrontation with Dagmar, but Dagmar is likewise ready to face Bean.

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