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God is the supreme, omnipotent deity who created the universe. He is the ruler of Heaven, and acts as universal lynchpin as His head is actually a huge light bulb that acts as His life as well as the light of the entire universe. If His head is smashed, he will temporarily be dead and the entire universe will be plunged into darkness until someone replaces His head with a new light bulb to restore both his life and the light of the universe.


God is relatively easy going , and is not easily offended by any form of profanity or blasphemy against him. For the most part He just lets the people on Earth live their lives and does not directly punish them for bad behaviour, even if He sees it happen. He is aware of all the prayers His followers on Earth send him, but He answers only every 25th prayer.

The one thing that can genuinely anger him is insulting Jerry, his favorite soul in Heaven. Elfo found out the hard way when God send him to Hell for doing this. However, even this was later revealed to be part of a ploy to revive Elfo.

He enjoys answering Jerry's questions about his existence and actions. According to Him, while He loves all humans, He doesn't actually care about what they think, indicating the existence of free will. He also has a fondness for rabbits, finding them cute and breaking his own rules to help them. He also likes cats, but has banned them from Heaven until the end of the series.


God is at least as old as the universe. He resides in Heaven, sitting on a large throne that also contains a secret storage room with spare light bulbs for His head.

He is first seen in the series in season 1, part 2, after Elfo has died and gone to heaven. Jerry soon joins him there after having been killed by Queen Dagmar. Jerry quickly becomes God's favorite soul in heaven. When Elfo learns from Luci that he and Bean can revive him if he meets them in Hell, he does everything he can to try and anger God into sending him to Hell. Nothing works, until Elfo insults Jerry. God banishes Elfo to Hell, but later admits he did so because he knew it would benefit Elfo in the long run.

At the end of "Bean Falls Down", Luci is killed, but since he died trying to save Bean, he is allowed into Heaven, where God greets him. As a demon, Luci is naturally not happy to be there. In "Love is Hell", Jerry convinces God to send him back to Earth to help Bean, who has been abducted to Hell. When God sends Jerry's soul back to Earth, Luci secretly hitches a ride with him.

In the final season, Jerry and Luci both die again and once again meet God in Heaven. When Queen Dagmar succesfully unlocks the magic of Dreamland, Jerry gets fed up with God not taking action against her. Encouraged by Luci, he hits God with a large brick he carried with him in his robe, shattering God's lightbulb head and killing him. This plunges the whole universe in darkness. For a moment, Luci seriously considers taking God's place, but eventually he decides to help revive God. Along with Jerry, he finds the hidden room with spare lightbulbs and uses one to restore God to live. He reveals he was just testing Jerry and Luci, and forgives Jerry for killing him when Jerry confesses what he did. Out of gratitude, God allows Luci a wish. Luci wishes that Mora, Bean's lover who had recently been killed, is revived so Bean can be happy. He also throws the brick that Jerry killed Him with to Earth, where it eventually lands on the head of the Lampshade hanging man.

God's final act in the series is giving Luci angel wings and a halo, and allowing cats into Heaven again.


  • According to Big Jo & Zog, God is the one and only god, though simultaneously contradicts himself by claiming that God is also the "brother of the other god". Whether God actually has siblings hasn't been confirmed outright as he never appears in the series, but he is mentioned by various other characters, including Satan.
  • The voice that Phil LaMarr does for God is similar to the voice he did for Robot God in the Futurama episode "Ghost in the Machines".
  • He declines to tell his age when asked, explaining Jerry that doing so to a celestial being is rude.
  • He resembles God from The Simpsons. As well as all human characters on Disenchantment series have five fingers, God from The Simpsons is the only character who has five fingers.
  • The way God is depicted in Disenchantment (faceless and sitting on a huge throne) is similar to Chick Tracts, by Christian fundamentalist Jack Chick. He is far less judgmental however, as God was not offended by Elfo's intention of worshipping a calf idol, as it did not affect his ego. On the other hand, God in Chick Tracts sends devout Christians to Hell merely for getting the denomination wrong (Catholicism in-universe).
  • He only answers every 25th prayer.
  • God leaves mortals to solve their own problems.
  • Every time God sends a soul back to Earth to solve everyone's problems, another religion sprouts up, resulting in mass slaughter.
  • It is unknown whether Satan used to be his archangel and led the rebellion against him in the past much like in the Bible. Satan does mention once that he fought God.
  • Upon being revived, He admits that he tends to suffer from recurring nightmares anytime He sleeps.