God is the supreme deity who created the universe. He is the ruler of Heaven.

He is not easily offended by any form of profanity or blasphemy against him, but he will get angry if anyone dares to insult Jerry, his favorite soul in Heaven.


  • The voice that Phil LaMarr does for God is similar to the voice he did for Robot God in the Futurama episode "Ghost in the Machines".
  • He declines to tell his age when asked, explaining Jerry that doing so to a celestial being is rude.
  • He resembles God from The Simpsons. As well as all human characters on Disenchantment series have five fingers, God from The Simpsons is the only character who has five fingers.
  • He is only seen getting mad when people offend Jerry.
  • The way God is depicted in Disenchantment (faceless and sitting on a huge throne) is similar to Chick Tracts, by Christian fundamentalist Jack Chick. He is far less judgemental however, as God was not offended by Elfo's intention of worshipping a calf idol, as it did not affect his ego. On the other hand, God in Chick Tracts sends devout Christians to Hell merely for getting the denomination wrong (Catholicism in-universe).


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