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Goodbye Bean is the final episode of the Disenchantment series. It premiered on September 1, 2023.


With the fate of Dreamland hanging in the balance, a mother battles her daughter for beauty, power and immortality. But living forever comes at a price.


Dagmar, believing she has killed Bean, retreats into the castle. However, Bean is still alive, and follows her. Up in Heaven, Luci and Jerry discuss what to do now that God is dead. Luci, who can’t resist the opportunity to cause some more mayhem, informs all of Heaven that God is dead, causing panic and despair among the Angels.

As Bean follows Dagmar to the caves of the Trøgs, she runs into the Jester, who has decided to leave Dreamland, and then spots Alva Gunderson, but she ignores him. She then stumbles on a group of Trøgs who are about to perform a sacred secret ritual. Their leader orders Bean to hide behind a rock, and when Bean complies she finds Elfo there. Elfo is planning to join the Trøgs, who have promised to show him the secret to eternal life.

Dagmar also arrives and orders the Trøgs to start the ceremony. They take her to a secret part of the tunnels where water infused with Dreamland’s magic is dripping from stalactites. The Trøgs reveal they feed on this water as their nourishment. They also reveal that they removed their own brains, which is what gives them their immortality as well as immunity to Dagmar invading their dreams. Dagmar is unimpressed. Then she notices Bean.

Up in Heaven, Luci admits that the impending end of the universe does not give him the satisfaction he thought it would. He plots to become the new God. He and Jerry find a door in the back of God’s throne, and what they see behind it startles them both. Back on Earth, Dagmar is chasing Bean and Elfo through the Trøg caves. The chase takes them to the room filled with giant mushrooms, where they all get high due to the spores. The three get into another fight while in this drugged state. While fighting, they end up back in the Crystal Cavern. Dagmar injures Elfo and overpowers Bean, but then Oona shows up and also joins the fight. She slices off the top half of Dagmar’s head. Unfortunately, this allows Dagmar to pull her own brain out, and just like the Trøgs gain immortality. She then screws the Ritual crown on her own head.

Bean is not done yet, and claims she can still win by destroying all magic. With one last discharge of her lightning she zaps the crown, and all the crystals in the cave. Dagmar is impaled under a huge crystal as it falls from the ceiling, and the cave begins to collapse. Oona, Bean and Elvo manage to escape, but Dagmar stays behind, now powerless.

With Dagmar finally defeated, Bean returns to Mora’s corpse on the beach. Up in Heaven, it is revealed that the room in God’s throne that Luci and Jerry found is filled with spare lightbulbs for God’s head. For a moment Luci is tempted to smash them all so he can become the new God, but he decides against it and instead gives God a new head. God is revived, and light returns to the universe. As a reward for doing the right thing, God allows Luci a wish. Luci wishes for Mora to live again, since he wants Bean to be happy. Thus, Mora is revived and happily reunites with Bean.

Sometime later, Bean and Zog give a speech to the people of Dreamland. Both announce they will step down as rulers; Zog to go live in the woods with Ursula and Jasper, and Bean to marry Mora. They give the throne to King Rulo, who in turn passes it on to Mop Girl, whose real name is revealed to be Miri. Elfo will rule besides her as her consort. Prince Merkimer takes over the role as prime minister from Odval.

In the caves below the city, Alva Gunderson instructs the Trøgs to carry out the final part of his plan; they must abduct Bean and bring her to the Rocket so he can take her to the moon. Unfortunately for Alva, the Arch-Druidess already got the Trøgs on her side. They capture Alva for her and bring him to the rocket, which blasts off to the Moon with Alva, the Arch-Druidess and the Trøgs on board. The rocket crashes on the moon, leaving all the passengers stranded there forever.

Just before their wedding is due, Mora and Bean decide to elope since they hate weddings. Instead, Sorcerio and Odval get married. The final minutes of the episode reveal what became of all the main characters:

  • Satan frees Dagmar from the crystal she was trapped under, but locks her in a cage hanging from the castle's cliff with Freckles. Without her powers and now being immortal, she will spend eternity there.
  • Zog, Ursula, and Jasper are living happily in the woods, Jasper having now become a teen. Zog gives his crown to the crown-wearing deer.
  • Oona and Derek return to piracy, with Oona finally killing her nemesis, Captain Hornhonky, as well as the Jester, who has started working for him.
  • Elfo and Mop Girl rule Dreamland and are happy together.
  • Merkimer declares his love for Miss Moonpence, who reveals she's a talking pig like him.
  • Bunty and her family take up residence in Beans room, with Bunty reading "1001 Ways to Kill Aristocrats" to her children as a bedtime story.
  • Malfus, still alone in his cave, is visited by the Laughing Horse, Laughing Mare and their child.
  • P.T. McGee is eaten by a forest siren, and it's implied the same fate is going to befall his son Petey.
  • Gunderson Steamworks is taken over by the Light Bud Robots, who are playing poker with Chazzzzz.
  • Pops and Queen Grogda get married, and Tess the Giantess hits it off with Junior.
  • Satan returns to Hell, where he crosses off Luci, Bean and Mora's names from the Book of the Dead.
  • God, wanting a happily ever after of his own, decides to summon cats to Heaven. And Scruffles is among them, having died offscreen.
  • And Bean and Mora are living happily on a small island of their own.
  • After credits there's a short scene where Elfo yells that Queen Mop Girl orders Turbish and Mertz to close the gate, Despite being tired, Turbish and Mertz close the gate. Shortly after magic particles are showing up and the whole city of Dreamland disappears.


  • With 44 minutes, this is the longest episode of the series.
  • This is the only finale of a part to not have the word "Falls" in the title. However, the previous episode ("Darkness Falls") continued that trend for the last time.
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