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Goon Baby Goon is the fourth episode of season 2, Part 2 of Disenchantment and the 34th episode overall. It premiered on February 9, 2022.


Bean, Elfo, Luci, the Laughing Horse and Zøg are back in Dreamland. There they find Cloyd and Becky in power, transforming ugly Dreamlanders into ugly goons. With the help of Jerry and the inhabitants of Dreamland, as well as some of the goons, they drive Cloyd and Becky out of Dreamland.


Bean, Elfo, Luci, Jerry and the Laughing Horse arrive in Dreamland. But all the people have disappeared. Bean discovers goon trudging through the empty Dreamland. Bean, Elfo, Luci and Jerry make their way to the castle. The Laughing Horse continues to stay in Dreamland. With the help of a rope, the three climb up the tower wall to Bean's chamber. Luci flies up.

When Bean gets on her bed to get a sword, they discover that young goons are in the bed. Bean wants to question the young goons, but they don't understand. Jerry tries to talk to them in their native language. But Jerry only understood gibberish. Bean, Elfo and Luci hold a meeting in the conference closet. Luci, with a flaming speech, wants to convince Bean to stop focusing on revenge, anger or wrath. Bean ignores his attempts and climbs behind the windows to the throne room with a rope.

Bean opens a window with caution and stabs the back of the throne three times. She is greeted by Cloyd and Becky. Then she realizes that what she thought was Dagmar before is just a broom. Bean, Elfo, and Luci are apprehended by the shenanigans and placed in front of Cloyd and Becky. They summarize what Bean has been doing lately. Which shows that they have been watching Bean through the Oracle fire. Romancing a Mermaid. This one sentence from Becky shows Bean that her possible dream with Mora was not a dream but reality. They ask Elfo where the other elves were hiding. Elfo confirms that he has this information but does not want to reveal it. They would have to flog it out of him. Becky has the three of them thrown into the dungeon. The shrews form a long chain so that they can simply pass on the prisoners. Bean, Elfo and Luci are locked up with the other residents of Dreamland.

Meanwhile, Zøg tells Vip and Vap about his stay in the monastery. Then he uses them both as pillows. Bean tells the residents that she is here to save them. They don't believe Bean, but they praise Cloyd and Becky for giving up their jobs to the goons. Cloyd and Becky come to the dungeon for the selection of the new person for the royal treatment. All the inhabitants want the royal treatment because they believe it to be something good. Cloyd and Becky choose Tedrick, the shepherd. He is carried out of the dungeon like a king.

Zøg, Vip and Vap arrive in Dreamland. They also notice that no one is here. Zøg hears Turbish talking in a barrel, he tells Zøg that the goons are everywhere and that they are taking all the inhabitants to the dungeon. Bean is also down there. The goons discover Turbish and take him away. Zøg leaves Dreamland and goes to the old cemetery where he was once buried alive. Vip, Vap and he get into the hole and go through the underground of Dreamland. Zøg, now under the dungeon draws Bean's attention. Bean, Elfo and Luci escape from the dungeon through the sewers. The other inhabitants of Dreamland, prefer to stay in the dungeon.

When Bean mentions to Zøg who took over the castle, Cloyd and Becky, Zøg gets very angry. Obviously he does not like them. They hear screams and follow them into Sorcerio's room. There Tedrick is just receiving the royal treatment. He is tied to the chair. Cloyd gets one of the severed arms of the old woman from Maru, who gave Bean a scratch and scratches Tedrick's right arm bloody with it. That night, everyone arrives at Sorcerio's chamber to see Tedrick's transformation. The scratch turns him into a goon. In the room they find other people transformed into goons in the room there is also Sorcerio, he was not transformed into a goon because he made Cloyd and Becky believe he was a powerful wizard. Elfo takes the severed hands and waves them around. Sorcerio orders him to put them back immediately because just one scratch and within an hour you are a goon. Bean recognized the arms.

Elfo, Luci and Jerry bring the oracle fire into the dungeon and show the prisoners the royal treatment. They are in the process of goon-ifying Lady Lingonberry. Bean stops Cloyd from scratching Lady Lingonberry. Bean confronts them both and tells them that she knows exactly what they are up to. Cloyd responds with: The plan to find the magic and steal it?" Which confuses Bean. Zøg and Bean fight against Cloyd and Becky. Zøg throws her sword to Bean and Bean throws one of the severed arms to Zøg. Bean fights Becky on the stairs and Zøg and Cloyd fight each other with their arms. Bean is overpowered by the goon on the stairs. Zøg loses the fight against Cloyd. But Jerry and the inhabitants of Dreamland, as well as some goons, save Zøg and Bean. They chase Cloyd and Becky out of the castle.

Bean notices that Zøg has been scratched. Bean strokes the scratch with her right hand and it disappears. Dagmar did the same with Bean in: "The Disenchantress". Jerry and the residents chase Cloyd and Becky out of Dreamland and throw rocks at them. When the two have left Dreamland, Jerry throws one last stone at Cloyd with the words: "I aimed for where he was going to be.



  • The name of Bean's sword is Blunty the Giant Slayer.
  • In the trailer you could see how the inhabitants of Dreamland saw Bean wedding through the fire. In the episode they see Lady Lingonberry.
  • Cloyd won in a one-on-one battle with Zøg.
  • Signs in Dreamland: Welcome to Dreamland Now with plague-free rats/City of a thousand rashes/Goat Lingerie/Dog Butter/Goon Grog/Poo 4 U


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