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Gunderson Steamworks is a big company in Steamland that manufactures almost everything. It belongs to Alva Gunderson.



Gunderson Steamworks is a large, turquoise and gold building with at least 78 floors.

To get inside you have to go up a long flight of stairs. It has automatic revolving doors. At the top of the building is Alva Gunderson's office as well as his penthouse. There is an elevator straight from Hell to Alva's office.

The top floor also houses a secret laboratory.

The workers in the factory work in tight shifts in which everything from starting time, to lunchbreaks, to the end of the workday is announced by whistles. Workers work in assembly lines where they operate the machines constructing the various products. The canteen mainly serves sandwhiches, which can be bought from automats. The sandwhiches are made by people working in a kitchen on the other side of these automats, and are only being paid in sandwiches; hence why they are quite mad all the time.

Most workers sleep in employee houses, which are metal barracks with tons of bunk beds.


Known employees[]


  • After Alva and the Arch-Druidess end up stranded on the moon, the company is taken over by Chazzzzz and some of the Light Bud Robots.