Gwen is a local witch in Disenchantment. She originates from the Enchanted Forest.


  • She was under a spell cast by Hansel and Gretel which caused her to become evil and cackle at everything, leading to her being assumed insane.
  • Her ex-husband Malfus owned one of the two known copies of the Omnicon.
  • She was sentenced to be executed by Bean, but her life was spared because Bean didn't have what it took to kill her.
  • After Bean killed Hansel and Gretel, the spell which prevented Gwen from speaking was lifted. It is later revealed that she was appealed from prison.
  • She has a twin sister who lived in the attic of the Candy Cabin, who managed to survive when the cabin burned down.
  • She retired to Fire Lakes Retirement home with her sister, to live happily ever after (presumably).
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