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Hansel and Gretel

Hansel and Gretel are a pair of minor antagonists in Disenchantment, loosely based on the German fairy tale characters of the same name. These two siblings are a pair of cannibalistic serial killers who lure people into their Candy Cabin to kill and eat them.


Hansel and Gretel have had homicidal and cannibalistic tendencies since they were young children; their first victims were their own parents. After eating their parents, they were taken in by Gwen to live in her gingerbread house, oblivious to how evil they really were. When Hansel and Gretel felt that they didn't get enough candy from Gwen, they tied up Gwen and her sister, put a curse on Gwen that forced to her to cackle everytime she tried to speak, and turned her home into their own personal slaughterhouse to kill people and cook them into food.

Pops encountered them when he was still a traveling salesman. He sold them some of his candy.

Years later, Gwen is somehow arrested and wrongly convicted for Hansel's and Gretel's murders, and thus is sentenced to death. Elfo wanders into the forest and comes across the gingerbread house, where Hansel and Gretel invite him over for lunch. After sedating him with candy that was sprinkled with sleeping powder, they try to cook him alive. Bean and Luci enter the house, and after figuring out that Hansel and Gretel are cannibals, they save Elfo and confront the siblings. Hansel and Gretel chase Bean down to their basement filled with human remains, where they reveal their backstories and motives. Bean kills Gretel and then Hansel with two swings of a large axe-shaped lollipop weapon, which causes Gwen's curse to be lifted, and fortunately leads to the old witch being exonerated of the Hansel and Gretel murders.

Hansel's and Gretel's souls are later seen suffering eternal damnation in Hell. Their punishment is being strapped down to chairs and forced to watch their deaths by Bean through a film projector for all time. They come across a disguised Bean and Luci while they were on their way to find Elfo; Gretel seems to recognize Bean at first, but mistakes her for a high school classmate.

In "Spy Vs. Spy Vs. Spy", Hansel and Gretel then nearly escape Hell through Dreamland's elevator, but ran into Bean the moment they stepped out. Terrified, they ran back into the elevator, and Bean cut the cable with her axe, sending both plummeting all the way back down to Hell.


  • These characters play a functionally similar role to the Witch from the story Hansel and Gretel by the Brothers Grimm.
  • The Hansel and Gretel folk story is presented here in the form of a deconstructive parody, which is reconstructed to be worse than the original.
  • It is unclear how they were able to escape hell in "Spy Vs. Spy Vs. Spy" since both died so only their souls were send to hell, and as seen in "Stairway to Hell" souls cannot go back to Earth unless they are contained in a bottle.